[Approved] Aurora Hunters October-November

Project: Aurora Hunters
Funding scheme: 2 months
Target : super-mario.near

Social media - Linktree
Telegram channel
Tg chat in English
Tg chat in Russian

Proposal summary

Aurora Hunters have already performed great job - collecting all the information and testing the quality of ALL Aurora ecosystem projects:
– Community Guilds
– granted dApps and platforms
– Media/ News/ influencers/ channels
Previous month Aurora Hunters were doing a lot of preparational inner work to create a fundamental basement of info and services about and for Aurora Community. That’s why now we’re able to provide solid information to the Community about projects on Aurora, marketing opportunities, links and contacts, etc. - at the moment it works on demand, but in few days we’ll share common document to every Guild and project.

From the purposes that we’ve put previuos month it’s done with:

Next 2 months we’re going not only continue to check the quality of ecosystem projects but also start to increase the quantity and volume of our outer work that measures through social media metrics.

Our Plans and Purposes through presenting our members activities and its metrics :

I. @Expert
i. Expert in Games and NFT-project - testing every GameFi/NFT-platform from reports on forum (Fast grants category) and from the Aurora projects list;
ii. Writing articles for Medium in Russian about topics mentioned above (5-7 per month)
iii. Weekly Quizzes and contests related to Weekly Friday Updates and Aurora Hunters socials (4-5 per month)
iv. Work on Bot for Aurora Community
400 usd

II. @techdir
i. DApps discovery - expert in testing new and old dApps on Aurora concerned DeFi, DEX, Bridges, Exchanges, and all technical related points.
ii. Work with news, collecting all the news regularly for Community Stream channel for all the Guilds and Aurora projects, checking its quality and factual relevance (daily), making sure what all news from Community stream are posted in regional communities
iii. Creation of Aurora Weekly Digest audio-podcasts in Russian (4 per month) with curating its translation in English
500 usd

III. Translator
i. Unique articles for Medium - translation into English from Russian (not less than 5 per month)
ii. Aurora Weekly Digest podcasts - translation into English from Russian and its voiceover (4 per month)
300 usd

IV. @Tolmindev - art, design.
among many routine tasks
we’re going to create NFT-collection for Membership cards with a certain rewarding mechanics
we plan to collaborate with Aurora NFT Club here
400 usd

V. Rewards for quizzes and contests
500 usd

VI. media&news
400 usd

VII. johanga
– monitoring guild’s activities, check regional guild’s KPIs, reports;
– launch “Weekly plan” experiment with regional guilds;
– Community core chat maintaining with organizing Community Voice chat in TG (1-2 times per month);
– community stream - curation of collecting news;
– all connections, agreements, checking , monitoring, reporting on the forum and filling tabs :slight_smile:
– Aurora Weekly Updates promotion;
– set up the promotional opportunities for Guilds and projects, work with influencers ru and en and with Aurora Media Guilds;
– social media of Aurora Hunters;
– creating and following the plan with the team
– and many more :white_heart:
1500 usd

Funding Details
we’d love to request funding for 2 months
*Total requested amount in USD : 4000 *2 = 8000 usd for 2 months October and November

Link to the previous Proposal on the forum
Report on July-August-September work
Report for September

thanks :pray:

  • thanks for enthusiasm;
  • goal is to have 24/7 Community stream (Ecosystem news and projects);
  • you can be focused on English language only, because we’re onboarded Aurora EE guild.

Happy to support.


Proposal is approved