[Report] Aurora Chinese Community March & April Report

Hi Aurora family, @ell @johanga

This monthly report covers the community growth and activities operated by Aurora Chinese Community in March and April 2023.

Current proposal

Approved amount: 3000 USD per month

Guild name: Aurora Chinese Community

Wallet: auroracn.near

Media Content

13 articles in Medium for 2 months


Aurora 每周新闻2023–04–28 #80

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Aurora 每周新闻#76— — 2023/03/31


NEAR中文社区AMA回顾——Meteor Wallet在激烈的钱包赛道竞争中如何突出重围?

Aurora每周新闻#74 — — 2023/03/17

Aurora每周新闻#73 — — 2023/03/10

Sergey Fedorov:多次斩获编程大赛冠军的Aurora Labs工程主管


Aurora Labs发布企业迁移至Web3的区块链整体解决方案

Community Group & Social Media Operation


11 events in total, including 3 KOL cooperations, 1 big offline event in HK, 3 festival giveaways, 1 project giveaway and 3 community campaigns.

What we have contributed to Aurora Cloud Announcement:

  • March, 3rd Reach out to Chinese Media Odaily to release the AuroraCloud news with over 100k exposure among the Chinese community and media: https://www.odaily.news/newsflash/315002
  • March, 3rd - Medium Article and promote in both NEAR China & Aurora China communities.
  • April 11th to 14th- HongKong Web3 Festival (Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 is a four-day event with more than 150 other side events happening in the same week. The organizer recorded over 50,000 offline participants during the week)

We invited Alex to record a video to share with Aurora Cloud and play at the event and also prepared Aurora Cloud roll-up banner and presented and introduced it to the audience at the event booth.


Telegram members (Telegram: Contact @Aurora_chinese) - 824 / 532 in Feb, +54.9%

Telegram members (Telegram: Contact @NEAR_China )- 10,094 / 8643 were in last month, +14.4%

Twitter followers (https://twitter.com/auroraisnear_cn) - 4415 / 2566 in Feb, +72.1%

Twitter tweets (https://twitter.com/AuroraisnearCN) , tweet impressions, profile visits and mentions all have great increase, check more below:

Target Market:

Chinese community plays a critical role in the crypto space, especially the Hongkong released some favorable policies about the crypto industry. We aim to promote Aurora in the entire Chinese crypto community.

Cost per user:

We currently provide community services for around 10,094 and 824 community members in NEAR Chinese community and Aurora China Guild telegram group respectively.

We know that members get used to communicating everything including Aurora in Near China Guild. In order to adapt to the user’s behaviors and put great efforts into reaching the optimal outcome, we promote not only Aurora in the Aurora China Guild telegram group but also the NEAR Chinese community telegram group.

Considering the budget of $3,000 per month we proposed, the cost per user is 3000/ca = $0.27 /user monthly.


Good morn!
Here is your work done in the month of March - April

Socials March - April
No. of Followers Planned Achieved
Twitter 3000+ 3566
Telegram 1,000+ 829
Medium followers 4 5
Articles 16 13
Near Social 0 6
Events 8 11
AMAs/Twitter Space - 0

Community Monthly Growth

Cost Per User

Thanks for the great work!

but need to work on the weekly AMAs or Twitter spaces! Since March beginning there’s been no AMA, please pay attention to it!

Have a Great Day!
AuroraOneLove :green_heart:

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