[Report] Aurora Chinese October

Hi Aurora family,

This monthly report covers the community growth and activities operated by Aurora Chinese Community in October 2022.

The overall goal of Aurora Chinese community is to raise the awareness of Aurora ecosystem, providing the support and services to the Chinese community members and fulfil the localization tasks.

Aurora Chinese Community builds on our successfully operation of Near Chinese Community and those dedicated community members and is inspired by Aurora’s focus on user experiences. Our vision is to achieve a healthy and productive environment for Chinese community and beyond.

Previous proposal
[Approved] New Aurora Chinese Community November - Aurora Community / Aurora Community proposals - Aurora

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Guild name:
Aurora Chinese Community


Main Content
4 articles in Medium
每周更新 2022–10–07 - Aurora China 中文频道 - Medium

每周更新 2022–10–14 - Aurora China 中文频道 - Medium

每周更新 2022–10–21 - Aurora China 中文频道 - Medium

每周更新 2022–10–28 - Aurora China 中文频道 - Medium

Establish Aurora column in WeChat official account

Daily Content

Telegram News Channel

https ://t.me/NEAR_ChinaNews

Daily news of Aurora ecosystem and the crypto space

Telegram Chat Channel

Daily communication and events promotion

Twitter - 116 in October / 65 were in last month


Daily news of Aurora ecosystem, interaction with other community and projects and translation of Alex’s twitter threads

Online Events
Giveaway: Vote and recommend your favourite projects on Aurora

Vote for the logo of Aurora Chinese Community

Quiz: Everything about Aurora

Events: Aurora translation recruitment event

Events: Happy Halloween retweet event

Contest: Aurora Chinese Community invitation contest

CosCon 2022 online metaverse board promotion

Offline Events

CosCon 2022 Hangzhou & Shanghai offline booth


Twitter (https://twitter.com/AuroraisnearCN) - 116 in October / 65 were in last month

  • Tweet impressions increase to 19.8K +166.9%
  • Profile visits 11.5k 8.4%
  • Mentions 467 +719.3%
  • Followers 642, increased 275 ppl, +76.5%

Telegram (Telegram: Contact @Aurora_chinese) - 240 in October / 95 were in last month +152% growth


There can be no doubt that October is a month of considerable challenge and achievement for the new Aurora Chinese community.

Nevertheless, because of a clear vision of what is needed and the ability to fulfill our goals, we were able to build and grow the community.

We have contacted with several projects and will collaborate with them for AMA and other events in the following months.

Thank you for your support.


hi and thank you for the report
but I’m a bit confused with the results
just from natural comparing
AuroraHunters haven’t asked for funds to maintain social media, but we have 554 followers on Twitter from an organic process,
if we take almost 7k for a month, I suppose we could run a thousand members there up to now,
also I was actively maintaining GoaDAO’s Twitter, Telegram and Instagram for 300usd/month by myself, with writing proposals and reports and I’m still sure - it was a good payment for that work - it doesn’t take full-working day even for 3 socials, by my experience.

i have some suggestions that came to me while I was analyzing your guild’s activity, hope if I share it with you, something could be helpful for your growth and development:

  • more organic activities - could help a lot! you can visit your colleague’s groups of Latam, Venezuella, India, Africa - their activities are natural and quite productive :slight_smile:
  • more participation in community events like Friday Weekly Updates with Alex - could help your members to feel themselves as a part of Aurora community, to understand better what’s going on;
  • less bots, please - don’t use bots to increase the number of followers :pray:
  • more AMA and other activities with outer of Near/Aurora ecosystem communities and projects - that can join to the community new active members;
  • with #AuroraHunters we’re preparing more and more activities like tournaments/games/giveaways etc - feel free to invite your members to participate in it :blush:

let’s see how it will go and what will be the report in the end of November. if things will not go better, I will have to propose reducing the budget for TG as well as the number and the price for translations

have a great day!

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