[Report] Aurora Vietnam community for Q4 2022

Hello, Aurora community!

Cc @ell @Alex_J @Vladislav_vl25 @johanga

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to build the Aurora Vietnam community in Q4’22!

While this week 19th-26th Dec will be the Xmas week and year-end holidays, we would like to report earlier for your feedback & planning 2023.

Previous proposal

Approved amount in $

Guild name:

Aurora Vietnam guild



Main Content:

Here is our report comparing between plan & actual for Oct, Nov, Dec 2022:

No Activity Plan Actual Growth % Grant/ month
1 Twitter content strategy & execution *Oct: 20 posts, 55K impressions/ month and 11K followers October: NEAR VN: 191 post, 158K impressions => 11K followers - Proof: A-nh-chu-p-Ma-n-hi-nh-2022-12-18-lu-c-08-31-28 — ImgBB 100%
Twitter content strategy & execution *Nov, Dec:Change to Aurora VN twitter 20K impressions/ monthly and 650 followers *November:126 posts, 32,2K impressions Proof: A-nh-chu-p-Ma-n-hi-nh-2022-12-18-lu-c-08-43-00 — ImgBB *December: 88 posts,18K impressions, Proof: A-nh-chu-p-Ma-n-hi-nh-2022-12-18-lu-c-08-45-39 — ImgBB => Total 866 followers 132% $1500
2 Telegram moderation 1500 organic members *Oct: 115 announcements *Nov: 61 announcements *Dec: 60 announcements => Members: 1460 members *Proof: telegram — ImgBB 97% $600
3 Medium article translation & creation 6 medium articles/ monthly Total: 18 articles *Oct: 22 translations, 8 creations *Nov: 18 translations, 2 creations *Dec: 13 translations, 8 creations => Total: 53 translations, 18 creations 394% $500
4 Online events 12 events(3 CEX, DEX within) *Oct: 3 AMA, 3 community events *Nov: 3 AMA, 2 community events *Dec: 3 AMA, 4 community events => Total: 18 events (9 AMA - 3 CEX, DEX within) 150% $300
5 Dev Solidity community building 3 - 4 events *Oct: 2 Dev events *Nov: 2 Dev events *Dec: 1 Dev event 125% $400

Note: please click on each link for the detailed report or proof; the results are counted up to 19th Dec, and will be updated later on 31st Dec.

Detail explanation:

Thanks to the support and engagement of the local & global community, we have achieved all the targets successfully, from 97% to 132% with some key highlights as below:

Our unique selling is delivering Expertise - Practical - Objective content in the local language and English on all social media channels.


  • Update the news stream from Aurora community core, with weekly recap image on Monday.
  • Deliver a holistic view of the whole NEAR ecosystem on NEAR VN Twitter
  • Focusing on Aurora’s latest news on Aurora VN Twitter


  • Deliver degens news to the community for testing the product with incentive.
  • Defi news: FED inflation rate, Crypto general news, … weekly to increase engagements
  • Raised from 336 members to 1460 in 3 months in the crypto bear market with FTX incident, we can only meet 97% of the target.


  • Conduct a project review article prior to the AMA event, and an AMA recap afterward, both in EN/VN language
  • Deliver news with a Dev point of view but easy to understand on medium article, notion.

Online events:

  • Outreach to essential projects, conduct a review and 10 AMAs have been hosted in local or English, with up to 200 listeners for big projects.
  • Please check the listener of Orderly event as the link:AMA Orderly Network - Listeners.csv
AMA Aurigami AMA Spin AMA Orderly Network
  • Warning: Atmos didn’t reward the community, which is a highly suspicious project.
  • 9 community events, including
    • 5 top active members event monthly in telegram
    • World cup prediction events
    • 3 giveaway events with OKX, 8Cryptonet, FACO crypto community
    • Aurora VN sticker contest & voting contest afterward (happening on 19th - 25th Dec)

Dev Solidity community building:

  • Dev registration list as link Devs List
  • Host 5 online events for Devs for the below topic:
Design tokenomics Extending, deploy smart contract, Development Tools (Truffle, Hardhat, Ganache, Remix,…) Storage Management & cross contract call
Token standard Oracle
  • Recruiting devs who honestly and significantly want to learn and research blockchain and crypto.

  • 4 members applied DEV CVs for Aurora Labs: Dev_CV


  • Market sentiment affects the total results but we try our best to achieve
  • The Twitter new policy also affects our KPI
  • Bot joining the Telegram group through AMA events, we deleted many of them and use the group help bot to prevent them.

Thanks for reading! I hope our report will give you some inspiration after reading it!

And please feel free to give us feedback so we can keep improving the content & approach direction for recruiting more users toward the Aurora ecosystem.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! :beers: :partying_face:

NEAR VN | Aurora VN team.



amazing job!! :pray:

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it’s a treasure to have the Aurora Vietnam community in Aurora Ecosystem! :green_heart:


Thank you for your compliment!
We are truly appreciate your wholehearted support too! :pray: :innocent:

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