[REPORT] Aurora Insider December

Happy New Year 2023 and welcome to Aurora Insider’s December report. Wishing you all a very happy new year.

Approved Proposal: [Approved] Social Media - December | Aurora Insider - #5 by near.insider

Previous Month Report: [Report] Monthly Report (Nov) - Aurora Insider

Approved amount: $4500 USD

Guild: Aurora Insider

Target wallet : near_insider.near

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aurora_Insider

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @aurora_insiderDM

Month : December

1. Social Growth


  • Followers: 6780 followers / 5000 followers in last month - Progess: +26.25%
  • Impressions: 359K / 217K in last month - Progress: +39%
  • Articles: 213 posts


2. Event

AMA with Skytale
Listener: 222
AMA with Gitshock
Listener: 554
AMA with Huobi
Listener: 871
AMA with Incognito
Listener: 150

Giveaway with Aurora Latam
Giveaway with Aurora NFT Club
Giveaway with Aurora Bangladesh

Thanks for supporting! Keep growing


thanks for your report and a great job, no matter what

same as before I’d doubt the meaningfulness of TG-channel and chat, it takes your efforts but doesn’t bring outreach back.
Instagram or TikTok seems to me could receive bigger engagement,
just from my point of view :pray:


Thanks @johanga . We’ll learn some platforms to attract users and we have some ideas. Currently we’d like to focus content on twitter and AMA, our AMA is so effective, it reached many people


agree and support:)


We don’t know the reason why any of our proposals is yet to pass for approval, the whole thing is making my team weak. January is literally over :pleading_face:@ell and @ all it may concern. @jma_dao is on :fire_engine: for January/February intensive development activities that has been lined up for execution during last year’s ending.

And also the entire community should improve on our empathy level, a simple like really does go a long way in building a great and well bonded community.

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