[Report] De-Fi projects, Aurora <> Proximity Labs

Hello everyone!

We are happy to share a list of projects which were approved for a grant by Proximity Labs

Project Category Total amount sent, $AURORA Link to project website Status
Trisolaris DeFi 250,000 Trisolaris Deployed
Rift DeFi 900,000 https://rift.finance/ Deployed
Tonic DeFi 14,285 https://tonic.foundation/ Deployed
NearPay DeFi 3,000 https://www.nearpay.io/ Deployed
Cora DeFi 25,000 https://www.cora.money/ Deployed
Arctic DeFi 163,935 arctic.trade Deployed
Total 1,356,220

Trisolaris is the first AMM exchange on Aurora.

Decentralized Market Making. Rift helps crypto companies achieve their token liquidity goals while generating attractive, safer returns for liquidity providers.

Tonic brings the speed and convenience of centralized exchanges to NEAR while being fully decentralized.

Saudi technology company that enables our partners to reach the frontiers of FinTech and become competitive globally.

Decentralized lending without liquidations.

Arctic is leading the next chapter of Aurora’s development as the core ecosystem-DEX, bringing DeFi innovation to Aurora in the forms of the veNFT and DLAMM (Discretized Liquidity AMM).