[Report][Sept] Aurora NFT Club

Project Introduction: [Introduction] Aurora NFT Club
Approved Funding: $2500 , Reference
Duration: 6th Sept - 5th Oct

Breaking the overall report in five sections

  1. Social Media Report
    1.1 Twitter
    1.2 Telegram
    1.3 Blogs and Subscribers
    1.4 Hashtag #AuroraNFT Stats

  2. Activities Report
    2.1 NFT Degen
    2.2 Collaborations
    2.3 AMA and Workshop
    2.4 Newsletter
    2.5 Giveaways and Events

  3. Funds Distribution

  4. Our Services

  5. Connect with us

Social Media Report

1.1 Twitter

1.2 Telegram

  • Account: Telegram: Contact @auroranftclub
  • Total Members: 173
  • New Members: 94
  • Active Members: 125 (73.53%)
  • Removed Users: 36
    • Users not active for more than a month and deleted accounts were removed.

1.3 Blogs and Subscribers

  • Medium Account: auroranftclub – Medium
  • Medium Blogs: 3
  • Medium Followers: 9
  • Medium Views: 47
  • Subscribers (Membership Form): 37

1.4 Hashtag #AuroraNFT Stats

  • Mentions: 649
  • Estimated Social Media Reach: 493k

Activities Report

2.1 NFT Degen

  • Total Twitter Comments: 1268
  • Total Medium Comments: 120
  • Supported projects: Aurora NFT Club, Endemic, Nifty Row, Chocomint, OpenBisea, JayPigs, MinorityProgram
    Reference Sheet: Worksheet

2.2 Collaborations

  • Aurora Regional Communities: Africa, India, and Indonesia
  • NFT Marketplaces/Dapps: Endemic, Nifty Row, JayPigs
  • New Project: Wooden Mantra

2.3 AMA and Workshop

Hosted AMA

  • Topic: Paras Meets Endemic
  • Guest: Riqi (Paras) and Hrvoje (Endemic)
  • Host: Bailey
  • Platform: Twitter Space

Attended as Guest in AMA’s


2.4 Newsletter

The Newsletters covers
» NFT Project onboarding
» Project collaborations
» Events and Workshops
» AMA and Twitter shoutouts
Link: Read Newsletter Online

2.5 Giveaways and Events

Funds Distribution

[Naveen] Community Management: $1000
[Yash] Social Media Content-Twitter: $300
[Jami] Telegram Moderation: $150
[Team] NFT Degen: $600
[Bailey] AMA: $100
[Dipen] Blog’s: $100
[Dipen] Newsletter: $100
[Community] Giveaway’s and TipBot: $150

Our Services

● Connect to the Aurora NFT Club Collaboration: Collaboration Form [Aurora NFT Club]
● Book your project’s AMA with Us: AMA Form [Aurora NFT Club]
● Join our mailing list by filling out the Membership Form: Membership Form [Aurora NFT Club]
● To claim membership in NFT, go to: https://auroranftclub.showme.fan

Connect with us

● Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/auroranftclub
● Telegram: Telegram: Contact @auroranftclub
● Project Lead: Naveen, @naveenkandwal (TG)
● Social Media Content: Yash, @root_nftclub (TG)
● Moderator: Jami, @Jami2017 (TG)
● Content Writer: Dipen, @dipen_nftclub (TG)

Aurora NFT Club


Well Done :+1:

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Great work and breakdown from here team. :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:


Superb matrix keep up the good work in announcing NFT project on AURORA. :+1:


Happy to be part of Aurora NFT Club :raised_hands: Hopes this community stays long and more aurora people will join us.


Surprise to see in $2500 approved funding… community management ($1000) + social media ($300) + telegram moderation ($150) + blog & newsletter ($200) = majorly part going to team ($1650), i dont know what is nft degen as its mention team so i exclude it…

So for community and tipbot which is essential part as without community no project sustain you guys giving $150 only…

I really dont know how this type of price breakup will help aurora personally.


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Will suggest you check the initial proposal and you will find the answers to all your questions.
Thank you

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I checked and i understand the nft degen the only part what is it… the community giveaway 150$ and majorly funds distributed among team members is my concern.

As they show the reports ofcourse they are approved so they will show the report what they mentioned earlier…


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hello, @Karan i see big amount of jealous in your messages here, and angriness afterwards.
We’re here opened to accept any different opinions by people with different mentality.
But to enforce the position we try to use arguments , facts and knowledge. As far as our communication happens online we all have an opportunity to make a pause, to think, to breathe, and to post a message in the quite peaceful condition.

with great pleasure I’ll read and analyse your proposal and report . If you’re sure, that you can perform better - let’s go, do it and show us your professional level :rocket:
There’re so many communities that are still absent on Aurora, it’s enough place for everyone :pray:


Thanks for your detailed report and for the cost information.
I see active work in the community and fine digest for September (01 Edition).


Hello Johanga, thanks for replying. I Dont know why you think i feel jealous ?:joy: and why i would be , i just pointing on my one doubt that why community giveaway or tip bot is just 150$ only… i didnt said i am here to propose anything and challenge this proposal. As a part of the community , i hope i can ask here. I know the team as they did work of Near too as Near NFT club .

We are here to question the proposals so that it can be more benefit to the community and ecosystem. At last community is everything.

Let me know if i am doing it in a wrong way i will stop commenting in the forum.


Hi Karan,

We appreciate you taking the time to create an account to give us feedback. It is appreciated that you are concerned about rewarding the community with TipBot and the amount of rewards we are offering.

We believe you are not satisfied with the rewards being shared via Events/Quiz. Can you suggest an amount that might be a good amount for us to tip the community in the future?

In terms of sustainability, we believe our engagement numbers are as good as they could be since we have an active community.


Great work. Nice detailing.
Keep up the good work.

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sure everyone can ask. the goal of asking shows your inner attitude and what you brought here to leave. sometimes the question is asked to study, to get new info, to help, or to harm.

i just hope to keep the community atmosphere clean and fresh :pray:


Thanks for replying, atleast 350$ to 500$ .

You can increase your task to balance the rewards but this will be decent amount according to proposal amount request.


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