[Report] Aurora Nigeria September activities

Good day to the AURORA COMMUNITY, and we really love the current growth occuring in the AURORA ECOSYSTEM .
Looking at our proposal of August-September and only September been approved we were able to do the following
APPROVED LINK: [Approved] Aurora Nigeria guild

Approved amount in $2000
Target wallet: auroranigeria.near

                          **KPI REPORT** 

Community Growth & management and AMAs.
Looking at building an Organic community we created a roadmap to be done everymonth as written in this post

So we were able to

  1. Create PINNED messages of all important details in AURORA ECOSYSTEM
  2. Translate all weekly updates into the 3 major languages in Nigeria
  3. Community growth of 360+, more than what we had in our proposal
  4. Daily active members of 130+
  5. creation of Trivia Night to ensure education of the community as seen below
    We are really astonished by the increased interest in growth of the community without any form of Financial benefit attached.

Also we were able to host 4 AMA section and recurrent weekly discussion about various topics within the Aurora ECOSYSTEM.

Also we were able to partner with Octopus Network Africa community in their physical event and we sponsored some aspect of the events in terms of marketing, community and finance

                   **SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM**

The social media team were very active in pushing out content daily with 57 tweets,

The link below gives a full details of the social media growth.

                     **CONTENT TEAM**

The content team created 5 contents with 2 technical contents. This contents were made more visible not only to the Aurora ECOSYSTEM communities but to other communities via our new PR TEAM.
We covered Gamefi to defi to Dex to etcs

Also we created 2 technical contents focused on building on Aurora
Into Aurora_01: Overview. Ethereum experience on NEAR | by Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) | Medium
Into_Aurora_02: Rainbow Bridge Overview | by Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) | Sep, 2022 | Medium

             **TRANSLATIONS TEAM**

We were able to translate 3 articles into the Yoruba, igbo and Hausa as seen in the article below

Also we were able to translate all weekly sumup of the Aurora ECOSYSTEM news into the various languages in Nigeria

                     **DEV TEAM REPORT** 

The dev team were able to host 2 technical AMAs and create 2 technical contents

Into Aurora_01: Overview. Ethereum experience on NEAR | by Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) | Medium
Into_Aurora_02: Rainbow Bridge Overview | by Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) | Sep, 2022 | Medium

  1. Currently we are currently training 3 devs in Solidity and we would luv to train more from October

                       **GRAPHICS TEAM** 

The graphics team were able to make 15+ graphics covering

  1. 4 projects of the week
  2. weekly new projects on Aurora
  3. weekly Aurora summary
  4. Graphics for the published articles
  5. AMA post.

Also the graphics team created 4-5videos which covers important details of Fridays Aurora Community meeting as suggested by @ell
All can be viewed below

                    PARTNERSHIP TEAM 

The partnership team reached out to 5 to 6 projects on Aurora who gave either a poor or no response, this as to be checked @ell @Alex_J as we would want the month of October to be more interactive with community-Project interaction.

As written in the month of AUGUST-SEPTEMBER proposal

1)Weekly Educational/marketing contents of 4 projects built on Aurora in AURORA NIGERIA COMMUNITIES
2)Formation of AURORA NIGERIA COMMUNITY TELEGRAM with 300 active individuals and 300 on twitter, Facebook and 100 on LinkedIn by end of September.
3) 4 written contents containing technical and non technical aspects of AURORA, posted on NEAR/AURORA NIGERIA MEDIUM PAGE and shared on atleast 5 different Nigeria communities and one article will be published on DiutoCoinNews, the second biggest crypto blog in Nigeria and Africa who is a current partner of NEAR NIGERIA

4)6 translations

5)12 graphics + 4 videos
6)weekly AMA/TWITTER SPACES section in AURORA NIGERIA and other Nigeria communities

7)Collaboration with tech hubs and other relevant bodies in Nigeria cryptosphere

  1. offline meetup with 100+ attendees focusing on
    ■Aurora as scalable L2 on NEAR
    ■ Tutorials about how to use the Rainbow Bridge and setting up metamask,
    ■ Airdrop of AURORA TOKENS , sharing of branded items such as T-shirts and caps
    ■ And setting up a local community in each state any of our offline meeting hold


