[REPORT] Aurora Eastern Europe November 2022

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Approved amount in $: $8,100
Guild name: Aurora Eastern Europe Guild
Wallet: rucommunity.near

:white_medium_small_square: Main Content:

Aurora’s Blog Alpha Leaks
Еженедельные обновления Aurora 04.11.2022
Еженедельные обновления Aurora 11.11.2022
Еженедельные обновления Aurora 18.11.2022
Еженедельные обновления Aurora 25.11.2022

:white_medium_small_square: Daily Content

  1. Telegram News Channel - 66
    Progress: -1,5% (-1 posts)
  2. Also for more coverage there were a few reposts in our channel dedicated to NEAR Protocol
  3. Twitter - 47
    Progress: 0% (0 posts)

:white_medium_small_square: Events
01.11 - Contest with Gate.io (RU) in Twitter
03.11 - AMA Aurora Eastern Europe + Aurora Labs on Gate.io Telegram (RU)
18.11 - Contest on Twitter
24.11 - Quiz “November Aurora News”
30.11 - Contest with Cryptus (165k subs on Youtube + 71k subs on Telegram)

:white_medium_small_square: Grants
113,3 USDC - crazyhome2.near - Translations Invoice_2022-10/near - Google Sheets
116,4 USDC - liquidus.near - Translations Translate Invoice October - Google Sheets
200 AURORA - Quiz with Incrypted News | Results
260 AURORA - Contest with Moni Team News | Results
582 AURORA - AMA + Contest on Twitter with Gate.io News | Results
100 AURORA - Quiz “November Aurora News” News | Results
100 AURORA - Contest on Twitter News | Results
10 AURORA - Search quest (we add codes, in articles and updates, and people can be rewarded for them on quizchain). NEWS, all results on quizchain
811 AURORA - bond09.near - Payout for TG moderation
1352 AURORA - alyonushka.near Payout for TG moderation plus content and translations
4056 AURORA - cronus.near Community management
1352 AURORA - rasfies.near RU Translators Coordination November
213 AURORA - liquidus.near - Translations Translate Invoice November - Google Sheets

:white_medium_small_square: Growth

  1. Telegram News Channel - 1652
    Progress: +24,58% (+326 users)
  2. Telegram Chat - 2050
    Progress: +17,61% (+307 users)
  3. Twitter - 1248
    Progress: 19,19% (+201 users)

We would like to thank the Kitchen Guild team @Lolson @Baxoff , together with them we were able to launch a contest with Cryptus, which is still in progress, plus we will try to collect full metrics.
Special thanks to Aurora Labs moderator Andrey, who participated with me in the AMA with the Gate.io exchange.
We spent an hour and a half interacting with the audience and answering various questions.
We did not manage to attract too many participants (we had about 50 new participants in Telegram + about the same number in Twitter). But some of the guys are actively involved in the life of the chat room.


thank you for the report!

it was only 1 AMA during November
but the latest contest with Holdr has brought to the TG much more followers than all the other events - how do you think, why? what’s the main reason by your opinion? :slight_smile:

hope Aurora Eastern Europe will have more AMAs next months :pray:
thank you for your work for the Aurora Community growth :green_heart:

The latest contest with Cryptus. :wink:
With Holdr and the Twitter contest, we tried to hit that timeline to keep users engaged.
Together with the guys from Kitchen had planned this variant a little earlier.
We plan to do more AMAs, because we thought that certain projects will be deployed in the Aurora network by a specific time.
And attracting users - this is only part of the success, we plan a number of other activities to keep them.

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Such an increase is the work of LNB (Kitchen Guild) together with EE. As Vladislav correctly said, now the task is to keep the audience. Thanks to EE for working together this month, the best result in the history of Aurora :smiley:


Hello! I can approve $5000 for November and December