[Report] Aurority - August

Hello @Alex_J, @ell & Community

After a month of debut and hard work, with the goals set out in our August proposal. We have not and have achieved the following results:

1. Twitter(main channel) :white_check_mark:

2. Facebook

3. Instagram

4. Telegram

There were some difficulties such as:

_Aurority is new so projects are not confident to cooperate - This has been improved by the help of council members with the efforts of our team
_Indicators in sub-channels have not been as effective as target expectations - Need more time to fix and sync content

In addition, main channels such as Twitter & Telegram achieved stronger growth than expected. We will continue to try and develop and adjust the target index and the job to be more suitable with the current capacity

Thank you for reading my report, looking forward to your feedback.


Thank you for your report and efforts.


Thank you :pray:


It would be very nice if you could provide links in the report to your Telegram, Twitter and write the number of subscribers that you received in a month.

Have all the important announcements about the Aurora ecosystem been on your Telegram/Twitter during this time?

There is no information about AMA sessions in the report.

How many graphics was done in the end for August?