[Approved] LNB Marketing November

Welcome to the LNB :slightly_smiling_face:

Website: lnb.marketing

Portfolio: https://lnb.marketing/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Portfolio-LNB.pdf

Owners: Lolson, Baxoff.

Place of residence: KZ (Astana), Turkey (Side).

Contact: Lolson, Baxoff

First of all, I am glad to welcome Aurora Community. We are honored to be here. Many of you know our team as the leaders of the Degen Army and the founders of the Kitchen Guild. Since May 2021, we have been working with the community, as well as strategic and operational marketing.

Our experience includes working in various directions, from creating content and working with influencers, to full-fledged marketing campaigns. We have already worked with Aurora Ecosystem and @Alex. You can see our works in the portfolio.

Detailed portfolio here: YT/Twitter/Telegram influence - Google Regneark

Our principles always remain the same

1. We work with trusted bloggers.
We will never work with influencers who violate the rules of the community or play a dishonest game (fake views, fake likes and subs, massfollowing, and so on).
2. We use a partnership approach.
Our bloggers are not only ordinary performers, whom we can find by the hundreds on YouTube, first of all, LNB members are our partners who are ready to perform and create first-class content.
3. We are completely open.
We fully provide reports on our expenses and our decisions. We always stand on the side of the community and the principles of the ecosystem. We are not a guild that wants to fill its pockets, we are those who want to work hard.

We are a completely transparent guild that has been working for more than a year and values reputation.

We achieve this with the help of a subscription system and a smooth approach to integration. Our calculations (https://gov.near.org/t/creation-kitchen-guild/5628) carried out in 2021 proved that the direct purchase of advertising integration from a blogger is an unprofitable investment. Our approach allows you to reduce advertising costs, as well as fully integrate the audience.

Problems with direct ad purchase:

  1. The audience negatively perceives the integration of advertising;
  2. ER and conversions are zero;
  3. There is no way to purposefully integrate a blogger’s audience;
  4. Video/Post about project can stand out from the general content;
  5. The cost of advertising is at least 50% more expensive;

LNB approach:

  1. There is a soft integration of users;
  2. We cooperate only with verified bloggers who are interviewed and checked for fraud;
  3. We are building long-term partnerships with the resource;
  4. The price for posting content is lower for us (based on the results of the interview);
  5. We have clearly formulated goals for marketing development (strategic and operational marketing);
  6. We control the quality of the content;
  7. Disciplined and transparent reporting;

Our approach has proven to be the most effective in working with influencers. You can see this in our portfolio. Our experience includes: IDO marketing (attracted more than $500k), AMA’s, development of special content (creating NFT collections, game reviews), user integration (giveaway, TipBot, interaction with the ecosystem) and much more.

The developed plan for 3 months:

At the moment we want to establish a three-month cooperation with four bloggers. All bloggers from this list have been tested for fraud and interviewed. We have put forward conditions that suit both sides.

1. Cryptus


Total number of subscribers: 172,321

Total number of views: 7,323,727

Average number of views: 21,000

YouTube channel with content unique in its qualities. Professionals in their field who are well aware of the work of L2 and L1 blockchains. High quality of work is provided by a staff of high-class producers, designers and hosts. We had long negotiations that allowed us to make a content plan.

What will be done?

Project Overview.

A format that combines an interview with @alex and a detailed overview of the project.

Post - Longread

A long post about the advantages of Aurora and comparisons with competitors. It will be published in the telegram channel.

Native Video Integration

Advertising insert in one of the relevant videos (duration ~ 30 seconds)

AMA Session

AMA session in the main telegram channel (voice chat). It will be possible to save the recording and distribute it in other telegram channels.

Category of post with regular mentions

Posts with announcements of new projects or partnerships.


The information is presented with a visual design. (Telegram channel)

Contest format

At the moment we are considering contests that can be implemented in Aurora.

Native integration in the morning digest

News about Aurora, posted in the morning digest.

Integration into word of the day

Explanation in simple words of terms for beginners in cryptocurrency.

Integration with crypto-tools

A special category in which useful tools are added for cryptocurrency users.

Weekly Digest

Weekly news summary.

