[Approved] Aurority November, December: Redefined Quality of AMAs and Social Content Production

Hello @Alex_J, @ell & My Community.
Based September & October Proposal And September - October report

Together with the relentless efforts, leadership of councils and friends we continue to stick to our goals and submit our November proposal.

October stats

Twitter: 4,000 followers
Telegram: 800 members
Facebook Fanpage: 4.419 followers
Instagram: 100 followers

(I) Social content production + support full campaign promote for project

general content production

  • CM members (2 process of probation; 2 Passed Probation at the Office)
  • 70 Advance & infographics for analystics, shilling content, news announce, insight, tutorials.
  • Support activities on Aurora Community Core
  • SEO activities on the website Nearity.org( We have successfully passed Recap AMA articles and important keywords like the name of the project have been indexed on google)
  • Analyze and perform highly effective activities if there is a request from the projects and ecosystem

general content production reward: 3800$

Support & Lead new projects to Aurora Community Core:
support promote 8 -10 projects with full campaign duration in 1 month. 300$ per project = 2400$

Sub-reward (I): 3800$ for general production + 2400$ = 6200$

(II) Redefined Quality of AMA

TL;DR: each AMA we producing graphics, double scheduling time, and prepare the script for AMA, each ama have upto 60min, and retext whole of session to website(material for community and SEO standard)

1/ Giveaway, AMA tweets & graphics

This is the most attractive Airdrop activity right now, so the additional information needed when collaborating with the project needs to be tweeted right below to make the overview of engagement metrics and readers really important. Centers with related information about the project and ecosystem such as: Featured events coming soon, New features to attract users, … will be tried immediately in the Giveaway graphic, AMA or additional tweet.

2/ Raise hand to ask questions directly in the AMA
In order to screen out people who are active and real, we allow AMA participants to request to have the microphone on and ask their own questions.

They had very interesting interactions during the AMA. Show that they are really interested and are very active. Both parties can objectively see that they are deserving of the reward. This requires the host and co-host to smoothly work through the script and discuss with the project to guide them. There are even some projects that need very detailed instructions and understanding of the meaning of the AMA

3/ Duration and quality each AMA
A meaningful and informative AMA needs to be groomed with scripts and questions to navigate the community depending on the stage of each project. Most of the questions are copied and made no sense. But their activities have worked quite well, so the solution for quality rewards is that they can raise their hands to ask questions and be reviewed and rewarded by both parties.

30 minutes is a typical AMA and it can be seen that the project is low on media preparation and needs more support

45 minutes is an AMA that could be getting better as the issues will need to be discussed in a little more detail and the AMA becomes more interesting

The duration of 60 minutes is an ideal and complete AMA, maybe the stories are told more, the average for a person to ask directly and answer is 2-3 minutes, so in 30 minutes we have can communicate directly with more than 10 very different community members on many different topics and angles

More than 60 minutes are usually big topics and a growing number of really interesting questions make the project. We usually do 60 minutes per AMA, sometimes the community and project are very happy to want more AMA but it needs to be maintained and saved for the next AMA.

4/ Articles with SEO standards each AMA
We have successfully tested an article and in just 1 week, this easy keyword about the project was indexed on google and on the front page.

Often users need to find information about a project they will tend to search for the brand name. With Swapbitssa we know this is helpful and so are they.
It would be great if Nearity.org is a place to host articles and projects on the community, this value is permanent and can be a portal to help the project become more reputable if anyone is looking for more information believe about them

Sub-reward (II): $2000 for 10 AMA + $600 for 10 SEO articles = $2600

Expectations in November

Twitter: 5500 followers
Telegram: 1000 active members
Fanpage: 4.500 followers
Instagram: 100 followers

(I)+(II) Rewards request for November

Social channel growth activities & Ecosystem news & shilling Support 8 - 10 projects via Ecosytem 10 Articles with SEO standards AMAs inside the ecosystem($200 per AMA)
$3800 $2,400 $600 $2000

Total reward is (I) + (II) $6200 + $2600 = $8800

Wallet: aurority.near

Thanks for always following and supporting

Approved $11000 for 2 months November and December.

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Hey @Justin , Moved your proposal to the right category as it was uncategorised :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure to post the proposals/reports next time in right category fam :handshake:


Thank you, I’ll keep an eye on it next time :smile:


I Can support Social channel growth $3800 + AMAs inside the ecosystem $2000 = Total $5800


Hello @Alex_J , good evening

Sorry about we didn’t explained to our efforts in supporting projects.

i want to discuss the reward mount of “Support projects”.


We had to meet with the project to understand their plans, design visuals & wireframes so they could understand the design and campaign intentions and reach consensus to continue process support for them. Support them design 3 - 4 inforgraphics(research, understand their documment/concept…), giveaway, instantly re-shout out their news/announce when they request, have meeting when they have important campaign…

this month, we have successfully supported more than 10 projects, which means that the workload on projects is x4-5 times compared to previous months’ activities.

how about we reduce this activity reward from $2400 - to 1500$?

Total reward : $3800 + $2000 + $1500 = $7300?

cc @ell @johanga the guys that follow and manage our those active tasks.

Thank you for incredible work! Approved $11 000 for Nov and December!


Yes, thank you for always encouraging and understanding :pray: