[Rejected] Aurora Space November & December 2022 - Marketing Budget

Hello @ell, @Alex_J and Aurora Community
Good to see you all.
Glad to be here again to share our work. It’s great to be with you guys. Please see our proposal

Guild name: Auroraspace
Funding scheme: Monthly
Team Member @Paolo @Anushka & Other Team Member
Previously Approved Proposal
Our September & Mid October Work Report :
Target wallet: aurora space.near

Why AuroraSpace is Different?

  1. We are covering all Marketing Channels in a wider way ( Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Instagram & Telegram )
  2. Creating Hype with New Community With AMAs
  3. Onboarding new Community to all Channels
  4. Education and Awareness are Must - So Creating Wider Range Videos ( Reels )
  5. Planning to start Educating Session through Aurora and Aurora Ecosystem Updates - Medium
  6. Our team is Expanding and will look into all the works including collaboration and Community Mainstream Daily updated with Post
  7. AMA recap with Videos
Platfrom Activites Budget KPI Metrics
Twitter Running Daily post 40X in Month - Including Design + Retweet + Insights + Trending $400 1000+ Followers
Telegram Communiyt Engagement Global Audience Retention MODS hirining $200 Management work + 100+ community
Instagram Creating posts and shorts reels to attract people + Creating 30x posts in a Month $300 300+ Followers
Youtube Creating Explainer and Insights Video + Ecosystem Video + Shots = 5X VIdeo $400 200+ Subscribers
Reddit Creating Reddit Post + Q&A + Subreddit post + Commenting and engaging in post 10X $200 100+ Followers
AMAs 5x Ecosystem & 5x Community Driven AMA $800 70% Community engagement
Medium 4x Articles $200 20-30 Followers

Total Requested = $2500, ( 20th November & 5th December Work )
target wallet auroraspace.near

November & December Output !!

  1. Starting Aurora Weekly News Letter ( Includes Weekly Updates )
  2. Starting with AuroraSpace to Start educating through making content on Aurora and Aurora Plus
  3. Plans to have 10 AMAs - ( 5 Ecosystem Projects | 5 Community Driven )
  4. Start Engaging the community on the telegram community
  5. Creating 4X Articles, eg ( Why to choose Aurora network ) ( Earn + Learn with Aurora Plus )

We Believe in Quality rather than Quantity, therefore we will assure the best marketing experience and growth and create awareness in the Web3 space.

Good morning. Unfortunately, we can’t support you proposal at the moment.

Hello Ell, May I know the reason?
Also can check our stats, we are not connecting one marketing we are covering all the marketing channels,
Kindly review our proposal and let me know whats your thoughts this !!

Also, I am already in talks with @johanga and @Vladislav_vl25 about there being some gap in marketing communication @Alex_J @ell