[Report] Aurora Meme August

Aurora meme is a kind of advertising of projects, channels and news from the world of Aurora using memes.

Used platforms for Twitter memes https://twitter.com/MemsAurora and telegram channels Telegram: Contact @Aurora_meme Telegram: Contact @Aurora_mem .

Aurora meme performed the work according to the proposal for 1 month. It was expected to call 20 people to the chat, in reality it was 119 people, 94 people in the chat at the moment.
1,500 memes were published on various topics related to Aurora, 600 were planned.
The expense, excluding the salary of admins, was planned to be 100 for rewards and 150 for active users of memers, they spent $ 250 for a month on rewards. The reward of active participants has not been paid due to the lack of a budget, which is $ 150

Report statistics here Telegram: Contact @Aurora_meme . Sent rewards for memes in the amount of 43.36 Near. Additionally, a competition was held among community members to create a chat logo. Reward 5 Aurora.

Active community members 97 people, chat. The number of new users is 119, the number of accounts was banned due to fraud of 25 pieces, that is, one person created several accounts and tried to get more money.The number of messages per month is 7000, the average number of messages per hour is 8.
Twitter has 99 followers, 1300 likes on posts about memes and 125 tweets.

This report shows the interest of the community in memes, new people joined not only from Aurora and Near chats.



Hello bro, you missed adding the guild name in Title.


One of the suggestion that i can give is to change the name of Telegram group.
After being here for few days it looks like Russian meme group.
Kindly keep the chats in English and ask the members of the community to follow the same otherwise its a pain to be in the chats.
And since name of tg suggests global chat it should follow the same.
I know majority of member of russia but still it aint a reason to not follow the rules.

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