Submit your Aurora project to be advertised by Aurora Stars ⭐ guild

Hope you having the best day Aurora community members.

I am Edgar from NEAR Stars Guild:
We want to settle up our team also on Aurora and share assistance to skyrocket projects that are built on Aurora and DAOs by giving help with PR, marketing and influencers. So to start up we want to catch first 3 Aurora Dapps to assist.

What exact help can we offer?

  • Interactive videos with youtubers (influencers create videos with contests).
  • Twitter shilling (increases followers on all social media and creates brand awareness).
  • Social media support (take in charge your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).
  • Short promo videos describing your Dapp and updates.
  • Design of infographics and attention grabbing images.
  • Posts in crypto related Telegram groups by partners.
  • Comments on discussion platforms as recommendations to use your service (Bitcointalk, Reddit, 4chan and similar crypto related webs, thats also good for SEO).
  • Marketing tactics and strategies how to grow your project.

In past we worked with dozens of different projects covering every crypto niche on NEAR, so would be great to help with growth to Aurora projects by forming Aurora Stars.

To ease up advertising for your Aurora projects please submit a simple form.

How process goes?

  1. Fill out our form so we know more details about your Aurora project or DAO.
  1. Have a cup of tea or coffee. We will get back you shortly to discuss ongoing processes.

If you want to join our team and got some marketing skills to share, DM me!

Best of luck mates on reaching your targeted audience.

Edgar Zhunda


This is amazing! Stars Guild is always ready for help no matter how difficult it is~~heart for you guys :blue_heart:


So charming, thank you Christina for feedback. :blush:
Bluebit for some magic on the list!