[Approved] Aurora Chinese Community May, June 2023

Hi, Aurora fam! @ell @johanga

Report Review

Here is our report for March and Apr: [Report] Aurora Chinese Community March & April Report

KPI Review

KPIs we set for Mar & Apr

1/ Twitter: at least 25k impressions/ monthly with a total of 3500 followers before June

:white_check_mark: What we’ve achieved: 4382 followers

2/ Telegram: reach 1000 members in Aurora Chinese community

:white_check_mark: Put more focus on telegram followers, we only get a 54.9% increase in telegram members.

3/ Community events: at least 8 events in two months

:white_check_mark: What we’ve achieved: 11 events in two months, 11 events in total, including 3 KOL cooperations, 1 big offline event in HK, 3 festival giveaways, 1 project giveaway and 3 community campaigns.

4/ Medium: Weekly Report * 4 per/month + Blog Localization and Translation *4 per/month

:white_check_mark: What we’ve achieved: 13 articles in Medium for 2 months

5/ Publish Aurora community news stream thoroughly on all platforms: Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Discord(China Channel in Aurora Official Discord) & WeChat(Will share important news to NEAR China Telegram groups too)

Aurora CN Community Milestones in 2023

May, June 2023

  • Achieve 30% growth (4500 followers) in Twitter followers through targeted content and engagement strategies.
  • Increase Telegram community to 1500 members within Q2
  • Host 8 events (including online campaigns or offline events, 4 events per month), resulting in positive feedback and increased brand awareness.
  • Translate Aurora’s community daily news stream into Chinese and share on Twitter, Telegram, BOS and Discord.
  • Translate Aurora Weekly Report and blogs every week.

Q3, July, August, September 2023

  • Maintain steady growth on Twitter with a 30% increase in followers (5800 followers) and engagement.
  • Expand the Aurora Chinese community into 2500 members within Q3
  • Organize and conduct at least 10 online or offline events
  • Translate Aurora’s community daily news stream into Chinese and share on Twitter, Telegram, BOS, and Discord.
  • Translate Aurora Weekly Report and blogs every week.

Q4, October, November, December 2023

  • Increase Twitter followers by 30% (7500 followers) through focused advertising campaigns and targeted content.
  • Make Telegram group members achieve 3500 members within Q4
  • Conduct 10 community events to make a surge of community participation and referrals.
  • Translate Aurora’s community daily news stream into Chinese and share on Twitter, Telegram, BOS, and Discord.
  • Translate Aurora Weekly Report and blogs every week.

Funding scheme

Based on our experience with the Aurora community operation in the last two months, we are here to present our budget request for 8 months from May to December 2023.

USD $3000/month

Wallet ID: auroracn.near

Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 9.28.57 PM

Thanks for reading!

NEAR/ Aurora CN Hub


Could you please update your proposal by December 2023 (included) with quarterly milestones

Q2, report in July 2023
Q3, report in October 2023
Q4, report in January 2024


Hey ell, thanks for your replying.

Already updated this proposal with the format of our quarter milestones from May to December 2023, please check.


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Hello !

How many China community
members use Aurora Ecosystem dApps ?

Could you please set up specific KPIs till end
of June about numbers of transactions and
daily active users?


Hi, ell @ell

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to let you know that the weekly community campaigns in the Chinese community(Quiz, giveaway and AMA, etc.) are all awarded with $Aurora.
We also use the Aurora Tip Bot for all campaigns held in the Telegram groups. All these campaigns have helped to increase the number of transfers and activity on the Aurora chain. We will keep hold such activities as we mentioned above.

While it is difficult for us to collect and track the on-chain activity level of Chinese community members, we can speculate that there are over 300 people who have registered for Aurora+ based on the number of participants and data from the campaigns.

In terms of KPIs, we aim to add Aurora Chinese daily active users and UAW by 20%, with an estimate of 20 people from the Aurora Chinese community. Since it’s already the end of May, we expect to achieve 100 transactions at the end of June. All KPIs are set based on the data of Dapp Radar.

This is our first attempt to choose the number of active users and transactions as the metric. We have to admit the activity level is relatively lower during the bear market, but we will try our best to accomplish it.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

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Hello team!

The crucial point is on-chain community activities. As a next step, besides marketing metrics like numbers on subscribers on social media, AMAs, etc., we should measure on-chain community health:

  • how many transactions a particular community brings to the ecosystem?
  • how many daily/weekly/monthly users?

We have excellent marketing progress; our Community is constantly growing on Twitter, Telegram, Near.Social, everywhere :muscle:, and now time for the next milestone.

So to implement it, we need the following:

  • Collect a list of community wallets and track them on the dashboard
  • Conduct a census of the entire community to understand who are the people in our Community (traders, artists, developers, etc.)

There are no CTAs now; it’s what we want to implement in Q3.

I am happy to approve your proposal for two months Q2 (May, June).


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Thanks for the approval!

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Hello! Could you please share report? Thanks!

Sure! will post reports in these two days :slight_smile:

Hi please check: [Report] Aurora Chinese Community May&June Report