[Approved] Aurora Memes guild

The budget of social networks Twitter and telegram channel in the direction of memes. We have experience in running a group, below you will see the reporting.

  1. International community with the use of English in creating memes, further branching by language and territorial principle.

  2. At the time of application submission, our Telegram RuMEM channel has 118 people and Twitter 86 followers . The work is carried out by two admins @DropHunte and @VeneraKl .

  3. According to the report for the month of June, 609 memes were created(report June Near RuMEM Telegram: Contact @memdaily_ru) the community increased from 88 to 118 people, respectively, an increase of ~ 35%.

  4. The telegram channel have been functioning since May and Twitter June 2022.

  5. The financing scheme is monthly, at the moment the payment for the first month is being considered. The request for a month, and not for a longer time, is due to the fact that the number of communities is increasing, respectively, the costs will also increase.

  6. Memes are a kind of advertising for the project, people will learn about Aurora through memes on the Internet, on Twitter and telegram channel, respectively, an increase in users in Aurora. Recognition of various Aurora projects inside and outside the community.

  7. Aurora uses a connection with Ethereum and other tokens, additional cooperation with other tokens is necessary for Aurora. The use of MEMes with the corresponding Aurora hashtags and other project-related names will increase the number of users, possibly new developers and projects.

  8. Reports will be conducted in the telegram chat daily and posted in the group. At the end of the month, a report is made in full on payments.

9.Payment will be made in Near using tipbot @nearup_bot.
Our RuMEM channel already has its own reporting and prospects for further use.
Funding for the first month is requested according to last month’s report. 1 MEME 0.02 Near, 5 memes per person. On a weekday, an average of 20 MEMes are sent, which corresponds to 0.4 Near for types + 0.25 Near for the best meme. We will reward 2 memers a day. On weekends, Saturday and Sunday, it is planned to hold a MEME party with a payment of 0.05 Near for 1 meme, 5 memes per person and 10 winners of 0.5 Near, which will be 8-10 Near, depending on the number of users. According to the report, 40-50 MEMes are posted on weekends(report Near RuMEM party Telegram: Contact @memdaily_ru). At the end of the month, award 3 active memers, 1st place-15 Near, 2nd place -10 Near and 3rd place-5 Near, this is necessary for the activity of community members and increasing the number of memes.

The salary of two admins is $ 300, admins will conduct 2 telegram channels and Twitter, search for interesting topics for memes and make a daily and monthly report. According to the current exchange rate of $ 150 to pay for weekday and weekend memes, $ 100 to reward active users and the salary of 2 admins is $ 300, in total it turns out $ 550.
Link to the telegram channel Telegram: Contact @memedaily_ru ,Telegram: Contact @memdaily_ru and twitter https://twitter.com/Near_mem?t=T79XF4clu6Rot7_YaQF3Zg&s=09

Target wallet: aurorameme.near


Thank you for your proposal. What the metrics/KPIs to track results? Thank you

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As stated in our proposal,
600+memes are planned to be made per month.
The involvement in the first month is estimated to be 20 people +
Are there any more questions to clarify. Our statistics show everything.
Here’s another report: NEAR🎨Memedaily_ru/Чат > Analytics | Combot
NEAR🎨Memedaily_ru/Чат ? Analytics | Combot
NEAR🎨Memedaily_ru/Чат > Analytics | Combot


Good evening, could you please share some memes from the last competition? Thanks.

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Examples of works on the topic of 50 free transactions in Aurora plus
Here is a link to all the posted memes https://twitter.com/Near_mem/status/1550215053579780096?s=19





Ok, thank you for sharing the memes. Happy to support your proposal.

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Some jokes on the line of ethics, tho makes it more funny. :sweat_smile:

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Proposal is approved