                       **RESULT ACHIEVIED**

  4. 360 telegram community, 320 twitter, 120 LinkedIn

  5. 7 written content with 2 of it been technical Articles
    4)8 translations

  6. 15 graphics and 4 videos

  7. 3 sections as we had to go for the offline event of octopus Africa on the 18th and we had poor response from projects

  8. As we saw it to be too early because we needed to focus on community growth, while many included financial benefits to partner with them, but we plan to use the influence NEAR NIGERIA have to accomplish this in October

  9. we partnered with Octopus Network Africa community in their offline event which saw 150+ people attend the event

    We plan on partnering in lots of other events this October

  10. integration of AURORA NIGERIA page into NEAR NIGERIA website is still undergoing

                     **BREAKDOWN OF FUNDS**

We had an issue as we suffered close to 15% lose in funds do to the current dip, by the time it was decided we needed to convert to usdc it was 1750 that was left.

  1. 100$ was used as giveaway in tje various AMA sections
  2. 1300$ was used to pay as a monthly incentive to the 13 man member of the Aurora Nigeria team for their various activities , each member collecting 100$ as a reward
    @damboy22 content writter/ head of partnership
    @Paulp5000 video editor/graphic designer
    Evesample video editor/ graphic designer
    Mr moh: head of graphics/ Assistant dev lead
    @cenwadike head of dev team: created technical content + 1 dev focused AMA
    @kbounce head social media management
    Favour: Translator/social media manager
    Abdukarim: head of translation
    Qeenya: Translator
    @Khady head of content team
    Vicj2000: content writer
    Ejabani: head of community management
    M rabiu: leading the public relation team
  3. 200$ was set aside to the new public relations team to help in sending our articles and post all over twitter, Facebook and telegram
  4. 100$ was used to support Octopus Network Africa in their offline meetup
  5. 50$ is set aside for the Trivia Night monthly reward.

Hoping to have a better output of Results in October


Well detailed and written. A big well-done to the team, I trust more achievements in the subsequent months.

Our team has done extremely well from the obvious tremendous progress so far. We hope to do more and make Aurora Nigeria better than ever.
Welldone everyone

Hello, With all due respect, but we offered a special report format to make it clearer how our groups are growing.

Did you see this topic?

What were the numbers at the beginning of the month, how can we understand the dynamics of growth?
If we don’t look all over the pictures…

1 AMA was in August, but this is the report for September.
Then were 3 AMAs.

Can we know who these 13 people are? Guild positions, what they do, and how much each got?

2 articles for August, 1 for October.
Thus, the KPI of 4 articles is achieved.

2 videos only for September
From 15 graphics - 3 identical.

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Thanks for the response
In relation to the Community growth as seen from the Analysis we can see a 205+ increase within a month, so anyone duly checking up on results needs to checkup on Analysis not just on mere typing with due respect sir.

The videos are 4 in number not 2 for the month of September. Work had began from August so am not surprised August links were included as funds were for September activities not August, while activities had began from August

There are limits to tags in a post as the team comprises of 13 members
I myself @Khady @Favour @kbounce @EJabani @Paulp5000 @Kareemc2 @vicj2000 @Qeeyah and others like Evesample, M rabiu ,mr moh
Each of us got 100$ each making a sum of 1300$

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You can do it without tags.
Write down who did what, how much was received by them.

Strange, I looked through all of them, the last two, which are made from Alpha leaks, added later?

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I’ve never seen any graphics that are identical, the work for the month of August was just the start of this program and from then till now the work has not been easy. Basically the month of August have been a bonus work which you never mentioned. The Work put in place in the month of September have been above the target KPIs, which we hope the team members will work more towards increasing the Gospel of AURORA across all domains in Nigeria.

If i could share the Twitter handle for AURORA Nigeria for you to go over it again sir

Can you show me how they are different?
I took it from your report.

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I’m sorry to say this is for LinkedIn post, we sometimes post to other groups after making the general post on our handle which make them appeared twice after the publication. And I wast talking about Twitter that you said 2 videos instead of 4 we published

Yep, it seems the head of graphics didn’t update all

I think you can see the update thanks, will be waiting to see Eastern Europe report to see progress made so far and use it as a template to report our monthly activities.

Thank you, the report.