[Rejected] Aurora India August Month

Hello everyone. First of all we are thankful to the Aurora team for introducing Aurora Community Grants program to boost the ecosystem among wider communities, including regional language communities. Encouraged with the idea we are planning to grow Aurora reach in India by proposing Aurora India guild. Our team members are experienced NEARians that hail from India and has Hindi as their native language which is the most widely spoken language in Indian region. Talking about the worldwide reach, Hindi is the 3rd most spoken language in the world with 615 million speakers after English, Mandarin. Source - Hindi is 3rd most spoken language in the world with 615 million speakers after English, Mandarin

Guild Name : Aurora India

Region : India

Team Introduction :

Sanket : Sanket is a Crypto Enthusiast and have been active in NEAR Community for over 1 year, He is currently active in community as a moderator at Aurora Telegram/Discord, Decentral Bank (USN). He has previously worked with TriSolaris, Merchants of NEAR and also led one of the most popular Degens guild too. He is also connecting a lots of projects to the various communities within NEAR, Aurora & helping out them to get audience traction.

Vikash : Community Moderator | NEAR Concierge Team for past 9 months, NEARweek Agent and one of early member of Aurora Community.

Rahul Goel : Rahul is a crypto enthusiast and have been active in crypto community for the last 2 years. He is currently a Community Moderator for NEAR Protocol and one of the councils in Merchants Of NEAR Guild , a community of professional NEAR traders and learners .

Zubair : Zubair is a Social media management & marketing professional with the experience of more than 3 years including 1 year of experience in NEAR among several projects like OFP Twitter Ops, RAIZ, NEAR Ocean, NEAR Protocol News Instagram and also executed marketing campaign for NEAR.

Aman : Aman is a graphic designer & social media analyst with work experience of around 1.5 years. Also, actively working in NEAR Ecosystem from past 8-9 months. Currently working as Lead Content Creator in OFP, Infographics creator in NEAR NFT Club & handling @trending.near on Instagram.

What problem is the proposal solving?

Livemint reports that India has highest number of crypto owners in the world at 10.07 crore. To provide support in local language and onboard new users from the Indian region, We don’t have a dedicated Hindi/Hinglish community for Aurora at the moment. We are focusing to build a community which would be active and adding the value to AURORA as a whole.

How is the problem being solved?

We are looking to solve this problem by promoting Aurora in our local community through Social media, Articles & events. This would be done by having dedicated Social media channels and community group for Aurora. We are dedicated to publish information, news and updates in Hinglish (Hindi written in Roman fonts) on these social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Telegram). Articles about Aurora will be published in local language to provide in depth details in Hindi. Marketing is an important aspect for a successful project, keeping this in mind we are also focusing on having community events and partnerships among crypto communities active in India by organising AMAs/Quizzes etc. We will look forward to participate in offline events as well in the future for building strong connections.

Expected impact and value for the Aurora community;

As stated above about the number of crypto users in India and Hindi speaking people around the globe, our goal is to make Aurora reachable among the wider Indian audience through Social media and events. Once we start our activities we will be able to onboard new Indian users to Aurora and encourage them to experience web3 in their daily life. Including the community we will be planning to build relationship with potential projects.

Metrics/KPIs to track results;

Since we are starting from the basics, In the first month we are aiming for,

  • Telegram - 200 members
  • Twitter - 100 followers
  • Instagram - 150 followers
  • Medium - 5 Articles
  • Community Events - Contests/Quizzes

Funding Scheme : Monthly


  • Telegram Moderation - $300 x 2 = $600
  • Social Media (Twitter, Instagram) Management & Marketing - $500 x 2 = $1000
  • Articles in Hindi (Roman script) language - 4 Articles x $100 = $400
  • Graphic Designer for Content creation - $500
  • Online Events/Marketing - $500

Total Budget : $3000

Wallet id : auroraindia.near

@ell @Alex_J

Join us - Telegram | Twitter | Instagram



how could you evaluate the difference between your proposal and this one ?

have you, guys, had an idea to cooperate to each other in order to achieve better metrics results together? :slight_smile:

Different team. Better diversity and decentralization.

Yeah sure. We’re open to collaboration and are thinking of ways where anyone can create a proposal to organise an event in any part of India, whether it’s Goa or Chennai.

But for the growth in social media and having a strong and healthy diverse community, we’ve got the best people from Different Teams on the Council and are thinking to get more! We’ve had alot of debates for everything in this proposal and plan to have a lot of debates more after adding more people to provide the best value to Aurora Ecosystem.

Would definitely need to onboard you in this new initiative. :beers:


Hi Johanga, Major difference is targeted audience and language, about the collab, it’s very well defined by Kv taking experienced team members into consideration.

Before posting the proposal on forum, we have discussed with @ell whether we should post or not and moved here after the confirmation.

