[Approved] Aurora India Dec'22 and Jan'23

Guild: Aurora India

Funding Requested: 6500$ for Dec’22 and Jan’23

Approved $6000, December, January

After getting feedback from the core team, We re-strategized our plan and activities recently, and as can see the number of our socials is popping up.

Here are the numbers of our socials

Telegram - 900 Members

Twitter -1750 Followers

Medium - 28 Followers

YouTube -40 Subscribers

Major Updates/Achievements

Auror India has been focused not only to educate users but also on helping developers and projects to build on Aurora.

We helped these projects to connect with the core team and provide every direction to build on Aurora

Market.xyz - Create Isolated Interest Rate

Social3 - LinkedIn of Web3

EQ8 Network - Employing Soul Bound Tokens

DZAP.io - Trading in Defi

Credshield - Smart contract Auditing Platform

Knit Finance - Multichain Bridge, Defi, and a Liquid staking solution

Bitscrunch - NFT Insights Platform - Exploring Synergies

Unilend - Permission-less decentralized protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and borrowing services through the smart contracts

1. Twitter

November was a little hard since we were trying a lot of new strategies. Finally, we sorted out new algorithms and strategies that have started giving out yield. Getting positive responses from the community. Adding to this, we are about to start the Project featuring a Thread about the Projects on Aurora. Covering in-depth 1 or 2 projects in a week.

The numbers on Twitter started to rise and will continue to strive for better reach and engagement with quality and interactive content.

2. Telegram

Our telegram community is growing slowly and engaging. We have been helping users with doubts regarding Aurora and its ecosystem. Telegram is the starting point for every new user who has been attracted by online events. We will continue to educate users and help in Onboarding them.

3. Videos

Youtube Videos are the best way help people to understand difficult concepts and the working of the Aurora blockchain.

We collaborated with The Phoenix Guild (TPG), one of the Pioneer in the Web3 community in India, to make Quality videos.

We will be focussed to make a complete go-through of any top Dapp on Aurora

4. Content Writing/Creation

We have been transitioning from content translating to content writing where we gonna focus on educating users about web3, and Blockchain.

Content writing is the guaranteed way in which businesses can increase their brand equity and reputation. They can attain their desired goals and objectives by providing existing and potential customers with engaging, focused, and relevant content.

We also are focussing on creating a blog with a complete breakdown of different projects on Aurora.

5. Online events

Online events are much needed to activate community traction and engagement. Aurora India has been actively doing community events keeping the Community engaged via various activities and events and will continue to do a lot more planned and structured events.

6. Iris and meetups

Irl’s and meetups are the best way to connect with the outer community and help to understand what’s happening with the web3 community. It helps in building trusted partnerships and collaboration and onboard projects onto the aurora ecosystem.

7. Community Outreach

An active & diligently executed outreach plan is critical for Aurora India to reach out to the wider India Web 3 community. Given the fact that the guild is still in its infancy & actively trying to grow, we need to put ourselves out there partnering with other groups and DAOs. The intent is to establish a connect with projects interested in expanding to Aurora and/or are looking for grants, marketing support, etc.

As part of this, we are planning to have about 3 events such as AMAs, knowledge sessions & open mic. A more pro-active approach is needed for the guild as the user base & hence reach is small. Once a healthy community forms and we have reached critical mass, our outreach programme can taper down as projects upfront come to us.

Complete breakdown of the Funding Structure

Channel Target Strategy Funds Requesting
Twitter Followers 2,250 Content Strategy:
- Individual posts about updates, news, etc
- Threads about projects - 2/Week
- Weekly Round-up - 1/week
- Educational Thread - 1/week

Engagement Strategy:
- Engaging with other projects in the ecosystem
- 3 Community events across the month

Outreach Plan:
- 3 AMAs/month
Telegram 1,200 Engagement Strategy:
- 2 Community events across the month
- 1 AMAs/Month
- Sharing news
- Collecting community thoughts/opinions
$250 for a single Mod
Medium Articles 8 - 4 Weekly updates
- 4 educational pieces
$400 for 8 pieces
Community Outreach 3-4 (Influencers, KOLs, Community, projects, Exchanges) - Preparing templates for community outreach
- Identifying Quality projects/ KOL’s for collaboration
- Identifying Synergies and Partnerships with outer web3 community
$500 for outreaching and management
Designers 30-40 Posters in a month - Bringing out creativity via posters
- Readable and Quality pieces
Community Events 8 2 - With Twitter
2 - With Tg
3-4 - AMA
$300 for giveaways
AMA Host 3-4 - Preparing engaging questions
- Cross-communicating to understand the project and milestones
- Hosting successful AMA and track KPI of it
Team Management - Manage the team KPIs and output
- Organize events and Planning
- Follow up on the team inputs/outputs
- Setting up clear objectives
- Efficiently driving client desire productivity results, meeting KPIs.
Total $3250

Thanks, @ell, and @Alex_J for the opportunity.

Target wallet address: sachinmurali03.near
Email: sachinmurali03@gmail.com

Event payments will be via Astrodao for more transparency.


The budget has been revised @ell @Alex_J @johanga . Thank you


thanks for your proposal and the fantastic job your team is doing for Aurora!

#AuroraOneLove :green_heart:


Thank for great job. I can support $6000 for two months Dec and Jan


Thank you for a great job! Your proposal is approved (6k/2months)
Please pay attention on @johanga and @Dk_51 recommendations in our chat.


Sure. Thank you :heartpulse:

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report for December

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