[Suggestions] Approach to New User Acquisition and Growth

Good day, everyone.

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I have some suggestions for our influencers and content creators, as well as for the marketing, Creative DAOs. What I have observed in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem over the last few years is that, in order to get massive user growth into one’s ecosystem or product, we need to shift some of our energy into offline users and communities, as these users, for the most part, are long term users and easier to retain than those who are constantly active on social media looking for a better alternative.

In my most recent engagement as a growth lead, our data shows that the number of users we get from unexpected regions and areas is far greater than social media contents or promotions. This is not to say that online content creators or promotions are bad; rather, the point is that if you want user acquisition or growth, you can’t rely on them because you can’t onboard your followers or existing users twice unless your channels or social handles are growing in terms of new users every day.

Our regional hubs and communities must develop strategies or implement a plan for user acquisition, Offline communities, particularly African communities, require education and exposure to all of these amazing solutions. you cannot organize AMAs or content promotions for your same group members or followers who number less than 1-2k in the name of working toward user acquisition. Don’t get me wrong colleagues, we must make some changes to create more offline trailblazers if we truly want to achieve the mission of 5 billion user growth goal.

In order to achieve the offline community onboarding, let the existing hubs create some plans that are working toward that by engaging the members in our various groups and channels as trailblazers in their cities and towns by giving them some incentives, majority of these leads don’t need monthly payment, they need resources or some fund for refreshment when ever they want to have monthly meet-ups or events and motivations to be part of the products journey, i’ve worked as a community lead in Facebook, Google, Salesforce, and many other techs companies, including our latest Mara campaign and other major agencies, and it works flawlessly. Let us provide our group members the opportunity to be the face of the product in their cities and regions.

My suggestions and concerns are limited to Africa, I have no idea about or knowledge of other places or regions.

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You’re right, this approach will lead to the growth we desire and it’s the basis of our proposals. Offline community members especially in rural and developing communities through activations.


Yeah, this is the healthy way of user growth.

Hello, you are right mate.
In my experience, most people met online are already used to some of what we do, and for instance an AMA, most frequent attendees just jump in to ask questions so they can be chosen as winners, to earn rewards and run off.

Majorly, online contents are to keep existing community members educated, updated, and engaged.

Speaking of offline activities, we from Aurora Africa have made plans to begin Campus activations.

This is a situation where we storm campuses with light events for sharp education, and information. This will be done geering them up for the bigger updates.

Truth be told. The people to embrace and be excited about Blockchain are still in web2.

Thanks for sharing this.


Totally agreed, you can’t scale in web3 by ignoring web2 ecosystem. Tbis your next step will create a huge success. Best of luck mate

Absolutely true! I totally agree with this :ok_hand:

The idea is awesome, and similar in the new direction regional guild should go.

Offline onboarding must concentrate on offline activities and other resource to bring the non-crypto community to Web3 and teach them on how to leverage on the opportunity. Especially the educational and financial sectors need to be educated, also the governmental sectors should not be left out for better favourable policies which will influence this vision.

The idea is super good, and I believe all guild should learn with this…


Yes, involving the government and other stakeholders in the engagement will go a long way, especially if long-term sustainability is desired. The funny thing is that not all marketing requires funding; if time allows, I’ll share some guidelines in my next post on building a strong community, a lots of community performances promotions and marketing, and you can’t measure this metrics as a community manager one most lean or have a growth and strategic knowledge, sales and many concepts, this gives you insights into who are the targets audience, what they want to hear this week, month. I don’t want sound like a attack on others but bro, we have a long way to go i saw a lots of improvements in some of our leads .

Actually, it is more expensive to acquire offline audiences. It is far cheaper and quicker to attract online non-crypto communities who already use some non-crypto SM groups/channels/apps on daily basis, especially among people who need to send money abroad but still afraid using crypto.