[Closed] Aurora Stars ⭐ hype plan and contest for August

Hey people of Aurora,
I am Edgar, mostly active on NEAR Stars Guild https://twitter.com/nearstarsguild and want to drop few our team members here to create Aurora Stars.
I see that influencers make great impact not only for PR of certain product, but if well planned also can be used as good marketing tool.

So whats the problem?
Stay informative by talking about updates on Aurora and cool features that it brings, and for another part bring fresh blood to Aurora network.
For such a reason I see that forum stays as best platform to talk about business because not so much small talk and people keep up short and straigt forward. Maybe GIFs to forum would be stunning to see added sooner.
Currently I feel that Aurora lacks of people, some will be brought from NEAR (for sure) tho I want to gain them from overseas. Devs became critical and each project lacks for them, admins and organizers are always fun to have, creative people like marketers, writers, video producers and designers still create huge value.

How to solve it?
Easy, to make a stream of people flooding in a sample post createtion on Aurora forum https://forum.aurora.dev “Place your CVs here” or “Looking for work” will let all forum users see who’s up for what and easy one for project creators, guilds or communities find out missing spots to be filled. So as priority for this proposal is to solve new people onboarding for community. To stimulate it a bit more, a small bounty of Aurora coins (5 USD) will be sent to Aurora wallet under full description of user skills.

Post content should have these mentinos about user:
Your Name
Where are you from
Languages you know
What are you good at and skills you got?
Share some portfolio
CV or Linkedin profile to share
How you heard about Aurora?
What type of project or community you would like to join?
Aurora wallet address

(Let me know if something additional should be mentioned in post replies).

This will solve problem for new users of getting familiar with community and creation of wallet at the same time.

After same projects or guilds can create topics in “Hiring or looking for skilled members”, but the most picky project authors can connect users straight.

To make flood of ongoing people we will use youtubers at first explaining what is Aurora, giving a look on it, additionally explain topics (for this month) Aurora Plus, https://aurorascan.dev and https://www.theauroracommunity.io and in the end of video ask youtubers to show post where their subscribers can leave CV and take act in giveaway.

Later on would be cool for Aurora Stars to help with some promo for newly created projects on Aurora, tho, for now lets stick tight to community.

Youtubers we picked up that will distribute such hype and contest info:

All about Crypto:

Youtubers subscriber amount is hidden due privacy, still views are legit. First video launched on December of 2020, in total has 83 videos with average view count of 8k views asking for review 350 USD.

Hot Crypto News:

In total youtuber has 31k subscribers, Joined Youtube at 17 Jul 2020, in total has 441 videos with average view count of 7k views for 650 USD per review.

Crypto Gems:

Jacob has 31K subscribers, first video posted one year ago, in total has 301 videos with average view count of 8k views and asking 350 USD for full review video.

Crypto News:

In total youtuber has 47K subscribers, first video posted half year ago, in total has 131 videos with average view count of 10k views asking for review 450 USD.

Crypto Gorilla

In total Crypto Gorilla has 39K subscribers, first video posted 1 year ago, in total has 137 videos with average view count of 5k views for review asks 300 USD.

All of them are English, so let’s concentrate on main language for now.
So for youtubers will be asked 2100 USD.

Additional things to do to cover informative part for Aurora.

  • Designs like inforgraphics and onepagers about Aurora and its Dapps.
  • Freshly created Aurora Stars twitter to reach at least 300 folowrs by August.
  • 3 held AMA sessions about Aurora, will think about guests to catch up.
  • 3 informative short videos about Aurora Plus, Aurora Scan and Theauroracommunity.io with voicovers.
  • For “Submit your CV” contest we plan to onboard 200 users to Aurora forum by giving each one Aurora coins worth 5 USD.

Who from our team will do what?

Myself Edgar – Tight contact with influencers, contest creation on forum and validating submissions, speaking out 3 AMAs about Aurora Plus, Aurora Scan and Theauroracommunity.io and leading newly created Aurora Stars Guild. For whole work 1500 USD asking.

Yana @Birdybird - Twitter account management for month, 4 infographic designs about Aurora, 4 inforgraph designs including “onepagers” about Aurora Dapps and holding 3 AMAs with me. For such an amount of work 1500 USD are below average.

Miracle @for_the_church for_the_church – will create 3 fancy videos to be shared trought community about Aurora Plus, Aurora Scan and Theauroracommunity.io Here is his past sample, bluebit - YouTube music will be covered with voiceover instead. 150 USD per video like these is charming.

So to cover things up budget will look like this.

Total budgeting:
Youtubers - 2100 USD
Guild administration and design – 3000 USD
Miracles promo videos - 450 USD
Bounty for 200 user CV contest onboarding – 1000 USD
Target NEAR wallet : starsguild.near
Wallet owner: Edgars Zunda

What do you think about creation of such a contest to bring fresh people to Aurora? What things adionoally should be asked for people leaving their resumes on forum?

@ell @Alex_J Dumb question from my side. If I want to send same 1000 USD to 200 Aurora network wallets, what smart contract or tool can be used for such purpose? Feeling lazy sending one by one to each wallet. :innocent: