[Report] AURORA SPACE - Soup to Nuts ( Mid September to October Month Report )

Hi everyone,

Our entire Team is excited to share the report for the month of September & October with the community. We had groups and platforms across Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit.
We had fun forming this new community as a part of Aurora Space. Looking forward to growing the community

Guild Name: Aurora Space ( Soup to Nuts )
Previously Approved Proposal: [Approved] Aurora Space - Marketing Budget September 2022
Approved amount $2500 for a 1 month
Target wallet: auroraspace.near

Manager: @Paolo
Marketing Head @Anushka
Onboarding & Outreach: Tatiana & other Team Member

Why AuroraSpace is Different?

  1. We are covering all Marketing Channels in a wider way ( Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Instagram & Telegram )
  2. Creating Hype with New Community With AMAs
  3. Onboarding new Community to all Channels
  4. Education and Awareness are Must - So Creating Wider Range Videos ( Reels )

Achieved KPIs:

Month: Mid-September to October
Milestone Achieved :partying_face:

  1. Twitter = 800+ Followers
  2. Instagram = 500+ Followers
  3. Reddit = 200+ Followers
  4. Telegram = 200+ Community
  5. Youtube Channel = 500+ Followers

Auroraspace started with a mission to connect mass audiences within their ecosystem so they can reach more communities. Mission to onboard - Educate - Influence - Invest

Please Find Below The Analytics and some initiatives taken by us in October:


We are just hitting the Profile Visitors - 50K


In terms of Instagram, we saw people like to see reels whether is a post or informative, so from next month we are going to focus more on the side of the reels


We believe Reddit is the top channel to get engage and communicate after Twitter, that’s why we announce the post reels and videos and cross our milestone of 200 followers


Aurora Community on the youtube channel is so niche and to connect we are here to get more outputs and create more videos and shots, we are also going to connect the audience with youtube shots.
Our 2 Videos are still in the editing phase, we will post them to the community soon

As we are growing bit by bit, From Next Month we are going to start with Articles Writing and also Connecting Ecosystem Projects AMA.

We are also going to connect with some crypto Degens from Different country to have a world about their views on AURORA AND AURORA ECOSYSTEM

Thank you so much for giving Aurorasopace Team this opportunity to serve for Aurora Network and connect with Aurora and Aurora Ecosystem,

@johanga @ell @Alex_J @Vladislav_vl25

:point_right:We are currently active and posting on daily bases about Aurora and Aurora Ecosystem Updates

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Greetings friends, thanks for the report.
We offered a special report format to make it clearer how our groups are growing. Did you see this topic?

Since you do not have links to social networks in the report. I looked at this Telegram (maybe your old one).

If you don’t use it, then maybe close it, otherwise why is there spam hanging there for days?
Last post in Reddit was 15 days ago.

There is not much news from our community stream on Telegram.
Similar situation in Instagram.


Thanks, @Vladislav_vl25 for your feedback , here are some things we will make sure come under deliverables

  • As our budget is very limited and our main focus is on creating awareness that we had done immersively better in terms of very post engagement on Social Media and still continue !!

  • We had Telegram AMA with some Finest AMA Communities to onboard new people to Near Community.

  • About the Community Stream, we will make sure, that our marketing team will promote on all socials next time and none of our posts will miss out …

  • About Reddit, we had mentioned 10 posts, But we will make sure next time we are going to daily posting sites.

  • Yes, We had created a Telegram Group and Channel In the channel we post the updates, but in the group, we need to hire one moderator, As most of the time is spent on creation. So In the next budget, we will mention that.

  • We are also going to start working on the Medium side Because we saw our articles are the best way to educate people about the project.