[REPORT] Aurora Venezuela October 2022

Previous proposal
([Approved] Aurora Venezuela - October/November)

Approved amount in $
$5000 (split in two months/October -November)

Currently report: October

Guild name:
Aurora Venezuela


Main Content


18 Articles (https://auroravenezuela.medium.com/)

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1.Decentral Bank anuncia su Programa de incentivos para apoyar el crecimiento DeFi de NEAR y Aurora.

2.La Seguridad de Rainbow Bridge

3.50 transacciones gratis al mes en Aurora + Aurora Plus, liberando a la Blockchain

4.Aurigami publica su Resumen del tercer trimestre

5.Widget de Router está ahora disponible en Aurigami Router Protocol se asocia con Aurigami, para ofrecer su widget dentro de las opciones de bridge en Aurigami

6. Freename une fuerzas con Aurora ¡Freename está uniendo fuerzas con Aurora y trae un CUPÓN de $20!

7. Nueva alianza entre Google Cloud y NEAR Protocol NEAR crea una alianza con Google Cloud para acelerar las startups de Web3.

8. Conoce el Proyecto educativo Evita. El proyecto que obtuvo el noveno lugar en la plataforma Gitcoin en la ronda de Aurora.

9. 3 Proyectos de NFTs dentro de AURORA, que ofrecen utilidad.

10. AURORA es uno de los primeros tokens disponibles para operar en WOOFI DEX.

11. ¿Qué es Aurora? Una guía paso a paso a la Red compatible con Ethereum

12. Reporte Gitcoin: conoce a los Proyectos Fileverse y BitEye. Ocuparon el tercer y cuarto lugar respectivamente en la ronda Aurora

13. Aurora Expert Bot ¡Feliz de presentarles el Aurora Expert Bot!

14. 2 Nuevas características incorporadas a Aurora+ Conoce 1Inch y Transak

15. Paso a paso: Cómo usar Aurigami. Prestar y pedir prestado con las tasas más bajas para ETH

16. ¿Qué es Meta Pool y cómo funciona en Aurora? Meta Pool es la solución líder de liquid staking para los poseedores de tokens $NEAR y $wNEAR

17. ¿Cómo utilizar Bastion? Paso a paso. Introducción a Flashswap Liquidation Bot

18. MetaBUILD Series de Mentorias. Episodio 3: Subvenciones y financiación


AMA 1 DeFix3-Crypto Wallet
Link : HERE

AMA 2 Show me The Money 26.10.2022
Link: HERE

AMA 3 LZ3 Discovery & AURORA Venezuela Ulises Marín
Link: HERE

AMA 4 It is profitable to make an NFT? NFT market analysis.
Link: HERE

Giveaway, Contest

1. Telegram Quiz #1
$20 giveaway

2. AMA Show me The Money Giveaway
$25 Giveaway

3. Barbas Crypto Giveaway
$50 Giveaway

4. Telegram Quiz #2 26.10.2022
$ 15 giveaway

5. AMA LZ3 Discovery & AURORA Venezuela
S20 giveaway

6. AMA It is profitable to make an NFT? NFT market analysis.
$20 Giveaway

(Contest organizer, promotions & flyers design )

Total Giveaway budget executed

Grant distribution

Activities Descriptión Budget
Activities questionnaires, giveaways, contests, quizzes, games, contests organization, arts $200
Staff salaries Project Manager, Medium Manager, Twitter Manager, TG moderators(3) $1000
Creation of 18+ blog posts on Medium Aurora Venezuela AURORA articles, translations, projects, (500 to 1000 words each, 7 writers from community) $800
4 AMAs AURORA Network, Solidity, AURORA projects $500

Staff distribution

See details

Project Manager: Ulises Marin @ramgor

Telegram group moderators: Fritz Wagner @fritzworm , Julián Mostacero @bacohorse Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom .

Twitter manager: Frank Cárdenas @devilhorse, Nabiaska García

Medium Content Manager: América Castro @ame9986

Medium Writers


Milly Rodriguez

Nicole Adames

Yaneisia Hernandez

Alejandro Moreno

Juan Peña

America Castro

Daily Content / Growth

(rounded numbers, no decimals)

Twitter (@venezuelaaurora)


  • Sep: 204 , Oct 352 +148 (monthly goal +125)
  • Progress in followers 72%
  • Progress according to our goal 118%


  • Posted tweets Sep: 77 , Oct: 139 . Progress 80%
  • Impressions:__Sep: 8516, Oct 19.1k Progress 124%
  • Mentions: ____Sep: 327 , Oct 248 Progress -24%
  • Profile visits : _Sep: 34,3k , Oct 16.1k Progress -53%

Telegram News Channel - Aurora Anuncios en Español:

Link: Telegram: Contact @anunciosauroraES
(created on September 26, first post on October 5)

  • Followers Sep: 0 , Oct: 24. +24 . Progress 100%
  • News posted: 101

Telegram Group (Telegram: Contact @venezuelaaurora)


  • Sep: 184 , Oct: 287. +103 (monthly goal +100)
  • Progress in followers 56%
  • Progress according to our goal 103%


  • Messages :________Sep: 501, Oct: 556 progress: 11%
  • Online participants:__Sep: 29 . Oct: 44 . progress 51%
  • Monthly Active Users Sep: 123 Oct: 162 progress 31%

Medium (https://auroravenezuela.medium.com/)


  • Sep: 30, Oct: 45 +15 (monthly goal +15)
  • Progress in followers +50%
  • Progress according to our goal 100%

Articles :

  • Goal for October : 10 articles. We achieved 18
  • Progress according to our goal 180%


  • Readings: Sep: 303 , Oct: 225 Progress -25%
  • Views:___ Sep: 672 , Oct: 503 Progress -25%

We learn from our statistics, and that is why we are now aware that we should not only grow in followers, and that is why we will put more effort into maintaining our path already made.

