Hello Aurora community!

@ell @alex @johanga @Vladislav_vl25

Thanks to the support and engagement of the local & global community, we have successfully achieved all the targets in September, a minimum from 200% to 500% with some detail in the post below:

Based on that, we would like to propose the October, November, and December proposal with the same scheme as September to build a strong foundation, as follows:

Monthly - $3,300 for the team with KPI as below:

  1. Twitter content strategy & execution: 20 posts ~ $1500
  2. Telegram moderation = $600
  3. Medium article translation & creation: $100 x 5 = $500
  4. Online event meet-up & reward: $300 (for community reward)
  • We will communicate to open the AMA register form for Aurora projects for free.
  • We will focus more on the exchanges, Aurora projects to bring more users toward the Aurora VN community
  1. Dev community building: $400

Total for 3 months: $3,300 x 3 = $9,900

And thanks to [IDEA] AURORA — Growing strong, we will implement these ideas in the next 03 months to achieve below KPI:

1/ Twitter: at least 55K impressions/ monthly with a total of 11,000 followers
2/ Telegram: 1500 organic members
3/ Community events: total 12 events
(including 3 AMA with Aurora projects, which one of them is AMA with CEX, DEX monthly)
4/ Devs event: total 3 - 4 Solidity training
5/ Publish Aurora community news stream thoroughly in all platforms: Twitter, Telegram, medium.

Wallet ID: vietnamnearofficial.near

We are looking forward to your feedback & approval!

Planning (weekly updated on Sat)
For 2nd week from 9 - 14th Oct, besides Aurora community news stream, we will have other activities as below:

  • Sun: Dev activity in Vietnamese
    Online event: about the difference of Token standard ERC2, NEP 141, NFT … (ETH, Aurora, NEAR, DOT)
  • Mon: Aurora Weekly news in English/ Vietnamese (medium/ twitter/ telegram)
  • Tue: Near | Aurora Vietnam X FACO CRYPTO #GIVEAWAY (NEAR punk) to drive mem for Aurora Vietnam telegram
  • Wed: AMA Octopus
  • Thu: Deliver gifts for the top 5 active users in Sep
  • Fri: Remind Aurora YouTube weekly update
  • Sat: Report & planning for next week
    No AMA for Aurora this week but starting next week 17th Oct for Atmos.
    We are contacting CEX, and Aurora projects for AMA to meet the target of 3 AMAs from Aurora every month.

Thank you very much.

Near VN | Aurora VN


I’ve always found the Vietnamese community to be extremely active in supporting both the near and Aurora ecosystem.

Love it.


thank you, it makes our day! :beers:

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great concise and enough with everything proposal, looking forward to read your report in 3 months :star_struck:


Thank you for your strong support @johanga ! :beers: :pray:

Proposal is approved


Happy to approve, please wait for an agreement on email.


Dear @Alex_J and @ell

Thank you for your approval! :pray:
Our snowball is keep rolling :roller_skate:

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Hello Community,

While we can reach all the KPIs so far with October month in Twitter, 158K impressions, 11,2K Followers (vs KPI 55K impressions monthly, 11K followers)
Twitter analytic
and Aurora proposal

Suddenly the incident happened, Twitter NEAR Vietnam | Aurora Vietnam was suspended due to spam (the cause might be our active AMAs twice a week with 16K impressions per each), we submitted an appeal and get recovered after a while.

Taking the opportunity, we create a new Twitter dedicated to Aurora Vietnam (https://twitter.com/Vietnam_Aurora) and would like to propose a KPI according to the new Twitter.

While we will start everything from scratch, we propose the target:
20K impressions, and 650 followers (1,5 month - started from 14th Nov till 31st Dec 2022)

We will still keep building both Twitter: Aurora Vietnam and NEAR Vietnam parallelly to support each other in growing.

Thank you for your strong support, Aurora team!