[Approved] Aurora Vietnam February March 2023

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Aurora Vietnam

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We achieved 99% of the KPI, with good results of Cost per user on Telegram 1,1$ and Twitter 2,16$ for Q4’22.

I. Strategy

In Jan’23, it’s the Lunar New Year season in Vietnam therefore we maintain the current activity without funding and then use the time for creating & improving our strategy in 2023:

1. Strengthen the core Aurora Projects:

As Alex’s direction to staking aurora token, receiving projects token.

We would like to cooperate with core Aurora Projects to support them in recruiting users, solving their biz issues, and strengthening the Aurora ecosystem in general.

From Aurora, please share with us the key direction, and critical projects to take care of to build Aurora’s unique selling points for new users.

One example that we connect with Stader, and run a Vietnam community staking program to recruit staking users in Vietnam under NEAR & Aurora VN.

For the next step, we will focus on these DEFI projects in 2023 based on funding priority:

Project Funding Link
Trisolaris 250,000 Trisolaris 2
Rift 900,000 https://rift.finance/ 4
Tonic 14,285 https://tonic.foundation/
NearPay 3,000 https://www.nearpay.io/ 1
Cora 25,000 https://www.cora.money/ 1
Arctic 163,935 arctic.trade 3

2. Recruit new crypto users for the whole Ecosystem:

After building the core, we will outreach to the outstanding ecosystem, and build relationships with them, having marketing activities to educate their users about Aurora projects.

One example is that we will connect on L2 ETH like Polygon, Zk, and other L1 to recruit new users and other major cryptocurrency communities in Vietnam.

3. Recruit new general users to Aurora:

Experiment with new channels such as Tiktok to allow us to reach the new blue ocean, bringing general users to Aurora ecosystems.

Besides, we keep retaining our current activities on the traditional platform (Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Youtube) to keep the community active and build relationships with all stakeholders to serve the 3 new strategies above.


Based on the strategy, we would like to propose goals and metrics for Feb-Mar’23 as follows:

III. Grants:

### Channels ### Total KPI ### Workload ### Budget for 2 months
Twitter 1200 followers Twitter content strategy & execution/ Translate & stream unlimited news from Aurora $1500 x 2
Telegram/Discord 1250 members Recruit non-Aurora, non-NEAR users through collaboration with other strong communities/ Telegram moderation/ 01 Giveaways monthly/ Active on Discord Aurora Vietnam channel/Remind community to join AMA Alex Friday weekly to get Aurora+ code $600 x 2
Medium articles translation & creation 10 medium articles Translate & create minimum 10 new medium articles $500 x 2
Online events (Project support & AMA) 6 events Support core projects on all channels/ 02 AMA new projects monthly/ 01 Community call by Aurora VN monthly $300 x 2
Dev Solidity community building 2 events EVM dev training & recruitment $400 x 2
Tiktok (new) 8 videos 2400 views Recruit non-aurora users through Tiktok new media $300 x 2
Grant total $7,200
Offline events ad-hoc Participate into offline events Based on Aurora decision

Wallet ID: vietnamnearofficial.near

We are looking forward to your feedback & approval! @ell @Alex_J @johanga @Dk_51

APPROVED $7000 for February and March


We are able to approve $3500 * 2 = $7000


Thank you for your approval! We will do our best.
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