[Report] B4B.WORLD - Web3 Influencer Ads platform

  1. Project Name

  2. The project overview
    Web3 influencer Ads platform with reputation-based rewards.

B4B allows Web3 Companies:

  • use the influencer Ad channel in any country without the risk of losing the budget
  • save time searching for active and advertising-ready influencers
  • book on dates and pay for the Ad campaigns fast.

Influencers can:

  • receive Ad orders on the free dates
  • trust in direct payments via smart contract
  • grow their activity-based Rating and portfolio
  • earn additional Rewards monthly based on Rating.

B4B.world has a dual-token reputation system to motivate influencers’ activity and long-term work. The first token — B4B Rating — is a non-transferable reputation meter. The second token — B4B Coin — is a transferable monthly reward for influencer activity. B4B Coins reward is proportional to the B4B Rating increase this month.

B4B Protocol generates a fixed amount of B4B Coins monthly and fills the B4B Reward Pool with liquidity from ads fees on the platform. As a result, any holder can burn his B4B Coins and get stablecoins from the liquidity pool anytime. The exchange rate equals the ratio of B4B Reward Pool to the B4B Coin circulation and is constant within a month.

  1. Links on the website, and social media

Website: https://b4b.world

Mainnet Release coming soon. Register now:
Brand account: https://b4b.app
Influencer account: https://influencer.b4b.app

Testnet Release is already available:
Brand account: https://testnet-brand.b4b.app
Influencer account: https://testnet-influencer.b4b.app
Testnet rules article: Testnet B4B.WORLD Program. A few more checks, and the B4B Protocol… | by B4B.world | Oct, 2022 | Medium

Twitter: https://twitter.com/b4b_world
Medium: B4B.world – Medium
Telegram Chat: Telegram: Join Group Chat
Discord: B4B.WORLD

  1. Project Status: completed development and Testnet, prepare Mainnet Release in November

  2. Highlights:


  • Algorithm for Reputation and Reward model
  • UI/UX for Influencer and Company personal accounts
  • Testnet release with full functionality
  • Mainnet Release with pre-registrations for influencers and brands
  • 4 articles on Medium and 2 AMA with the Aurora community.

In progress:

  • Final audit of Smart-contracts
  • Final fixes and improvements in UX
  • Planned full Mainnet Release in November
  • Pre-registrations of influencers and brands on the platform before the Release.
  1. Compare results with initial milestones.
    All milestones were achieved during the grant:
    :heavy_check_mark: Completed Algorithm of Reputation and Reward system
    :heavy_check_mark: Full Testnet Release of the platform
    :heavy_check_mark: 600+ Ambassadors in the referral program and testnet
    :heavy_check_mark: Released mainnet influencers pre-registrations
    :heavy_check_mark: 100+ pre-registered influencers (Twitter/Telegram) with 1000+ followers.

Hey, B4B.
Firstly, I would like to thank you for running the testnet and giving any twitter account (e.g. with 10 subscribers a chance to feel like an influencer. What’s the use of it? I have no idea, you might know more than others. What’s interesting is that this user got the highest rating from you, but when open the full page, this rating is no longer there.

Well, secondly, I sent you a message in Twitter with a specific question and you keep ignoring it, even though it takes 5 minutes to answer. I’ll put it down to you being busy.

Anyway, down to business. I would like to point out that in the article on Medium you have written rules for content makers and demo-influencers, and there is nothing for brands - those who will order posts and reposts from influencers. So, a customer is acting intuitively. But I can say for you that technically everything works well. I checked it personally. However, the problem is that everything works well, even if there is no money in the wallet. :neutral_face:

I used your platform as a brand, chose the most-followed influencer, decided to order posts on Twitter from user 0xreconnect, but got nothing.

Nowhere did it say what brands should do in the testnet. And what should I think about it? Is it a rehearsal and I should not wait for posts from your influencers or should I wait and work with their ratings? By the way I have a question: how does the lack of a post from an influencer affect its rating on your platform and who’s keeping track of it?

Your dApp was tested by the Aurora Hunters team. You got a yellow stamp, only thanks to the testnet, and a subjective score of 7 points - for the lack of a dark theme and design of the site itself.

In terms of interaction with brands, you should definitely have a lower score. But it will remain that way because you have a testnet. However, we’ll retest your application when the mainnet is launched.

I’ll explain why it’s so serious. You are creating a field for interaction between brands and influencers. Everyone can DM an influencer and offer their ways of interaction. You should take brand support more seriously. I was once registered on Beatstars, where both beatmakers and customers know that the platform charges 25% commission for services. I’ve had people DM and email me with offers of interaction, bypassing the platform because of the commission. I was clearly engaging on these matters and everyone was happy, except Beatstars.

See you after mainnet.

PS: More testings is here
update on testing is here

Aurora Hunters expert bot


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hey, team, have you joined to community core chat for project’s and regional communities leads?
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