[Approved] Aurora Latam (September - October)

Hey hey! How is everything going?

As stated in the first proposal we made, our mission as LATAM is to bring different regions together. Every region does have its own representations and their unique way of bringing new users so we act as the intermediate in which we coordinate efforts for them to do so.
Regarding leadership @Turco and me, we are working together hard already bringing in Mexico, Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. And looking to figure out which would be next steps to discuss said nuances and solve those problems, but of course people will not always see everything eye to eye. We are working on that as well.

Here you have a link to the project and what we are creating in aurora LATAM:

In which we are focusing strongly on this

Our next steps as mentioned in this proposal for September and October is to keep growing our socials and to create more content in spanish for LATAM as well. Here you have last months report and a glance into what would be our future initiatives:

To clarify the “two tweets” its not two tweeters or two accounts. Its the same account but the work handled in moderation differs from hosting meetups and spaces since we create an event in which we invite people and attract new users. That is made by different speakers which can be from our community or from another to bring different users into Aurora. That is arranged over time in which we get collabs with different influencers. This is why it has a different price since its a completely different activity.

Think of it as a meetup, a virtual meetup that takes place as well on twitter but we dont get necessarily those said participants from twitter in itself. We sometimes arrange meetups with other crypto communities in Discord (for example Inversionistas) or Youtube (Crypto Sheinix). Hosted on Twitter.

Finally on this note, a few of our contest that we are planning are:

  • Crosswords: You can see it in our last report that we created some crosswords with our community since we saw they really liked it and were very engaged by it. We created two of them in collab with Shitzu community and we are thinking to do even harder crosswords for our community to learn more about Aurora.
  • Games giveaways: We tend to do one or two a month, maybe we can make them weekly for our community to be entertained. They are common games in Telegram and we incentivize to answer questions regarding crypto to have extra points.
  • Quizzes: This one is new to be implemented in these months to come in which we will giveaway auroras or nfts to our most knowledgeable users! We will make 2 or 3 per month depending on how we distribute our other competitions.

Hope this shed light on your questions :blush: whatever you need do not doubt to let us know.
Hugs and regards


I’m fine, thank you, and you? Eating communities is good, the main thing is that there would be no disagreements between communities. You should complement each other, not interfere with the work. I’m not saying you’re in the way))) Holding contests is a good idea, thereby you will attract new people and activity, the interest of the community will be at a good level.
Thx :relaxed:


They don’t have any real support from already big communities, we know all of each other because we built together the NEAR LATAM HUB, which is not operating at the moment.

But no one on the NEAR LATAM HUB knew about this Aurora LATAM.

This has been the key issue, they are from Argentina, but they call themselves Latin America.

We tried to still work with them, that’s why we asked to create a group, then we started discussing, but @nacho.near and @Turco didn’t really want to support the communities but themselves, so there was nothing more to do. Nacho even shared a private document, then erased it when the real leadership asked to, and didn’t even apologize, it is very immature behavior @ell is aware of the case.

Now the leadership from different countries of LATAM is organizing to propose a real Aurora LATAM. We really hope LATAM as a whole can be stopped, only support specific regions, and wait for a better proposal with more clear goals and breakdowns.


That same document talks about your inefficiency when it comes to leadership and talks about how you want to take over projects and how you deal with your own ventures.

For whoever wants it I can share it, no problem. Just deleted it because I thought it was too much to show who you really are. And apology? To the person who is trying to tank a whole project and initiative already developed? Yeah like you deserved one.

You are Fritz, by definition, no leader at all. That document proves so.

And your intentions are very clear from day one.
For whatever decision is taken, I just have to say to you. You really are not fit to be a leader anywhere.

Cheers fam, imagine having a family and dealing with this a Sunday 9,10pm instead of spending time with them. Its really sad Fritz.


I find myself in the need to write this reply to @FritzWorm with my own impressions. I’m not a part of Aurora LATAM but i do have the best references from @nacho.near and @Turco as community builders. Also I had a huge respect for @FritzWorm and its work, but it vanish more and more after every comment in this thead.

So being in Portugal you discussed the future of LATAM? quite far from LATAM, innit?.
It reminds me those times when the fate of LATAM was designed and planned from Europe by messianic leaders designed by their royal blood and sacred origin. Leadership won’t be build that way, not treating LATAM as a colony, those times are gone despite it might be hard for you to accept.
Also, who is we? you and who else @FritzWorm? yours is the only complain in the forum.

It seems to me that you are talking about “big communities” but you are thinking only in the community you own, Near Venezuela / Aurora Venezuela (and its many derivated projects) .So I’m sure that not having your support is a pitty for Aurora LATAM, but remember you don’t own the LATAM label. To me, you are showing to have a serious and dangerous cancelling vocation, chill out and enjoy life, let other countries feel to be part of LATAM despide not having your sacred support.

