[Rejected] Stars Guild ⭐ January advertising combo pack

Hey Aurorians, best of luck on all of your new beginnings in new 2023 year.

Feeling nostalgic about NEAR Sandbox and seen that some sparks are starting on Aurora

Good sample of community to become more decentralised and part of funding starts to be given to hard doers inside of the community. Thus Stars Guild wants to get step further by giving a chance for everyone to create videos, write articles, create infographics, memes or share some quality hype on the web.

Another reason why OWS was so great, is that i could easily onboard my friends for simple tasks to do and the process of getting some coins in exchange with simple rules.

I see that video creators make great impact not only for PR of a certain product, but if well planned also can be used as a good marketing tool, besides bringing in brand awareness about NEAR so same actions we want to share on aurora by dropping tons of comments and mentions as contextual advertising and content creators.

Our mission.

We invite projects that are built on Aurora and want to share with them some quality advertisement to get to the next level, small bits, still these make changes in marketing. Since these are hard times in crypto plenty of projects were supported and assistance from our side was very welcoming. So in terms of marketing we want to keep them still covered and do for them good bits of advertising like, review video creation trough established youtube channels, fancy infographics, well written articles, contextual advertising, reviews flooding with traffic on our youtube channel and as a cherry on the top get funny memes to spice it up.

How can projects apply for such help?

  1. Simple, submit your Aurora project here for promo:
  1. After Stars Guild will connect project authors for more details to see needs of it and added to the list,

We already got a few projects onboarded, still ill catch admins of few more to diversify niches, so article writers, video review creators or any contributors can choose a topic to get creative about and let their advertisement continue.

How will the quality of content be gathered?

Rules for review video creators.

Concept will be similar to this we previously wrote before:

For one video that gets lower than 500 views from the treasury we will pay 100 USD.

For one video that gets more than 500 views (for established accounts) we will pay 200 USD.

Youtuber can submit not more than 2-3 videos per month. Before launching video links and hashtags of project with #Aurora and #Auroraprotocol should be mentioned.

Any cheating with bots, comments or any other suspicious activities won’t be accepted. I’ll review them and get dozens of smaller youtube creators to give mentions and promo for Aurora in whole and its Dapps.

So for established youtuber channels to onboard them as advertisers of Aurora projects will be asked 2500 USD to fill treasury and get form them 12-15 videos with calculated >20k views. I will keep up with connecting dots between projects and video creators to see if they got all the details for scenario, edit before publishing, make sure needed links and hashtags are in the right place, and care that youtubers don’t cheat and only best ones are onboarded for video creation 500 USD will be asked.

@Birdybird Yana wants to share her talents in design. Designs like infographics and one pagers about Aurora and its Dapps, in total creating 20 infographics. Those will be also shared with projects that we advertise, on our twitter and free of use by the community.

Here is one of the samples.

In total for 15 infographics asking 600 USD.

About contextual advertising plan from @AuroraMaxi1

150 Tweets from multiple accounts

50 4chan organic comments

50 Reddit organic comments

50 Bitcoin talk organic comments

50 YouTube organic comments

This is a major boost for Aurora awareness like contextual advertising, and since Google spiders and SMM react on these measurements and by some online legends price of coin impacts, i would like to test out this myth by collecting dates when content was posted and price increasement of Aurora token at same time (BTC changes as second graph to see peaks).

For such amount giving aprox 6 USD per mention those would be 2000 USD

Later on as with infographics, articles, mentions about Aurora that are posted in the right places quota will be distributed for new guild members that want to take a part of action.

If anyone wants to participate in filling such tasks, or video or article creation that will be shown below, please take a look at this topic to qualify for requirements and fill the form:

Some fancy promo videos Miracle can create for freshly onboarded projects.

@for_the_church Miracle – will create 3 fancy videos to be shared through community about Aurora Dapps, those also will be uploaded to Stars Guilds YT channel and shared with project owners for some eye catchy representation. Here is his past sample, bluebit - YouTube . 100 USD per video like these is charming.

Ivan is really good at article writing about blockchain, managing process of posting, get trough writers and review their articles, get right tags and mentions for our Medium. He already participates in Aurora community, so hope it wont create a conflict. None of his work will be doublepaid or used for Stars Guild content. Hope thats fine, if not, we got other team member that can cover this task.

Rest article writers after approval drop him your articles so he can submit them properly for greatest impact.

We want to start with him offering everyone to write +500 word articles and post it to Medium channel created by Stars Guild and share with tags on medium and on twitter to reach the most engagement.

For taking care of 20 articles we want to share 750 USD with Ivan for getting writers, so that +500 word articles can be created by the community for 35 USD per quality article.

Organising such workflow Ivan asked for 250 USD. Traffic to it will be gathered through our twitter and pinning certain projects in post. So for article writers campaigns are asked for 1000 USD.

For now we might remain with these proportions of content creation.

3000 USD for video review creators. 100-200 USD per video. About 20 videos.

1000 USD for article writing. 35 USD per +500 word article. About 20 articles.

2000 USD for contextual advertisement (comments and mentions) 6 USD per mention with URL. 350 targeted mentions with links to Aurora.dev (or its marketplaces and Dapps)

600 USD for 15 infographics. 40 USD per infographic.

500 USD for memes that are an opportunity for those who consider having a good sense of humour. With 3 USD per meme we plan to collect 100 memes, 200 USD will go manage communication between creators of memes, Aurara projects and reviewing whats funny and whats just a slappy job in MS paint.

300 USD for 3 Miracles cutest video intros.

Yana beautifully takes care of our Twitter account and its management for a month for 400 USD
https://twitter.com/nearstarsguild to drop also news about Aurora and distribute content that will be created from this proposal.if proposal gets approved we will rename twitter to Stars Guild to skip interest of conflicts with father NEAR.

Myself Edgar – Am asking 400 USD for leading whole processes, making sure content has top notch quality, is placed in the right spots, distributing content through Stars Guild social channels to get the most visibility, validating all submitted work and gathering it to a table and having fun with onboarding Aurora Dapp authors with new team members that are willing to create content, crating contests and monitoring Stars Guild in whole to see how puzzle fits perfectly.

So overall this could look like the first month of changing our guild more publicly opened with understandable and competitive tasks to get new people flowing into the Aurora ecosystem.

This amount of content creation is valued in total for 8200 USD

Target NEAR wallet : starsguild.near

Wallet owner: Edgars Zunda

TG: Zhunda

@Alex_J @ell and @johanga if you see that some changes are needed to be added or any popular tasks can be added we want to make it as transparent as can be for crypto newbies to join and participate in tasks for Aurora ecosystem.

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@everyone @Community
If you would like to participate or have a team member willing so in any given tasks like article writing, video creation, design, contextual advertising or meme generation, fill this form to get welcomed on Stars Guild:

If your Aurora project needs some fancy bits of advertising, you can still submit your projects here:

Best of luck on your activities! :sunny:


Hello Edgar! Thank you for your proposal. Now, we are more focused on regional community support and video productions in native languages.