[Rejected] Aurora Community Native ( November - December)

hello johanga,
i am not sure it is in your place to dictate what quality means. personally i also do not see anything unique and quality in the functions of your community on the ecosystem, a quick glance at the aurora hunters twitter page will reveal the mediocrity of your community’s work, 60 percent of the content on it are retweets from contents of other communities, the rest are giveaways and a podcast that no one listens to.

i’ll refer you to go on our medium page and pick any or all of our articles that you think does not have a unique topic or content and show this forum what makes the articles lack quality.

it is easy for you to make these allegations without facts, but the last thing I’ll tolerate is to be ridiculed, insulted and accused of bad practice by you. upon the request of the team, we are willing to publish evidence from our AMA to show that as opposed to your claims it has never been the same set of people attending our AMA, there are times we have had over 150 persons on the AMA space and there are other times we’ve had just 50. and we have never made an attempt to artificially inflate the number of participants. upon request from the team, we can provide full metrics of our social media reach, in picture or video format. i genuinely want the growth of the ecosystem and will never act dishonestly.

you made a subtle Racist jab about the accent on the AMA and not understanding it, however, it is the same accent i have used to ask questions and interact with teams from all over the world on the AMA’s including, teams from Axelar, Sweat Economy, Arctic trades and Even from the Aurora core team, and not any of them have claimed not to understand the accent.

unless this forum is being run by you, i do not think it is in your place to tell us what budget will get us funded, i believe that right is reserved for @ell and @Alex_J to make recommendations about the amount they are willing to offer.

since you arrived on this forum you have made it your duty to attack me and Aurora Community Native, without any clear justification, spreading hate and lies even to the point of coming into my DM to harras me and the group to spread hate… All this time i’ve been civil enough to ignore. but attacking my efforts rashly, accusing me of dishonest practice and making subtle racist comments about my accent is not something i’ll ignore.

@ell this will be the 2nd time i am making this complaint and i suggest you seriously do something about this…

Who are you again that I should write you?.. Our community will only answer and receive recommendations on activities from the aurora team and unless i didn’t get the memo of you being part of the team, i suggest you face your community

thank you.


first of all, i write here on behalf of Ell,
then - I am the part of the community that you talk about.
as far as Hunters - we’re not aimed for running socials, we haven’t asked for funds for it, we don’t have a community/or content or social manager or moderator or anyone for that purpose.
the last - I’m here only to help you. if you hear anything else - I’m not responsible for your interpretation

all the best, and have a good day


Chill mate, don’t play victim here.

As long as you can give a detailed and clear explanation everything will be fine.

We really want to know about it …


It’s sad but I do feel the same :smile: @johanga had a feedback on Aurora Reddit Proposal that’s it’s too expensive for Aurora, if that’s the same and agreed with the Aurora Team, they should reduce the threshold from $10000 to $1500.

Would like to conclude that these are community funds that’s being spent here. Let the Aurora team decide how they want to proceed with it.

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Apologies… missed this

@Inspiratibiz - Aurora Community Lead
@Shola - Writer and Head of Publications
@EJabani - Telegram Community Mod / reports
@Samira - Telegram and Twitter Community mod
@Richard- Graphics. Not in the Forum

Everything there is self Explanatory


johanga, are your saying on this forum that you represent @ell when you came to my DM to harass me and also call Aurora Community Native’s activities a scam… on our last report you also said our calendar and event schedule aggregator( https://www.theauroracommunity.io/ )which we painstakingly built without any funding and is still in beta a senseless tool, if you are acting on behalf of @ell shouldn’t your criticism be more constructive? you’ve continued to make grave accusations against the community and your tone has always been condescending. and now you claim to write here on behalf of @ell

you claim not to have asked for funds for your community, but that is false, your community has continued to receive funding even from when it had just 100 members combined on all social platforms.

a quick search on this forum for aurora hunters will lead to your community’s latest approved proposal for OCT-NOV where your community with only 4 team members and a twitter page with only retweets as the activity on it received 8000$ and you are personally getting 1500 monthly from it.

