[Report] Aurora Hunters October, November

hello, Community! :green_heart:
due to the logic before posting a proposal we have to present a report about the latest activity, so we’re doing it now as an intermediate report, and we’ll add here the rest of info in the end of November.

Guild Name: Aurora Hunters
Previously Approved proposal
Approved amount 8000usd for 2 months
Target wallet: super-mario.near

Grateful to Members:
@Expert :mage:
@techdir :man_mage:
NG :space_invader:
@Tolmindev :man_artist:
sgur :man_teacher:
@Dk_51 :family_man_man_boy_boy: @AuroraMediaNews
@johanga :woman_fairy:

to keep being centered, let’s remind the conclusion from our previous report :

Grant details


Achieved KPIs

I. Social media metrics

  1. Aurora Hunters socials organic growth:
  1. Community channels:

II. News collecting and streaming for and about Aurora Community

  1. 113 posts in Aurora Community news stream since Oct, 1st
  2. 205 twitter accounts from and around the aurora/near ecosystem are connected
  3. we’re collecting from guilds their weekly plans that is transforming into → list of Community guilds Weekly activities → from which we create post to Aurora’s official Twitter every Monday, like this one:

III. Testing all the projects - from guilds proposals and reports to every new-launched marketplace or bridge

  1. @techdir - daily testing of all the dApps from the ecosystem
    and posting reports on Aurora Hallway Testing channel and to news stream

this is one of directions for further collaborations and cross-marketing with Aurora ecosystem projects and regional guilds.

  1. @Expert - regularly updating AuroraExpert bot about current status of dapps and adding new Aurora ecosystem projects to it (all the updates for Oct-Nov are setup!), with preparing articles-review for it,

AuroraExpert Bot

also now there’s a tracking function in the bot, that shows daily stats:
Screen Shot 2022-11-19 at 05.04.45
since it started to count, it was 87 using the bot

  1. @johanga
    – guild’s proposals and reports - all the amount that was posted on the forum during these months
    Dashboard developing

IV. unique Media content creation

  1. @techdir - AWD (Aurora Weekly Digest) podcast
    – it was made 5 podcasts both English and Russian versions.
    – Russian version: common news selecting, aurora news selecting, voice over, editing, mixing and mastering, using own music
    – English version: editing, mixing and mastering, using own music
    – creation of promo plan, its timetable and quiz for it
    – creation of more social media accounts for podcast promotion and posting it there:

AWD podcast#5 became a finalist of Tamago Streaming Contest:

Сollection of 10 AWD podcasts in TG in English
Сollection of 10 AWD podcasts in TG in russian

  1. @Expert - writing articles


1.ImToken en - 43 views
2.ImToken rus - 13 views
3.TokenPocket en - 9 views
4.TokenPocker rus - 9 views
5.MathWallet en - 11 views
MathWallet rus from September - 21 views
6.Кошельки Aurora на Android rus - 5 views

Aurora Community

1.AuroraExpert bot en - 103 views, 81 applause
2.AuroraExpert bot rus - 36 views
3.How to get AURORA tokens for activity? en - 59 views
4.How to get AURORA tokens for activity? rus - 6 views
5.Aurora Horror Comics en - 220 views
6. Aurora Horror Comics rus - 18 views
7.Aurora Friday Weekly Updates en - 77 views
8.Пятничный стрим Friday Weekly Updates rus - 81 view


1.Histopia en - 2 views
2.Histopia rus - 9 views
3.tofuNFT в сети Аврора rus - 5 views

  1. Translation
    2864 words were translated in October-November

V. Contest, Giveaway, Quiz, Game
@Expert NG, johanga, @Tolmindev

  1. in order to bring more Community attention towards Aurora Friday Weekly Updates w/Alex we’ve launched contests that now has grown into giveaways of different types for TG and Twitter.

  2. for promotion of AWD it’s created Quiz, that happens twice a week in both languages (English and russian)

In terms of wallet activity: 50/50 there is a small influx of new users
Feedback: People like it, expect and ask for new quizzes!
Activity: English. chat is more active

  1. HunterBet

  2. Rewards

During October it was hold and paid:
. Rewards on Friday Weekly Updates – 56 Aurora
. Rewards for Quizes – 88 Aurora
. Rewards for AMA questions to InstagramOps - 50 Aurora
= 194 Aurora

During November it was already rewarded:
. Horror Comics 100$ = 79 Aurora
. on Friday giveaways - 95 Aurora
. Rewards for Quizes – 44 Aurora
. #HuntersBet - 19 Aurora
this list will be finished in the end of Nov.

and many more #events we’re preparing for the nearest future!

:eagle: Announcement to the Community:
:white_heart: .
we’re looking to increase interactions in Aurora ecosystem using simple events: bets, podcasts and quizzes - we invite every guild and project to participate there and invite your mates!
:green_heart: from our side:
– we can make review on your project in our channels with our instruments,
– we can make cross-marketing rules with your community in socials for the contest/giveaway,
– we can accept from your community a question (for quiz) or your offer of a token to which we’ll predict the price with your community members on #HuntersBet
– reward pool is on us :slight_smile: you have to do nothing, just to play
– we’re open to new ideas :bulb:

thanks :pray:


Thank you for great job.


Great report, our benchmark for reporting and transparency :raised_hands:


Thanks for the great metrics and plans! Aurora one love! :green_heart:


Amazing work…Always an inspiration :heart: