Aurora India December [REPORT]

December month was eventful. We achieved quite good numbers on our socials and trying to onboard projects as well. Updating the number on our socials

Twitter: 2595

Telegram: 1702

Medium: 37


Overall, it’s clear that our Twitter performance last month was highly successful. With 92k impressions and over 750 followers, we were able to reach a wide audience and engage with a significant number of people. This is a testament to the quality of your content and the effectiveness of our social media strategy.

There are a few key factors that likely contributed to our strong performance on Twitter last month. Firstly, it’s important to have a clear and consistent brand identity on social media. By presenting a cohesive and professional image, we attracted and retained followers who are interested in our content. We also used visually appealing graphics and photos to catch people’s attention and make our tweets more engaging.

Adding to this, we recently started Project featuring. We wrote a thread for 3-4 different projects helping users to understand the core value of each project’s offers.

Here is the link to all

Overall, it’s clear that our Twitter performance last month was impressive, with 91k impressions and over 750+ followers. By continuing to focus on creating high-quality content, building engagement with our audience, and using best practices for social media marketing, we will continue to achieve strong results on Twitter in the upcoming months as well.


December Month stat

Active users: 464

New users: 1316

Total users: 1700+

It’s great to see that our Telegram performance has been strong, with the addition of 400+ active followers to your group. It’s clear that our community is growing and that people are interested in the content and assistance we are providing.

One key factor that likely contributed to our success on Telegram is our focus on helping users who face difficulties with the Aurora blockchain. By providing timely and helpful support, we are building trust and credibility with our audience, which can encourage more people to join our group and engage with our content.

In addition to providing support, it’s also important that we always emphasize the benefits of the Aurora+ account, which offers users 50 free transactions. By highlighting the value of this service, you are likely to attract more users to your group and encourage them to take advantage.

Another strategy that we followed to boost our Telegram performance is to regularly share updates and news about the Aurora blockchain and the projects that are built on it. We provided our followers with timely and relevant information, so we can keep them engaged and informed about what was happening in the community.

Overall, it’s clear that our Telegram performance has been strong, with the addition of 400+ active followers. By continuing to provide helpful support and information to our audience, and by using best practices for social media marketing, we can continue to grow and engage our community on the platform.

Medium Articles :

We have been publishing high-quality content articles on our Medium channel. Providing more generic content about blockchains and web3 can be particularly helpful for users who are new to these topics, as it can make it easier for them to understand the concepts and technologies involved.

One key factor that contributed to the success of our content is the clarity and simplicity of your writing. By breaking down complex ideas into easy-to-understand terms and using examples and analogies to illustrate your points, you can help your readers grasp the concepts more easily.

However, we are still expecting more views on the medium platform. We will continue to run campaigns in the upcoming months to pop up the number. More ideas and thoughts are welcomed from the community

Overall, it’s clear that we have been producing high-quality content articles on our Medium channel. By focusing on clarity, simplicity, and thorough research, and by using best practices for content formatting and layout, we will continue to engage and educate our readers on the topics of blockchains and web3.

Online Events


AMA with Stader Near

We deep-dived into Liquid staking solutions and how users can earn passive income just by staking. What is the effective stake and how someone could use the staked asset for farming and earn more yields.

We got almost 40+ Members tuned and it added new 100+ members on Telegram

AMA with Aurigami

Demystifying Aurigami: Breaking down the project and letting user understand the core principle and working of Aurigami

AMA with Kucoin India community

Aurora India joined Kucoin India tg group and answered all the questions related to Aurora and encouraged users to build on Aurora.

This event is a great success as we were able to add cumulative 1k+ users on both Twitter and tg.

Projects Onboarding

Credshied: As mentioned previously in our reports aurora India helped Credshield to onboard on to the aurora network. Now they have successfully integrated Aurora.

Quill Audits: Quill Audit is a smart contract audit platform who have a strong foundation and is now seeking partnerships with Aurora. Aurora India established contact with the Quill Audits team with the aurora core team for further development

Activity November December Links Payouts
TwItter $500 inc Graphics designing
+ 100$ Twitter
Followers 1846 2500+
Impressions 47.4K 91.2k
Tweets 131 210+
Telegram Telegram: Contact @auroraindia $250 for mod
Followers 900 1700+
Medium 7 Articles with Weekly updates
6 Articles with Weekly updates
Aurora India – Medium $400 For content creation
368 view 170 view
Online Events 7 Events ( 3 AMA, 1 Quiz, Weekend QUIZ event on twitter, Score Prediction) + Unbank College series 6 Events ( 3 AMA, Weekend QUIZ event on twitter, Score Prediction=name changer) kucoin - $350
Aurigami ama- 100 $aurora
Stader ama - $50
Prediction - 30 $Aurora
Name changer- 100 $aurora
Mid week event - $50
Mangament and strategist , Collab, Strategy, Twitter, Event planning $650+ 25$(2k INR to Twitter influencer)
AMA Host, Podcast $500
Content Outreach 500$

thanks for your great report and the whole team’s job that you’re doing for Aurora community :green_heart:

the promise to achieve 1000 members in Tg is done :heavy_check_mark:
as well as other metrics become better
appreciate your activity on Twitter, let’s do it now on Discord :wink:
and proud to be a part of a fam :blush:



Thank you so much Johanga. None can be done without your and the team’s support. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: