[Report] Aurora Indonesia Community May&June 2023

Hello Aurora Family,

Sorry for the delay in reporting, here we would like inform you about our past activities for May and June 2023

Proposal : [Approved] Aurora Indonesia May-June 2023
Amount Approved: $6100
Wallet : auroraindonesia.near

Social Media

  • Develop our Telegram Group to 5000+ members :white_check_mark: (5500++)
  • Develop our Twitter to 2000+ followers. :white_check_mark: (2500++)
  • Hit our Instagram followers to 500+ members :white_check_mark: (500++)
  • Hit our Near Social to 50+ members :white_check_mark: (100++)



Aurora Indonesia x Meta Pool

Aurora Indonesia x Cavenaghi

Aurora Indonesia x Underground Gems Indonesia

Aurora Indonesia x Fiverse

Aurora Indonesia x Zabava

Aurora Indonesia x Coinpay

Community Call

Mabar Aurora

Winners : Telegram: Contact @AuroraIndonesiaHQ

Weekly Update

5 May

12 May

19 May

26 May

2 June

9 June

16 June


Partnership & Campaign

Aurora x Krystal Indonesia

Winners : Telegram: Contact @AuroraIndonesiaHQ


Onboarding I am Human on Aurora

Discovery Aurora Sprint #1

Discovery Aurora Sprint #2

Aurora Indonesia x Cryptoscope


We already produce Aurora T-Shirt Merch to be distributed among community members and responsible on shipping cost. We know that the community program has stopped but we will continue to grow and active in Aurora Indonesia community.

The Strategies are:

  1. Develop partnership and connect with other project to do collaboration together (they can provide rewards for participant)
  2. Forward information from Aurora (Aurora hunters, NDC etc)
  3. Distribute remaining rewards by held event (in July we have 3 upcoming AMA)

Thanks Aurora fams :green_heart:

cc @Alex_J @ell @johanga @Dk_51


Great! Thank you for the help and report mate @Arkur

Even though the community funding in Aurora has stopped and in transition progress to NDC Aurora, we are still carrying out a number of things that must be completed like the AMA that was planned before and the merchandise that must be distributed :green_heart:

Always happy to still give the update here

cc @ell @Alex_J @johanga


Good morn!
Here is your work done in the month of May - June

Socials May - June
No. of followers Planned Achieved
Twitter 2000+ 2800+
Telegram 5000+ 5962+
Medium followers 20 77
Events 10+ 14
Near Social 50+ 144
AMAs/Workshop 8-10 10
Articles 6-8 10
IamHuman 0 25

Community Weekly Growth

Cost Per User [CPU]

Thanks for the great work,
Have a Great Day!