[REPORT] Aurora India SEPT

Hello mate.

The following entries are in question according to your previous query.

As I clarified earlier,

Since he made a nice guide that can be used to onboard users, he was given a complimentary prize.

And as for your entry:

Since you were so passionate about the competition, I did offer a complimentary prize for your entry too :smile: Screenshot_2022-10-26-17-46-12-03_948cd9899890cbd5c2798760b2b95377|234x500

Sir you are misleading with wrong ss.
I have problem with other two.
I cant share the picture but this was not that 2.
Don’t try to manipulate people

It was the only one with whom you had problem ser since they didn’t followed the rules and didn’t made infographic on dApps but made on Aurora.

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Sir you shared that images are wrong i have your chat ss where i pointed other info not that two.
So please don’t misguide

I have created the group among us. Lets sort it there


amazing decision !
@rahulgoel007 feel free to add me there in case you’ll need third point of view

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Sure @johanga