[Report] Aurora Türkiye Web3 Blockchain Event

Hi everyone, I am happy to share the report about the Blockchain event in Izmir/Türkiye.

Previous proposal: [Approved] Aurora Türkiye Web3 Blockchain Event

Approved amount: 10000$

Guild name: Aurora Türkiye

Leader: https://twitter.com/cizi31

Link to the social media accounts:

Companies that took part in the event

And many more, all businesses will be redirected to the Aurora Business Development Team for cooperation.

Media partners

Connected with all media partners to increase the audience of Aurora cloud.

Crypto Influencers who attended the event:

We have build connection to all of them and will invite to our next twitter spaces.

Total attendees: 200+
Aurora Cloud introduction to all participants
30 Aurora+ registrations during the event, registrations after the event continues in our social media channels.
We have collected all .near addresses from the participants and will increase our followers to 200+ on Near Social in the next weeks.
+1 million impressions on Twitter

Live Reportage with media partners, companies, crypto projects

At the event we met the owners of the “Fork” Company. They have affiliations with several universities in Turkey and organize blockchain events/workshops/hackathons. We will keep in touch and together establish a developer community in Turkey

DappRadar / Aurora mini games
During the event we organized small competitions and played Aurora mini-games together. We have an Excel list with all the participants’ TXIDs and metamask addresses. Our community members on our social media channels were also able to participate. Our goal is to increase transactions on dappradar and have a high number of downloads of the Aurora Cloud mobile app at launch

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to represent Aurora in the beautiful city Izmir.
We look forward to reaching out to all companies/developers/influencers and media partners for further collaboration :sparkles:
PS: The report is still in draft and will be updated with all stats


Good morn!
Thank you for representing Aurora at the IRL event!

Blockchain Event
KPIs achieved
Aurora Registration 30+
Attendees 200+

have a great day, thanks!