Hello @ell, @Alex_J and Aurora Community
Good to see you all. Happy New YEAR
Glad to be here again to share our work. It’s great to be with you guys. Please see our proposal

Guild name: Auroraspace
Funding scheme: Monthly
Team Member @Paolo , Anushka & Other Team Member
Previously Approved Proposal
Our September & Mid October Work Report :
Target wallet: aurora space.near

Here are the numbers of our socials

Telegram - 200 Members

Twitter -1200 Followers

YouTube -400+ Subscribers

Instgram - 500+ Followers

Platfrom Activites Budget
Twitter Running Daily post 40X in Month - Including Design + Retweet + Insights + Trending $400
Telegram Communiyt Engagement Global Audience Retention MODS hirining $100
Instagram Creating posts and shorts reels to attract people + Creating 30x posts in a Month $100
Youtube Creating Explainer and Insights Video + Ecosystem Video + Shots = 5X VIdeo $300
Reddit Creating Reddit Post + Commenting and engaging in post 30X $200
AMAs 5x Ecosystem & 5x Community Driven AMA( Each will be used towards community and redirect to Aurora Official Community $400

Result Gaureented

Telegram Community - 500 Memebers
Twitter Community - 2000+
Instagram - 1000+
Youtube Channel - 1500+ Subscribers

Near wallet : auroraspace.near

From our Last Message, we got the proper understanding that’s why we are going to best result in terms of Community onboarding… Engagement and also Promotion Globally

Thank you very much for your proposal. Unfortunately, I can’t support it. Thanks!