70% of your community’s value proposition which includes onboarding more developers and builders into aurora from other ecosystems have lacked any execution, or can you point this forum to builders and developers with working products you have onboarded?

you are not critical in assessing your own community’s activities which has somehow continued to receive funding, but when we post our reports or proposals you get critical and say we are asking for much.

I’ll suggest this, let a panel should be set on this forum and each of our communities activities should be laid out to the public community members to judge who has brought more value to the ecosystem and we’ll see who needs help running a valuable community.

I have always respected myself and everyone in this community and rendered help to anyone who requests for it in my little way.

have a good day.


Pfff, not nice to talk to a girl in such an aggressive and toxic manner. Or you don’t think so?Even though your channel is a year old, you personally have no right to talk like that.
Johanga devotes all her time to the community. Did you know that? I know that for sure.

About the podcast that no one listens to. They are mine. Voice, music, fxs, all mastering in the both of languages. Have you seen how many of them came out? I’ll tell you, since you don’t listen to them, only 9, and now look how many listens were in the first one and let’s say in the 5 or 9?
I’m mr. nobody here, and i can say you anything i want. I respect ALL members of the community and their activities. But now i saw you and your thoughts about others. I understand that you need money, otherwise why would you open donations in the calendar, also to your personal address. Ok, any work should be rewarded. But what are you in Aurora for? So take it easy. breath freash air, be a man and apologize.


Hi Techdir

until you mentioned it here, i was not aware of @johanga gender.

irrespective of anyone’s gender, we are urged as members of the community to be cautious and respectful. i have always been respectful and cautious on this platform. however, it is not proper for @johanga to call our tools senseless or Dm me calling the community a scam and making false allegations, or claiming my accent is incomprehensive. because these are false, i am forced to reply and defend my values.

whether being a woman or man, no one should dedicate so much effort to tarnishing the image and work of another without any justification. and its funny that while she had continued to act in that manner for a long time against me and my community, you @techdir has never cautioned her but when i now respond you are calling me toxic and aggressive and playing victim based on gender.

you’ve only been able to produce only 9 podcast with no audience in so many months since your community started receiving funding from this forum. isn’t that clear evidence that your community is doing the barest minimum for aurora? why not collaborate with other communities to improve your reach, rather than criticise them unjustly and undermine efforts with disdain.

a link for donation is there because, we have consistently been releasing contents and adding value to the ecosystem with personal funds and you can ask any of my team members if in any months i have failed to pay them even without funding.

i am in this ecosystem to offer value through Aurora Community Native and to also obtain value, Aurora Community Native had/has been in existent many months before there was a community grant system, and that is because we genuinely and honestly believe in the ecosystem. Nov 19 makes it a year precisely

i believe it is Aurora Hunter @johanga and @techdir that needs to be asked why your community was only created coincidentally at the time when a community grant program was launched.

thank you.


Hello @Inspiratibiz and @techdir lets be calm here.

I understand the whole scenario here and I must say that we all are chasing same ecosystem growth and must make sure that is put in mind.

@Inspiratibiz, @johanga is part of the team that reviews proposals and reports and also help local communities keep check and have a better strategy to growth.

Some words here are too strong to be in the forum. We should try and be calm.


I don’t like any conflict situations, although they sometimes occur.
But in this market, when it’s already not easy for every community to grow, we have to be all together.
And I think the first thing I would like to do is to thank @Inspiratibiz for all the work that @Inspiratibiz and his team do. Thanks especially for the detailed and more readable report.

We are all different. And sometimes we look at some questions in different ways.
Some people will judge some material well, some will judge it differently.

As a community we can write about what we think in a more positive way (but not in any way to offend someone because of any nuance).