Up to now, it seems is just you @FritzWorm , you trying to cancel others projects, talking about the leadership from different countries of LATAM ¿? name another country not happy with Aurora LATAM apart from the community you own. It’s been always you @FritzWorm. There are no other countries organizing the real Aurora LATAM its just you, that’s why your voice is the only noise around. Also refering to the real Aurota LATAM sounds extremely messianic, who are you to determine whats real LATAM or fake LATAM? relax mate, enjoy Lisbon, NEARCON and give up plotting , we the common LATAM people wont ever reach your divine leader life, I’m sure that Aurora LATAM is not a menace to your community, your economy or anything related to you.

Hope you can relax and keep building, leave others live their dreams as you do.
Lots of love for all of you, leave your differences behind and start working together, that’s the best for Aurora.


I think you are confused or something.

It was a gathering of people who are part of the real LATAM leadership, so we could meet in person and talk without the barriers of the internet.

Here we agree, and that’s the whole point, you are also from Argentina, the point is, the leadership of LATAM should be a shared leadership, not just one country (Argentina) taking funds from Aurora as you were LATAM which you are not.

People usually avoid conflicts, is the smart to do from an individual perspective, but I am open to receiving criticism like from you because is better for the collective.

@ell In this sense:

Important to check, there is no comment of support, no from Mexico, not from Venezuela, not from Peru… etc.


Now you still want to talk about a document you erased by yourself without giving more explanations? Total lack of accountability.

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I don’t quite understand why the support of other regional guilds is needed?LATAM is an association of all Latin American guilds? What is it for? If there are separate guilds of Venezuela, Brazil and others. We have official Aurora channels where all guilds are available. @nacho.near @chicharra.near @FritzWorm
There is a discussion of proposals, do not go on personal insults. You are an example for the community. If you have any evidence, provide it in a good way, without offending.
Thx :blush:

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But then no one new can start an initiative. It will always be same persons on near just switching or getting adding on to aurora.
Its good to see someone fresh taking up the initiative, and established near community can be constructive in supporting the work.


They (Aurora Latam) are also from NEAR, and from the NEAR LATAM, a stronger community can be built on AURORA in Latin America if you have support from the different Latin America communities.

LATAM = Latin America → Is a big word, it includes many people.

@nacho.near and @Turco are building a community in Argentina, they should focus there, and then later with support from other communities they could have built an Aurora LATAM.


Hello, I’m fine. For everyone’s information, my real name is Julian (NEAR forum User jblm)

Thank you for indicating that, but it was not necessary to ask you for that information. It is logical to include it in your report for Aug-Sep (where there isn’t !) and that is an Aurora Latam failure, so I said for lack of transparency.

I do not mean that, I mean the support of all the communities or regions in Near & Aurora that there is or we are born in Latin America. You say to have a support, but I don’t see it, where is it? However, I don’t like how you come by carrying this, you don’t represent Latam. I love decentralization … Where is Aurora Latam DAO? You look like a benevolent dictator.

The important thing about that is that you did not consult me previously if I agreed, if I wanted to have privileges to share links and with all due respect, claim that I had mods privileges on your telegram. I communicated with @Turco, and he clarified that it was only to share links, since no member of that group can do it without permission. It is the usual in the groups, restrict that advantage to Scammers. What is wrong is to grant privileges without consulting before. Have you consulted or discussed anything about your idea rather than impose on others? Please, more professional, do not misrepresent what others say. Mine is not a coordinated attack, it is normal communication. I didn’t want to be a moderator of your Telegram group, I don’t need it. Then I left the group, because I felt uncomfortable with what I read in this forum.

It is true that you first proposed it from NEAR Argentina, your Aurora LATAM, as you think. That does not matter to me, the first is not the only one. Here it does not matter to appear or who is the first. Me or my colleagues, we don’t want that. We wanted it to start by consulting and talking with all the Guilds in Latin America, that takes time. You didn’t bother to do it, you were too hasty. We could have gone ahead all united under a justified leadership, but it is not like that.

Now to close. I would have liked to use my NEAR forum user here, which cost me a lot to create activity from Dec 2021. But it can’t, I had to create an alternative account, just like you did in this forum. The difference is that you use the same nickname in both, not everyone does that. That is not a rule, since the Aurora forum is independent from the NEAR forum. My account in this forum is relatively new, I had little time, less than a week of reading, it was not created to comment only on your posts, I created it to contribute to Aurora, build projects and grow a solid regional or Latam community.

However, Aurora is NEAR, from where you could have consulted, debated, reached agreements with everyone, taking more time to do it, and then we could be seeing here more support for your idea as a founder, leader or whatever you want to call it.

I don’t like the words that are carried away by the wind !!!


Hi everyone! @ell @Alex_J any updates on the proposal?

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Hello! Happy to support $6000 for two months.
Thank you!


Thanks @ell @Alex_J We really appreciate it :heart:

Thank you @ell @Alex_J . Glad to have your support. Happy to be working with you
Lets build something amazing :muscle: