[Approved] Aurora Space - Marketing Budget September 2022

Hello Team Aurora - @Alex_J @ell
Good to see you

Marketing Plan for Aurora Space

About Me:
I started investing in cryptocurrencies at the end of 2020, focusing on cryptocurrencies with solid fundamentals and also on P2E games and NFT, Due to my belief in Aurora, Blockchain, transparency, and especially in the community, I am willing to contribute to strengthening and promoting Aurora.
5 yrs of experience in digital marketing & Web3 + Blockchain, leads generations, Experience in on-page and off-page SEO and Youtube optimization & Social Media Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter) Professional in Design Language for Creative Works (Adobe - Primer Pro, After Effects, Flimora, and Movavi ) Adobe- Primer Pro, After Effects, Flimora, and Movavi )


Marketing is a propeller for every successful business. Feeding customers’ brains will give them insights into the product we deliver. As digital marketing is a
supreme business supporting tool in the modern world, using the insights of social
media and customers’ interests is a chief strategy.

Key Consulting - It all begins here.
The foundation stone of any project, right from auditing, coming up with the list of
● Integrated Marketing, Advertising & Communications plans.
● Market & Competitor Research.
● Defining and analyzing the crucial Marketing Strategy.
● Target Audience outreach and Positioning.
● Content Strategy & Execution.
● Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) goals for
marketing strategies and tactics specific to your business.

What we do

Twitter has users who are highly influential and eager to explore. So, we will target
audiences who are interested in Aurora Ecosystem users. We will run campaigns on a CPM
basis. Most importantly, the platform is widely adopted by cryptocurrency enthusiasts as
it allows anyone to build a vibrant NFT community and engage with the audience
● Business Account Creation + Optimizing Promotions
● Audience Identification + Strategy + Stalking #NFT Feed
● Profile Building + Tweet + Branding + Audience Engagement
● Tweet through multiple accounts to reach a wider audience

AMA Sessions - Social and Community Channels

We will create regular AMA sessions on different social and community channels to
actively engage with the community.
Telegram and Discord are the top preferred channels to conduct AMA sessions. We can offer
rewards to the community members for participating in the AMA sessions.

Reddit Marketing:

Reddit Targeted Tasks
● Creating Reddit profiles
● Post photos and videos
● Infographic Promotions
● Subreddit Creation

Video Creation & Marketing:

Creation of a video to be used as a trailer for what lies beyond.
We will be creating videos and Insights on Aurora and Aurora Ecosystem
10 Videos a Month -

  • What’s Trending on Aurora + Charts and Heights
  • Aurora New Ecosystem Project + What Cooking on Aurora
  • Live Stream pr AMA Session on Aurora Ecosystem Projects

Bounty/Contest | Giveaway

A bounty program offers rewards by the companies for their unique contribution
towards the project in various kinds of marketing activities.

Youtube Influencer Marketing:

Let’s take advantage of such resources. Over
the period in the crypto industry, we have built our connections with multiple YouTube
and other social media influencers in the market.

Stats & Metrics

Platfrom Activites Budget KPI Metrics
Twitter Running Daily post 40X in Month - Including Design + Retweet + Insights + Trending $400 600+ Followers
Telegram Communiyt Engagement Global Audience Retention + Running some quiz and shorts games $200 200+ community
Instagram Creating posts and shorts reels to attract people + Creating 60x posts in a Month $300 500+ Followers
Youtube Creating Explainer and Insights Video + Ecosystem Video + Live stream = 10X VIdeo $800 500+ Subscribers
Reddit Creating Reddit Post + Q&A + Subreddit post + Commenting and engaging in post 10X $200 100+ Followers
Youtube Influencer Posting 3x Post from Influencer Verified Page for Mass Audience Growth $600 30K + Views

Total Requested = $2500 , target wallet auroraspace.near


We Believe in Quality rather than Quantity, therefore we will assure the best marketing experience and growth and create awareness in the Web3 space.



Good evening. Thank you for your proposal. Could you please share information about your previously campaigns? Thank you.

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Sure, Thanks for looking into the Proposal @ell
Here is my Past Campaign and Project Successes :handshake:

Introduction to Aurora Space

Aurora Space is a one-stop solution for all the Aurora talks in one space. Aurora Ecosystem will provide in dept research and content promotion and connect with a global audience. While others are working on content and shilling about, we will provide education and create awareness worldwide. .



Hello @ell September month Started, I like to kickstart my work with excellent deliverables and metrics as I mentioned in the proposal, Also I started collaborating with Aurora Ecosystem projects like Inite and octogamex for Twitter space

We are looking forward to seeing a positive response. @Alex_J


Provide information about your social networks, telegram and YouTube channel. Will your indicator on the growth of new users depend on Aurora?
Thx :blush:


Hey Stalking, Nice to meet you
Currently, there are so many channels for Aurora doing the same process of marketing and onboarding the same users, we are going to start with some processes - Awareness - Educating - Onboarding.

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Hey Paolo , I saw your post and work on another project and Dammm the Numbers you achieve is too good, Can we Collab with my talks on Near Chain for Aurora Space? I can help you with that


Proposal is approved


Good evening. I am happy to approve your proposal. Thank you.


hi @Paolo !
Congratulations with your proposal approval!
i’m exited to see the process and results of your project
by my view it would be nice if you could create communicative plans and other researches transparently as well, showing how you do it, so the community could study from you :heart:

when i’m reading your lists i feel like it’s educational marketing program :blush:
don’t you think to provide such a service to some Guilds in the future?

and the last - could you dm me your TG contact please? so i’ll be able to add you to our Community chat :pray:


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Your plans and the available results are good. You have not shared a link to your channels and social networks. Share information about your channels where information about Aurora will be published.
Thx :blush:


Hey @Paolo , Congratulations on your proposal approval. :tada: Looking forward to see the plan in action,

However I wonder if all tasks will be done by a single person or a team behind it? If yes, can you please introduce the team members as well :blush:


Yes, I am happy to Collab , let me know how we can collab on this


Thanks @zubairansari07 Congratulations for your Proposal Too


Thanks, Ell


Good evening. What the target wallet?