[Report] Aurora Vietnam Apr, May, Jun 2023

Hello, Aurora community!

Cc @ell @Alex_J

Thank you for your strong support for us to build the Aurora Vietnam community in Q2’23!

Previous proposal

Approved amount in $:

Proposal 10,500

Approved for 10,000$ for 3 months

Guild name:

Aurora Vietnam guild



Main Content:

Here is our report comparing between plan & actual of Q2 2023:

No Activity Plan Q2’23 Actual Q2’23 Growth % Grant/ month
1 Twitter content strategy & execution Translate & stream unlimited newsTotal: 1650 followers Apr: 81 tweets May:107 tweets Jun: 90 tweets Total impressions: 72K Total: 278 tweets, 2506 followers 151% $1400
2 Telegram moderation 1500 organic members Apr: 95 TG news, 69 Discord news May:109 TG news, 86 Discord news Jun: 76 TG news, 72 Discord news 1700 members Proof: Aurora DAO Dashboard 113% $600
3 Medium article translation & creation 21 medium articles Apr: 12 translations, 1 creation May:12 translations, 2 creations Jun: 09 translations, 1 creation Total: 33 translations, 4 creations 176% $500
4 Online events 9 events Apr: 1 AMA, 1 community call (CC), 1 event May:2 AMAs, 1 CC, 1 event Jun: 1 CC,* 1 eventTotal: 9 events 100% $300
5 Tiktok 12 videos 4800 views Apr: 5 videos, 4500 views May: 7 videos, 9144 views Jun: 4 videos, 9700 views Total 16 videos, 23300 views 130% $300
6 Dev Solidity community building 3 events Apr: 1 May: 1Jun: 1 100% $400
7 Aurora plus Extra Apr,Jun: 104 registration N/A
8 NEAR Social 100 followers from NEAR VN Apr,Jun: 103 followers N/A
Sub Total per month $3,500
Total 3 months $10,500
Actual funding $10,000

Note: please click on each link for the detailed report or proof; the results are counted up to 26th June.

*June’s Community call will happen on 28th June and will be added to the June report afterward.

Detail explanation:

Thanks to the support and engagement of the local & global community, we have achieved all the targets successfully, minimum with some key highlights as below:

Our unique selling is delivering Expertise - Practical - Objective content in the local language and English on all social media channels.


  • Update the news stream from Aurora community core, with a weekly recap image on Monday.
  • Focusing on Aurora’s latest news on Aurora VN Twitter
  • Represent Aurora to join the HYFI hybrid finance event for recruiting web 2 users and create aurora plus wallet. [Report] Aurora VN: HYFI conference 19-20th April 23


  • Deliver degens news to the community for testing the product with incentive.
  • Defi news: FED inflation rate, Crypto general news, … weekly to increase engagements


  • Conduct a project review article before the AMA event, and an AMA recap afterward, both in EN/VN language

Online events:

  • Outreach to essential projects, conduct a review and 03 AMAs have been hosted both in local or English.
AMA Dodo AMA NEAR Protocol China Community Community call
Community call Community call
AMA Aurora China Official
  • 3 community events, including
    • 2 Learn to Earn
    • 1 Giveaway
  • Increase NEAR | Aurora VN DAO (17 members) for 2 new members and conduct activities based on DAO proposal: XDAO – MultiChain DAO Ecosystem 1. More activities will come soon to retain the core DAO member engagements.

Dev Solidity community building:

  • Dev registration list as link Devs List 1
  • Host 3 online events for Devs for the below topic:
Apr May June
DEV event: Solidity EVM vs Cosmos smart contract comparison DAO Governance model Layer 2 war



  • We try to find good projects on Aurora to endorse and recruit new users for the whole ecosystem but it’s pretty hard to find.

Thanks for reading! I hope our report will give you some inspiration after reading it!

And please feel free to give us feedback so we can keep improving the content & approach direction for recruiting more users toward the Aurora ecosystem.

NEAR VN | Aurora VN team.


Good morn!
Here is your work done in the month of April - May - June

Socials April-May-June
No. of followers Planned Achieved
Telegram 1500+ 1698
Twitter 2350+ 2506
Medium followers 62 65
Events 9-12 9
Near Social 0 5
AMAs 9-12 11
Articles 21 36
IamHuman - 27

Community Weekly Growth

Cost Per User [CPU]

Thanks for the work, Have a Great Day!