I’ll even leave a link to great etiquette from our favorite NEAR.


this topic is related to [Proposal] Aurora Community Native ( November - December)

if you’d like to discuss Hunter’s work, feel free to visit the relevant topic:
last proposal
last report
funds distribution doc

turning to

  1. Aurora community lead = 500 usd
  2. Writer (8 articles/month*50usd) = 400 usd
  3. Graphics designer = 300 usd
  4. Community moderator = 300usd
  5. Rewards for community-incentivized programs = 500usd

total funding amount = 2000 usd per 1 month


hello @johanga

Thanks for the reminder, henceforth, we’ll make sure to keep a close watch on your community’s reports and proposals too, and offer critical comments like you have done with ours.

once again, i’ll remind you that, it has not been brought to my notice that you are a member of the aurora core team, or you are a representative of @ell on this forum, if there’s anywhere you were expressly delegated with that function then you can drop a link to it.
and if you are in fact a representative of @ell then it will appear that there has been a conflict of interest somewhere and a total ridicule of this forum, because there will need to be an explanation why a representative of one of the only two grantors will go around insulting other community members work and harassing them in the DM. there will also need to be an explanation why a representative of one of the only two grantors, is also a beneficiary of the grant program.

however, all my above suspicions will be reserved, until when @ell comes on the forum himself and endorses you as his representatives. until then, i believe you are in no capacity to disect our budget and tell us what our funding should be, the same way i will not come on your community’s proposal and tell you that your budget is suppose to be not more than 1000$, rather than the 8000$ you have been able to somehow secure in your last proposal for doing nothing

please, allow @ell and @Alex_J to comment on our budget, my community does not take instructions from you due to reasons i have stated above.


hello @israel_igboze i’m not sure you understand the scenario.
@johanga is a beneficiary of the grant program through Aurora Hunters. she should have no business being a part of the team that reviews proposals and reports. that opens room to unhealthy and dishonest community practices.

it will be interesting to see those outstanding strategy you claim and see how it has impacted on your communities growth. because i have also been watching @johanga activities on this forum towards communities and all i have seen is disdainful comments and a condescending approach.


How many?)) :neutral_face:

Did you see today’s stream by Alex? Did you mentioned one interesting picture he showed? :slightly_smiling_face:


ow, here is that picture :face_with_peeking_eye:


@johanga @israel_igboze thanks for valuable comments and great job.

We have reviewed over 70 articles, had over 12 calls with Near, Aurora, Avalanche, and Polygon regional communities, and found out that the best way to bring information into communities is a kind of centralized media channel run by professional writers. We are going to implement it in December/ January. You or your teammates can join the writer’s team.


She and other other members help to build the Community 24/7. @johanga goes the extra mile, helps with weekly digest, community infographics, articles, giveaways, and other stuff.

Everyone is welcome to comment on any proposals on the forum, and it’s excellent :blush:!


Thank you @ell for your response.
we would be looking forward to joining the writer’s team to further align with Aurora goals. Although, our current publications and articles takes a unique route by focusing majorly on providing concise overviews via education for projects and topics within the Aurora ecosystem via our Educational Series, Twitter Thread Series and Aurora Community Native Spotlight series. and if we consider the decentralized architecture of the ecosystem and communities, we believe these publication series is worth keeping…

Beyond our Articles, if you take a look at our community data. you’ll see that Aurora Community Native has one of the largest organic reach and tools. we display this in our report every month and the numbers only gets better. this places us in one of the best positions to push out other contents like AMAs, Community tools and Giveaways, effectively capturing a wider web of audience for the ecosystem.

please know that we push for the benefit of the ecosystem and we strive to be better, and you can checkout our reports from the last two months. even with the rejection of our proposals, it didn’t deter us from giving significant value, which goes to show our focus is on community growth

with regards to this, our community or any other within the ecosystem is not above criticism and recommendations.

However if we are going to promote a healthy community layer, such criticism and comments should be passed across, in a polite and constructive manner, rather that in a rude and condescending manner, a clear example @Vladislav_vl25 has always passed his criticism and and recommendations in a healthy meaningful manner to anyone and everyone… on the other hand @johanga has been rude,condescending, spiteful in her approach and even dismissive, all doing this with claims she represents you…which does not do the ecosystem any good

We have( everyone in the community ) all worked 24/7 and in our case for a year to add value to the ecosystem which we all are still doing. that being said I have always being open to and still open to collaborating with everyone on this forum and community, to better strengthen and improve quality delivery and promote a unified and healthy community layer of the ecosystem and we have proven this time after time by have other regional and topic based community builders as admins in our community with full access to our community


Your comment is too rash fam

Hello! Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now. Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

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