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How do you say we are not better Decentralized and not better diversified?

I myself from Chennai speaks Tamil and Malayalam and have experience in near and part of few teams internally.

Priyan speaks Hindi as wells Tamil who has better Designing skills which has already started adding traction :slight_smile: . Also Nft creator himself

Dinesh speaks Hindi and Marathi and from Maharashtra who has managed community of 50K +

Sharath is Developer and cloud specialist who got skills in running nodes

Imad has vast experience of 10years plus in marketing. Who is from north India.

As said we are well diversified.

Moving to the decentralisation part.

We invited each one of you people in the group to join us and make it more Decentralised. You can’t deny that :-)…

As we have already added Johanga as our Advisor. That was the plan. To add every people from each community and make it more Decentralised. :slight_smile:

Last but not the least.

@ell is the member who insist equal opportunity to people. Hope we all Adhere to it .

As said we made this team who has different and unique skill set…So each one can contribute in their own way joining together as Aurora India.

Well the part about being centralized comes from bringing people that you know or have relations from outside the community into your team.

There’s a lack of members that’ll speak against your proposal in any case. It’s Kalakendra DAO working here.

In my case we’ve got a team whose opinion conflict at times but we all have same goal to grow Aurora.

Sanket has provided tremendous value to Aurora Ecosystem with his posts having impression above 67K+

I’ve been part of Aurora Community when there was no Aurora Blockchain Introduced and the community was having less than 20 messages in a month.

Zubair has worked with one of top social media pages, RVCJ and has provided millions of impression to NEAR with his Marketing activities.

If you wanted the best team and provide the best value, you need to have a team where everyone can handle the whole community at their own so everyone’s competent and not dependent on each other and will have conflicting opinions so would work best for the growth of community.

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Nice skills. What about their experience and contribution to NEAR Ecosystem :grinning:

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Not denying that but the roles we could perform were already filled and we couldn’t be fit into the team in the capacity of what we can according to our experience. There are no grudges against you or anyone.

Yes, that’s why we have posted what we had in mind. I think that shouldn’t be a problem mate if you believe in equal opportunities. We drafted our proposal and posted just like any decentralised community member can.
This is not a first come first serve (approve) forum and I believe councils can decide what’s in the wider interest of Aurora and what can give better exposure.

Thanks mate, have a great day!

We never asked you why guys have made proposals. Since we all know it’s not FCFS. We know the council decides depending on the performance. But saying we do not have better decentralization and better diversity is not acceptable. We came up with the proposal having all in our mind and thus how this Aurora India was built. And we were trying to be more decentralized. @johanga

As i mentioned if everyone’s competent enough to run the community on their own, you’ll see true decentralization and diverse opinions.

You don’t expect to see rebellious opinions from someone who onboarded through your help or with your DAO.

Decentralization depends on team you’re choosing, not putting 2 of your close friends as council members and approving proposals.


He’s representing NEAR with Kalakendra DAO for past few months even then wasn’t aware of NEAR NFT Club.

So you guys don’t know each other? Having a known person in the team is not centralized but refuse to add new members is called centralized.

Haha, that’s the main goal of this Aurora trying to create Daos… Bringing more people from outside the community to Aurora.

Anyways Can you point out people from Kalakendra Dao expect me? I just joined there as a council. I never got any money from KKD till now. You all already got roles on Near and still talk about equal opportunity?

I have no doubts that you all are already a leader and have been contributing for near as well as aurora…but there is a slight difference in saying the huge contributor should always have the initiative is worse in the point of community growth.

We do have experience on near and aurora but how do you judge a team with their experience without seeing their capability?

@epriyan never been a part of kalakendra dao. He was onboarded via kalakendra dao to near. Do have any records he got money from Kkd?




Yep. Bringing more people is our goal (not getting them on payroll for work that can be delivered as freelancers to them and not needed as Council Members) so the ecosystem is benefitted but creating DAOs with them even if they’re absolutely new to ecosystem and lack diverse opinions would lead to Centralization within your team since they would be dependent on you for their payout.

The thing is if we can provide better value to the ecosystem with a better team who has proven contribution to the ecosystem and are early contributors, you should be focusing on working with us instead of creating your own guild with newly onboarded users as councils. Give them chance to contribute but as freelancers until they matured.

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May i come in?

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I want to be part of Aurora INDIA CORE Team where can i apply @Sachinmurali03 ?


Even I and Priyan doesn’t know each other. To be specific Web3 Tamizha Dao was onboarded to Near via Kalakendra Dao. I liked his contribution for Web3 Tamizha Dao and our goals seem to meet. Having a person with the same mindset results in the better development

Reach out to us Mina with your skill set. We would definitely have an opportunity for you

Tg : sachinmurali03

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No, chat here so all can know all talk i can’t trust INDIAN guy