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Aurora India DAO

Hello @ell @Alex_J, We would like to introduce ourselves and our DAO

Proposal Overview

Crypto ownership has been steadily increasing since Nov 2021. It has jumped from 14.7% to 30% in April 2022. India doubles the crypto ownership rate compared to the global average of 15% and India is a country with a population of 1.3 billion people, just contributes 3-4% of the global cryptocurrency market. This opens the door to multiple opportunities to grow in various web3 verticals.

After attending a few of the major IRL events in India, we came to notice that majorly 70% of the Indian crypto users have been pushed to Ethereum and Solidity. But because of Ethereum’s unreliability and scalability issues, people tend to move to Polygon.

Aurora is a scaling model to Near, similar to what Polygon is for Ethereum. It makes Near scalable with cheaper and faster transactions. Most of the web3 developers in India are much more experienced in Solidity than rust, giving Aurora India DAO ample opportunity to sustain and onboard multiple projects on to Aurora from India.

Aurora India’s DAO vision is to:

Educate - Spread awareness among the developers about scalability solutions under Aurora Ecosystem. The goal is to make it easier for developers to build scalable applications.

Onboard - The vision is to expand the reach of Aurora to the Indian Developer Community to spread awareness about scalability solutions so developers can build DApps with Aurora Ecosystem.

Experiment- Take initiatives to onboard and experiment with web3, crypto, dApps, and other various projects on Aurora.

What do we aim to do?

Introducing Aurora to the Indian developer community, web3 influencers, and mass audience to educate and spread awareness among the developers about scalability solutions for Near Protocol through Aurora Ecosystem. India has the highest crypto adoption rate, opening the doors to greater opportunities for organic growth. Aurora India DAO will introduce and bring more users from the huge Indian Crypto community into the Aurora ecosystem through new initiates for Web3, Defi, NFTs, Dapps, and more.

  • Design new SOPs and partnerships inside the ecosystem to assist in the onboarding of new users and promote their participation

  • Telegram and Discord Channels for a broader reach in the Indian crypto community.

  • Youtube Channel, Medium articles, Reddit discussion, and getting more upvotes and engagement.

  • Host online voice and video events

  • Attend major web3 IRL Events.

Social Media Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @auroraindia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aurora_india1

Discord: Aurora India


Sachin M: @Sachinmurali03 is a marketing expert who is into crypto for more than one year and into the Near ecosystem for almost a year now. Currently, I work as a digital marketer at Myriad social, a web3 social media platform, and RealityChain, a metaverse built on top of near. I work as a Degen/Ambassador for Ref Finance and Corpsmen at Openforest Protocol.

Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/ChennaitamilN

Priyan E: @epriyan Priyan is a person who is focused on Design, NFTs, and Philanthropy. Being creative, charming, and focussed has made him a Designer, Illustrator, and Mentor. Growing up in this new digital era of “Web3” from an early age has helped him to gain proficient knowledge and be able to provide NFTs around the world as an NFT Artist/Creator. Out of thousands of works, his best contribution till now as an Artist/Creator is India’s First Apiculture based NFT known as “Bring Back Bees”.

Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/0xpriyan

Dinesh Kruplani: @dineshkruplani has been in the growth field since 2018, and has built a community of 50,000+ members, and a community network of 100,000+ members. He has also launched its own gaming platform with 30,000+ beta users. Currently, working in the Growth and Marketing team of Cope and managing the content calendar, GTM strategies for the product, and leading the execution.

Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/dineshkruplani

Imaad K: @Ik90 has experience in various fields such as Media & Advertising, Sales & Marketing through 10+ years of experience in working with different companies and agencies. A vivid crypto Enthusiast whose vision is to make a positive long-lasting impact in the new world of finance and technology through the Aurora Ecosystem.

Sarath M: @msarathkumar is an experienced cloud enthusiast who has been working as a DevOps engineer with a proven track record in cloud automation, implementing cloud-based solutions that can improve the way technology and its operations work. With a deep understanding of various cloud platforms and with multiple strategies to leverage them into the crypto world by running validator nodes on multi-cloud in a popular crypto ecosystem. A cloud fanatic who has participated in multiple hackathons and boot camps, a mentor, team player, and learner.

Proposal Ask

We have listed the plan for the next 2 months, we would like to take out slow in establishing Aurora in Indian Community. Further, we’ll be driving initiatives to move at in faster pace, and hoping to create more awareness of Aurora in the Indian community through our vision mandate - Education, Experiment, and Onboarding.

The average expense for DAO Program:

1. Translations Translations into regional languages $1,000.00
2. Twitter $500 x 2 active members on Twitter $1000
3. Moderators $300 x 3 Moderators $900.00
4. Online Events $400 x 6 Events $2400.00
5. Content Marketing $1000 x 2 months $2000
6. Council Works $0 $0
7 Total Funding Request $7300.00

Metrics for success

August -

  1. Start Managing Telegram and Twitter, Aiming for 200 Followers for Twitter and 200 Members for Telegram.
  2. Content Translation in Telegram and Twitter.
  3. Three Online Events (AMAs, Quiz, Meme Contest, and more)
  4. Start Content Marketing.
  5. Provide Moderation Support on both platforms (Telegram and Twitter)
  6. Community Call
  7. Youtube videos on Dapps built on Aurora

September -

  1. Telegram and Twitter, Aiming for 500-1K Followers for Twitter and 500-1K Members for Telegram.
  2. Content Translation in Telegram and Twitter.
  3. Three Online Events (AMAs, Quiz, Meme Contest, and more)
  4. Creation of social media accounts like Instagram, Reddit, Discord
  5. Provide Moderation Support on both platforms (Telegram and Twitter)
  6. Content Creation and Marketing

Wallet: sachinmurali03.near


Finally, Aurora India is getting into shape. We have onboarded three new members to our team as our Advisors and Moderators.

We have posted our first tweet and we are overwhelmed by the response from the Aurora and Near Community.

Our First post on Twitter

We are focussed to do this lot more in the future. Support and join us.


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Hy @Sachinmurali03

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Well detailed, nice one

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Thank you ser… Keep supporting us :slight_smile:

Yes Indeed. Thank you.

I love the proposal sir @Sachinmurali03 looking forward to be part of aurora india. :raised_hands::hugs: Good luck to your proposal.

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Thank you so much, Jami. We do have diverse works for any community member who wants to contribute

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I would love too if you are willing to welcome me in your team. :blush::grin::raised_hands:

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I want to be part of Aurora INDIA CORE Team where can i apply ?


Definitely yes. :heart_eyes:

Please reach out to me in tg : sachinmurali03

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This is I started engaging with people and asked for their contributions.

Having a mindset of we are the huge contributors and small contributors should work under the huge contributors will never lead to the PROSPER Community Development :slight_smile:

Couldnt ask for more Decentralisation.

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Thanks for giving me opportunity. :hugs:

Proposal is approved


Thank you so much for the approval. :slight_smile:


Hello, happy to approve. You will receive a pm message soon.
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