2. Olga Crypto

Total number of subscribers: 185,432

Total number of views: 2,503,727

Average number of views: 40,000

A blogger from Poland with an excellent English-language channel. Videos are not published often, which is great for us, the content will not get lost among other videos. The main audience is 74.7% from the UK, which is a good advantage for us. A member of the OG community of cryptocurrency bloggers with ~700k subscribers.

Cooperation with Olga Crypto opens for us the possibility of direct cooperation with OG, which include: Olga Crypto, Crypto Pink, OG Crypto. With each of these bloggers, we were able to agree on unique conditions for building a full-fledged marketing campaign, which will include the creation of video content, manuals and posts.

Olga Crypto channel was chosen for the first and second months, as we consider it the lowest-risk investment. Working in this format, we will be able to evaluate the blogger’s contribution to the Aurora ecosystem and, based on the result, make a decision on continuing cooperation.

What will be done?

Overview of the Aurora Project

Video content on YouTube channel about the ecosystem.

Posts in Telegram channel

News and updates in the ecosystem.

PS: We would like to evaluate the quality of the content and the degree of audience engagement.

3. Defi Talks


Total number of subscribers: 21 200

Total number of views: 1,355,015

Average number of views: 4,500

On the DeFi Talks channel, the audience learns to interact with the blockchain from the very basics and learn how to use their finances correctly. Alberto (creator of the DeFi Talks channel) explains all the nuances for users. Showing the advantages and benefits of using the blockchain mainly in DeFi.

What will be done?

2 months.

The main resource is YouTube

A 1 fully dedicated video, about 15 mins, on Youtube. This will allow us to introduce the audience to Aurora (There have already been educational videos about the Near blockchain on the channel)

A full Twitter thread

The thread will contain basic information about the project, supported by articles and links to official sources.

One integration in video (about 4 minutes)

Aurora be part of a video where we talk about the top 5 blockchains.

YT AMA session with core team.

3 month. (Aurora EVM course)

After preparing the audience, we want to proceed to the next stage of the marketing campaign.

Alberto has extensive experience in writing and teaching his own courses. He teaches marketing at the University of Genoa in Business Master, and is also an advisor and co-founder of a startup that produces courses in data science, he has more than 20 thousand students at Udemy.

His vast experience allows us to create a free course on cryptocurrency and financial literacy. We will start with what DeFi means, what blockchain is, how it includes DeFi, what you need to check, and will introduce various types of protocols (dex, money market, profitable farming). Each step with examples and a clear overview of what is important and why. In a particular case, Aurora will help us connect l1 and l2, since this is the connection point between the evm world and Near. Therefore, with the help of one blockchain, we will be able to explain both.

4. Thor Hartvigsen


Total number of subscribers: 59,200

Total number of views: 1,809,512

Average number of views: 16,000

Thor — has an excellent paying audience from the UK who is interested in developing in the field of DeFi.

On this channel there is content dedicated to Near Ecosystem, which is a big plus, a great chance of direct use and transition to l2 — Aurora.

General content plan

To begin with, we want to try to do a little integration into the video to track how many people we can potentially attract. If we get a positive result that satisfies us statistically. We have already made a content plan for the next 3 months.

6 videos will be published covering the entire Aurora ecosystem, depending on the need (which is more profitable to cover at the moment), as well as posts in Twitter.


This marketing campaign is planned for 3 months and has been discussed with all of the above bloggers. During the promotion of the marketing campaign, changes in the composition of bloggers are possible, since first of all, the indicators of each are important to us.

Funds that will not be spent during the first month will be credited to the account of the next one.

Reporting on all areas of funds, as well as the work performed, will be provided in accordance with the schedule.

The start date of the work will be considered from the moment of funding. This innovation will allow us to provide full-fledged reports on the work done for the month

The funding will be distributed over 2 proposals.

1 - Proposal LNB marketing campaign

Cryptus 4500 USD

Olga Crypto 1700 USD

Thor Hartvigsen 1600 USD

Defi Talks 2000 USD


Target: lolson.near

2 - Proposal for management (2500 USD)

Link: ([Approved] LNB Management Proposal November

Why is it done this way?

10,000 USD is the maximum amount for quick financing. We would not like to include our compensation in this amount, as we want the maximum result from the task.


Proposal is approved

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Thanks for proposal. Happy to approve.

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