We are happy to be part of the Aurora Community and very grateful to the Aurora grants program for Their support. We will keep building a strong, participative, and enthusiastic community for Aurora in Venezuela.

Supporting Time Shots (Sept 28 2022)


Some great infographics from AMA’s & Giveaways! Happy to support you! :revolving_hearts:


Nice update. Any idea how is the conversion of the activities to Aurora users and the account size the converted users?


Hi! thanks for writing to us.

Our activities, like giveaways, are made during other events like AMAs and Workshops oriented to the Aurora Ecosystem.

Our conversion is measured through new followers that make our community grow. Then we educate them through our different channels and social networks, teaching people how to use Dapps, and showing them how to take advantage of our convenient Aurora network and its ecosystem.
The Quizes made in the TG group, are related to our Medium Channel and its posts about the Aurora network and its Dapps. They are practical and educative, and they are all in our native language, contributing to spreading the message and motivating the community to use the Aurora Tokens, and as we know, the usability and utility of a token are straightly related to its bases of sustainability and support. :slightly_smiling_face:
This combined effort coming from all the gilds around the world, gives the ecosystem an invaluable conversion. :wink:


hi! thanks for the report!
i have few questions:

and here

do you have numbers of people, who participated there?
it’s the same question about conversion - who participates there, where are they coming from?
it will help to create new ways of promoting of all these events and invite new members to the Aurora ecosystem .

  • and a question about your blog with articles:
    there’re views and reads of it, right?

– how these people are reaching to your blog? what channels do you use to bring readers here?

also wondering: how do you send rewards in all these contests and giveaways, what do you use and how?

thanks for you work and wish to grow with Aurora :green_heart:


Hi Johanga, I hope you are doing great!

And gladly I will reply to you!

In our October’s Telegram Quizzes, we reach 22 participants:
8 on the first quiz and 14 on the second one.

On our AMAs & giveaways we had:

  • 23 participants in “Show Me The Money Giveaway”.
  • 18 participants on AMA LZ3 Discovery & AURORA Venezuela
  • 22 participants in the AMA It is profitable to make an NFT? NFT market analysis.

In the Crypto Barbas Giveaway, we had 256 people participating. This event was a great reach, Barbas is a crypto influencer, and it was a great partnership.

We made this doc with our internal data about contents and promos, so you can have a brief in a single place. :slightly_smiling_face:

We reach our followers and telegram members from Twitter and other communities such as NEAR Venezuela, both in Twitter and telegram community, NEAR Hispano from Mexico (we have a nice partnership with them), NEAR Women, Meritocracy for Women | Official, @Cripteros, and @cryptomanada.

Of course, October was a busy month for our blog. We had 556 views and 233 reads.

We encourage our writers to share their articles and also their colleague’s articles in every community they are part of, also on their Twitter accounts. Some of them are micro-influencers.

We have created a weekly Medium summary where we reshare our Medium posts in the Telegram channel “Aurora Anuncios en Español” to remind the community about our publications.

We send rewards regularly in Aurora tokens (some of this prizes were paid in stable while we didn’t have funds), we ask to the winners for their wallet of preference (Metamask or NEAR) most of them used the Near wallet, and we now have a person in charge of taking care about prizes and winners.

your words of support motivate us to keep going in our journey about building this wonderful community ! :blush:


Thanks for the detailed report.
And the same detailed report about the giveaways.
Do you have any plans to hold AMAs with other communities or maybe exchanges?


hi @Vladislav_vl25
thanks for your supporting message!

Yes! we are going to have an AMA with a community group called @cryptomanada next Wednesday (it is registered as Thursday 10/11/2022 1:30 UTC in the form)
and then 14/11/2022 we are having a Workshop with the DEFI Meta pool :smiley:

you can find those activities in the community form

here are the details of each one:
the first:

- 10.11.22[Twitter Space][ 01:30 UTC] AMA with Cryptomanada group (@cryptomanada) speaking of NEAR+Aurora Venezuela: Who are we? What are we doing? What long-term projects do we have?

and the second:

- 14.11.22[TG Video Chat [t.me/venezuelaaurora](http://t.me/venezuelaaurora) ][ 22:00 UTC] Workshop about Meta Pool, Staking wNEAR from Metamask, stNEAR on DeFi using Aurigami & Trisolaris

Our idea is to have at least one activity (AMA or Workshop) per week
have a nice day!


thank you for your wonderful comprehensive reply! :pray:
next report you can include such info in it - it’s very interesting and valuable data you’re tracking :green_heart:


Thank you for the report and great job!


it wouldn’t be possible without your support! :muscle: