[Approved] Aurority - Funding Request

Hello World & Aurora Community and @ell ,@Alex

Today is a great day to introduce, I’m Justin from Nearity, I and Sam Nguyen-The owner of Nearity already have a certain understanding of the Near ecosystem as well as Aurora, Glad to be here with everyone. If you have ever worked on the Near Protocol community ecosystem, Nearity is also a familiar face, especially with projects that have been supported by Nearity. Today Aurora and the Aurora community are present and gradually becoming stronger. So I decided to fork and start Aurority and get advised by Sam Nguyen and one of our other supreme advisors, in order to create a bigger mind to jointly develop Near & Aurora, this inseparable partnership and their concept I learned that “Aurora is Near”

Primitive stats
Twitter: 0 follower
Telegram: 0 member
Facebook Fanpage: 2.964 like - 4.419 followers - I renovated an old fanpage of mine, and I have a small certain audience
Facebook Group: 0 member
Instagram: 0 follower

With my existing methodology on Media & Multimedia Communication, Aurority have a Roadmap and development orientation as follows:

  1. Q3-2022(August - September): Brand Creation - Support the first projects
  2. Q4-2022(October - December): Become KOL/Influencer on AURORA - AURORITY offline events
  3. 2023: Comming soon

1/ Create social media channels

August target:

Development social and marketing on AURORA by supporting projects on AURORA
Support new projects to increase brand awareness
Producing content, news, analyst, insights on AURORA
Design graphic, indentify brand, pitchdesk

  • Aurority Twitter(Main channel): 100+ tweets - impression 100.000 | Reach 1000 followers
  • Aurority Fanpage: 100 post - reach 300-500 followers
  • Aurority Instagram: 100 post | Reach 100-200 followers
  • Aurority Telegram ANN: 300+ members
  • Aurority Chat: 300+ members
  • 25 graphics/ month include: 15 advance graphics - 10 infographics
  • Connect and support communication for Maximum effort supports 4 projects and minimum 2 projects
  • Organize 2-4 AMAs with projects Aurority support

Team members: 6 members

  • Reseacher : 2 members are apprentices, graduated in the field of marketing communication

  • Expressman: 1 members to manage post media channels

  • 2 Designer:
    1 Designer at least 1 year experience(Probation)
    1 Desinger intership

  • Council: @Justin - Conducting training, short-term and long-term strategic planning, input and output quality control, monthly summary report

The detailed monthly plan of the Q4 will be updated in the near future with initial ideas such as: Organize events to build neighborhood communities with tutorials and popularize Blockchain - Near | AURORA

Request funds for August $4500
Wallet: aurority.near

Reports will be compiled at the end of the month
Thanks for reading Aurority’s proposal

This is the first tweet Aurority say hello to the community

I and the team are very happy with the support from the community and active projects on Near & Aurora. Brand creation is not easy, this is a good starting point, sweet motivation at the time of brand creation

And one more tweet from Nearity to connect the concept to become more meaningful


what a good forking, have a good growth journey <3 @Aurority @Justin


Sincere thanks!
Sir, I had a wonderful journey. Hope a bit of my marketing knowledge is useful for the community, for the ecosystem. I am very happy to train with you

Keep building, keep growing!

Hi @Alex_J @ell, Thanks for reading my proposal

I just added a task to supporting projects through AMAs with the community - this is an interesting task that is indispensable for projects.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Sincere thanks!

Thank you for proposal! Happy to support


Thank you for understanding and supporting my work :pray:

I would also love to hear from you, my @Alex_J

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Congratulations for the approved proposal! Plz bring Aurora to the moon! :beers:


Thanks for your encouragement

If there is a spaceship to the moon, you will be our guest of honor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Proposal is approved


Thank you very much and have great day @Alex_J @ell :pray:

Thank you everyone for your support @Nearity @Hai :heart_hands:


Congratulations back :slight_smile: :clinking_glasses: