[Approved] Aurora Africa Introduction/Events

It’s really good what the Near Ecosystem is building with all of these!!.. All these collaborations with other projects is what makes it stand out from other Ecosystems, and the Aurora Project won’t be an exception. We taking it to the :full_moon:.


But in Aurora, you can create as many wallets as you want with Metamask, and you can get free transactions with Aurora+. :roll_eyes:
How does this help to promote the Aurora Network?

Do you have developers who know Solidity for courses like this?

With all due respect, but it seems to me this proposal resembles a copy/paste from a NEAR forum.


Yes, you are right. That is possible which I use it too. Aurora is built on NEAR and I feel having newbies know of NEAR and Aurora combined using the NEAR wallet for a start is best.

It does not mean all other aspects of getting them used to Aurora and the ‘necessary’ projects like rainbow bridge isn’t important.

We have a developer in the team and as a community, it’s the target to reach out to more guys who are even better.

Smiles…how about pointing to the proposal that is copied :grin:

…btw, if NEAR and Aurora are so different, an enlightenment from you will be great🤓

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IMHO, but more people on NEAR already know about Aurora.
And we should try to target the audience from other sources.

Aurora provides a similar developer experience to Ethereum on top of the NEAR protocol. Aurora’s EVM compatibility ensures that any project built there can be easily transferred to Ethereum, without having to change a single line of code.

And the goal is to bring people from other EVM networks like Ethereum into the Aurora space to deploy their projects, and there would be a user base for those projects.

A developer with Rust for NEAR, and a developer with Solidity for an EVM environment are completely different developers.

NEAR and Aurora also are completely different things, as for developers and as for the user experience.

At its core, Aurora addresses the scalability challenges that the Ethereum mainnet faces, while providing Ethereum developers and users a smoother onboarding experience to the NEAR ecosystem.


Yes, you are right.
This is the target. Getting people from elsewhere (other ecosystem and or new entrepreneurs and devs entirely) into the system.

The idea of wallets is just a side note for onboarding and granting an experience for the audience.

The primary thing observed in the introduction is using the experience gained from NEAR.

This I agree with you.

The overall idea for us is to introduce and call the attention of new people to the Aurora project.

It is for this fact that we have this in bold letters. The collaborations isn’t with communities within the NEAR ecosystem but different communities altogether. There are generally web3 hubs, blockchain hubs etc. These are the target collaborations.

Also, key thing to note is how aside educating enthusiasts about the ecosystem, and having them find their way, we go in search and present the building possibilities for projects in ideation or startup stages.


Thank You for your proposal Could you please update it with some significant information?

Here is a guide.

Thank You and have a wonderful weekend!


Thanks. Will add necessary info missed.

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Just made some additions. If there is an area not clear, pointing it out will do us good.

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Does this seat well now?

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Hello @israel_igboze, would you like to launch the Aurora Africa guild? If so, could you please update your proposal (dedicated Aurora social media ( Twitter, telegram, AMA’s, meet-ups, articles on Medium, work with local influences, and YouTubers, etc.)?


Alright, I have updated it. It was a mistake while typing😁 the socials have been there

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Wow, Great

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This is actually Amazing.
And I have no doubt we can accomplish this

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Hello @israel_igboze ! It would be great if you include in the proposal specific KPIs and targets, for example:

In August 2022 we’re going to launch

  1. Aurora Africa telegram group and onboard 850 people, budget $300 a month ($150 for mod 1 (name), and $150 for mod 2 (name);
  2. … Twitter account, target 1000 members, rewards $300 a month (Twitter manager (name));
  3. AMAs with Aurora dapps devs (4 AMAs, $400 + $50 rewards for the community for the best questions);
  4. Articles on Medium and most popular local magazines, newspapers (web editions), and blogs. 4 x $100
  5. Local influencers (>10-50k subscribers), educational meet ups, etc.

Thank You.


I have made edits. Hope you see it and evaluate. Thanks


Hello @ell !
What’s update as we have entered August already?

Thanks Sir.

Happy to approve.

Does @Ella ready to hold weekly technical (solidity) AMA sessions for Aurora Africa Community?
Thank you


Yes Sir.
All plans for all forms of AMA are in place.


Of course, Yes.

Proposal is approved

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