[Report] Aurora Mexico - September

Hi! Aurora community.
This is the September report.

We started activities and these are some:

We create twitter.
240 prints per day

We create the telegram channel.

146 members

We did 1 AMA
About solidity with 55 tuned. 1 hour duration.

We did 1 Giveaway

146 RTs, 153 Likes.

We create content in medium. (We acquire premium medium)
We did Spanish translation for the community
8 posts.

We created a video for the youtube channel.

1 meetup with students to talk about blockchain, aurora, and smart contracts.
101 students

Telegram = 200
Twitter = 300
AMAs = 150
Giveaway = 70
Videos = 200
Translations + Medium Premium. 430 + 50 = 480
Design(Medium, Twitter, presentations,etc, NFT’s) = 400
Meetup = 200
Total = 2000


Hello, thanks for report.

With all due respect, but we offered a special report format to make it clearer how our groups are growing.

Did you see this topic?

I watched your TG channel and unfortunately did not see most of the important Aurora news.
Are you planning to start an announcement channel for Telegram and publish important news in it(from community stream)?

I would also like to know how the funds were spent.
Unfortunately, there is no information about this in the report.

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@josedlujan please update information. Thank you

Could you pleease, share information through all Aurora Mexico community social media from Aurora Community news stream; Very important.


Hi @Vladislav_vl25

Regarding the news in the telegram, we are concentrating on first translating the content into Spanish to share it. But we already have 9 articles now as backup and more new this month we will have a lot of content to share in Spanish and English, we did not want to saturate English in a Spanish group. This month will be different.

Regarding the expenses, I already updated the report, at the end you can see them. Cheers!

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