[Approved] Aurora Eastern Europe Guild (Managing + Activities + Media Partnerships + Influencers) October 2022

Guild: Aurora Eastern Europe;
Region: CIS region and Eastern Europe;
Numbers of team: 6 members in our team;
Funding scheme: Monthly.

I think not many people know, but we started work in August and only received one month’s funding at the end of September.
We had to manage it a little differently from the original plan.
But we try to do everything we can to make people know about Aurora.

What problem is the proposal solving?
The goal of Aurora Eastern Europe Community is to educate the Russian speaking community about the Aurora Ecosystem, provide support to all ecosystem projects with Russian localization, to increase awareness of the ecosystem.

How is the problem being solved?

  • Translating and bringing to the community the main news of the Aurora ecosystem.
  • We work closely with many Influencers in the CIS region, providing information about activities and major news in our ecosystem
  • Also in our Telegram we try to provide more details about certain projects or activities in our network.

Our resources and links:

Our staff at the moment

  1. Vadim — Growth and management of RU Guild (founder) — Global guild management, AMA on Youtube with KOLs, technical support for various guild stuff.
  2. Vladislav — Community Manager part-time salary — Content Editor, Social Media Lead + translations, AMA with projects of ecosystem, news for KOLs
  3. Alexei — Localization Manager part-time salary — Localization, translation verification
  4. Alyona — Moderator of our Telegram (plus content and translations)
  5. Yurii — Moderator of our Telegram
  6. Sergey — Content about game projects // Content creator, infographics, banners, translations, guides.

We are going to attract new members to Aurora, to show them the capabilities of the network and the projects that have been built or are being built in this ecosystem.

Program for stimulating useful content*

Videos, posts in Telegram.

For to give more freedom to the Influencers, not to impose their information on them, so they can choose what’s best for their audience. And they to get more engaged in our DAO.


  • Growth of our new telegram channels for Aurora EE Guild: 250-500 new followers in Telegram;

  • Growth of our new Twitter for Aurora EE Guild: 500 new followers in Twitter,

  • 2-3 AMAs with ecosystem projects,

  • AMA with one from exchanges + contest

  • Event with KOLs

  • Translation of all articles from Aurora’s Blog aurora.dev into Russian

  • Monthly reports
    We are submitting a guild expense report for the month preceding the date the new proposal is submitted. Previous Report [REPORT] Aurora Eastern Europa Guild September 2022


For this, we are requesting the following funding: $8,100USD

Payout: rucommunity.near
Owner: Vadim

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seems like there’s a mistake in the title - are you asking funds for October, or probably it’s for November? October starts its second part, so it’s the right time to make a proposal to get funds by the beginning of the following month.

and (at least) there’s a moment here:

– and where is KPI by itself? any metrics and numbers that you’re going to reach,

also, it doesn’t follow the guide
and doesn’t look like you have any kind of intention to DO anything with this 8000$ - there’s no certain plan, no names (for media partnership and influencers), no numbers. you’re asking for 8k for managing social media - that’s what I can see here .

Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 9.25.40 AM :v:

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Hi and thank you for your answers. If you look carefully at the title, I mentioned October.
And there is no specific deadline in the guide.

There is always a plan. I’ve already put together a more detailed proposal + added target KPIs.
We also work with our partners regardless of funding (we always translate and provide news for them).
You can see the latest report in our post.
LINK ON LAST REPORT [REPORT] Aurora Eastern Europa Guild September 2022

Proposal is approved

Happy to approve, please wait for an agreement on your email.