[REPORT] LNB (Kitchen Guild) November

Welcome to the LNB :slightly_smiling_face:

Website: lnb.marketing

Portfolio: https://lnb.marketing/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Portfolio-LNB.pdf

Owners: Lolson, Baxoff.

Country of residence: KZ, Turkey.

Contact: Lolson, Baxoff

Unfortunately, this month was not the most successful in the history of LNB (Kitchen Guild). We faced a lot of difficulties that took our team by surprise. We would like to apologize in advance to the Aurora community if our work does not suit the majority of ecosystem members.

Difficulties that we had during work:

  1. We received more than 20 thousand dollars in Aurora, we could not sell them at a good price, since there was no liquidity on all known DEX. The sale of this amount would provoke a drop in price by more than 8-9%, and also increased the spread (which reached more than 2 thousand dollars).
  1. Due to the instability of the Aurora price, we decided to concentrate on working with only two bloggers.

  2. Unfortunately, we are faced with the problem of integrating the user into the Aurora ecosystem, since the number of dApps is currently quite low.

Nevertheless, we managed to achieve some results.

Completed work.

YT Channel (167k subs):

Telegram (72k subs):


YT Channel (167k subs):

Telegram (72k subs):

In line with our built content plan, we focused on seamlessly integrating the user into the Aurora ecosystem. It was decided to tell the audience about the basic interactions of Near Protocol - Aurora, Rainbow brigde, Aurora + and the grant system for new builders.

Based on a our plan, we got a good interaction among the audience, people like Aurora and they want to use it, but due to the market situation and the shortage of interesting working applications, it turned out to be problematic to keep the audience or direct it to a specific dApp.

In the course of the work carried out with EE Aurora Community, we have achieved an increase of about 100% of the audience in the Telegram channel Eastern Europe. We were able to focus the audience on getting acquainted with the ecosystem by passing the giveaway, according to Vladislav, the audience came quite active and with experience in the cryptocurrency world.

We also talked about the Aurora grants program and received at least 62 clicks to fill out the form as they came up. What is the real number of projects applied to Aurora Grants to start their project, it is very difficult to track.


Video research Aurora for new users
This video was created at newbies to the Aurora ecosystem. With the help of this content, we were able to attract the attention of 16 thousand people. The opinion of users in the comments was divided, some participants noted that Aurora is a very promising project, but some subscribers expressed opinions about the ecosystem. These objections were perfectly worked out in EE groups through a direct dialogue with users.

17k views, 922 likes, 132 comments.

Telegram post 1
The post was created to announce the released video about Aurora.

10k views, 15 comments

Telegram post 2
Giveaway with the Cryptus x EE Aurora collaboration, where 1000 $Aurora was distributed off among users who fulfilled the conditions: subscription to the Announcement Channel + chat and adding the Aurora network to the metamask.
Aurora giveaway:

12,3k views, 44 comments.

Telegram post 3
Information post with a detailed description of the functionality of Aurora +

10,1k views, 23 comments.

Telegram post 4
An informative post for people who could apply their professional skills to the development of the Aurora ecosystem.

12,5k views, 5 comments.

New users who were converted to the EE group asked a lot of questions, which Alex answered in his message.

Additional statistics:

In total, 636 clicks were received on relevant sources such as Aurora+ and the Aurora grant program.

Statistics from the Aurora personal account +
A total of 469 users were received, of which only 66 people registered.

Lady of Crypto

YT Channel (25k subs):

Twitter (352k subs):

An agreement was reached with Lady Of Crypto to hold an AMA with CEO Aurora (Alex Shevchenko).

From our side, questions were prepared, which Alex answered, and a content plan was agreed to attract the audience.

Content 1

Announcement of the upcoming AMA.
Likes: 220
Retweets: 57

Content 2

АМА with Alex Shevchenko.

Likes: 1325
Retweets: 134

Content 3

Video mention
In this video, the Aurora Ecosystem was mentioned as a promising project.

17k views, 1k likes.

Total amount of content:

YouTube total:

Views - 34 000
Comments - 314
Likes - ~ 2000

Twitter total:

Likes - 1545
Retweets - 191
~15400 tuned in

Telegram total:

Views ~ 45 000

Number of new Aurora users: ~1900

Additional activity:

  1. We conducted a large-scale independent study of regional guilds, which revealed some violations on the part of individual community owners. We have identified: non-unique content, bots, inflated cost of work, and so on. The documentation was sent to the management.

  2. We have announced DAA (link).
    Based on our research, we came to the conclusion that Aurora Ecosystem needs the help of professional shillers and content creators. Based on our experience, we can offer one of the best solutions on the market.

Influencers for Aurora

It was decided to suspend this direction, since in a bear market we will not be able to provide a sufficient level of conversion (in our opinion). All unused funds were sent to super_mario.near (10780 Aurora)


In fact, at the moment the Aurora ecosystem is at an early stage. We are faced with the difficulties of converting a lead into a potential user of the Aurora Ecosystem. We have taken these mistakes and in early January, we will release an updated vision of the marketing strategy for Aurora. We apologize to those who had high hopes for us, but we are here to grow with the ecosystem, so we saw the problems and will solve them with a complex and very non-trivial approach.

Thank you for the opportunity. We will do everything possible to have the maximum impact on the Aurora ecosystem in 2023, just as we did in Near. We value our reputation very much and we consider such incidents very carefully.

The other day we had a call with @Alex, which allowed us to generate a new ideas that will be aimed at boosting the ecosystem in the future. We are very excited to be part of the Aurora community.

Special thanks @ell @Vladislav_vl25 @johanga

Unused funds

All unused funds (6 319 Aurora) can be used for further work, or transferred to the Aurora wallet.


Great report, it was a pleasure to work with the guys at Kitchen.
Unfortunately, in such a market it is very difficult to attract people, we tried to make contest as simple and convenient for participants.


Great report and work done.

An advice that could be helpful to all other communities too is to swap tokens to stable coins and only swap them back to $Aurora when its time to send to community members. Maybe this helps us all.