[Approved] Chinese version of Twitter, Telegram, Medium, announcements and documents

Hi @ell ,

I hope you are well.

It works for me and I think it is the prerequisite to launch our Aurora China Guild.

I am honored to use my expertise to support the growth of Aurora and the community.

Thank you.

Hi @Alex_J ,

Thanks for your approval. I will do my best to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive information to Aurora Chinese community.

Good morning. Thank you again for your consideration. It works for me. I will do my best to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive information to Aurora Chinese community.


Hi @Fei

Undoubtedly, we will see good work from you in the future
keep going bro
If you need help, you can get help from our guild members

@Saleh @Faroogh @Saman1377


Kindly dont see me as a racist or anything.
But last year we have seen a lot of banning on crypto trading and all.
Then this year a big project STEPN has to shut services within few months of operations in china and had a very huge negative impact for rest of users.
Kindly seek all these and many other factors before diving and involving china into all this.
MY sincere request to not only admins but whole aurora community to share their thoughts on ambiguity related to china
@ell @Alex
Due to negative attitude of china i dont want whole of the community to suffer. Already we have suffered too much

Hi @Mohamad_76 ,

Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me. Let us collaborate in the future.


Hi @Darkseid,

Thank you for your input.

Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Many successful Blockchain projects are backed by Chinese community. And I would not consider Chinese speakers equal to people living in Mainland China.

I respect your opinion. However, I sincerely disagree. Chinese speakers should not be segregated.

We pursue decentralization and freedom in crypto world. Chinese community has the equal rights like other communities.

Hi @ell @Alex_J

It is sad to see that people try to deprive of our rights to learn and know crypto. This will be my motivation to make a contribution to the growth of Chinese community.

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Hello @Darkseid

I think some of your words are also true and should be considered
But Chinese is one of the most common languages

It is clear that there is a lot of pressure from the governments and the Chinese language has a large community of people and individuals, it is not reasonable to lose it.


Good days ahead
Good luck to the Chinese guild :100:


The issue is that the price is paid by other community members belonging to other region and they suffer massive due to one decision taken by the government. And i dont see massive protests against the ban of crypto in the mainland.
last time i along with a big community suffered badly due to a single decision and then again suffered with another project when govt asked them to shut out in china.
Its not about segregation or anything like that. But what is the legal scenario related to crypto in the china. Does Aurora as a project want to promote something that is restricted by a government and getting head on with a government?
Its not about segregation or not nor it is about a massive population getting targetted by this proposal otherwise next day someone would counter the massive audience by saying that our language population is less so Aurora is segregating us. Imagine someone from sentinelese tribe saying i want to start a Dao but our population is around at max 400. So would aurora say that we will segregate you out because you are very less.

Its not about number game or population or anything else. But what is the legal status of crypto in china? And if its not legal then the number of person speaking chinese as major language are from china itself.

My main issue with this proposal is that IF AURORA team is willing to fund something which is not legal on the mainland itself?
With anything on forum affecting the community i would like voice in here as stated above.
Its a bigger question itself. I want to see clarity from devs themselves on how they see china and issues pertaining to it? @ell @Alex

Coming to last line.
What about those people who suffered massively because the project supported chinese community?
It cant always be the same rhetoric of deprivation and pity out things.
So are you guys ready to take on head with the chinese government and oppose their ban on crypto? Whats the meaning of dragging people of china who will be illegally doing things against government.
Their are many dimensions to be thought.
You can label me anything you want but i have suffered massively in past due to this and i strongly oppose this proposal.

and where do majority of these people live?
whats the legal status of crypto in that majority speaking place?
Commonly speaking language but where is these majority concentrated?
Surely no one wants to loose the audience but their is much more to loose in long term in achieving the short term gains

hi !

for preparing to start AuroraHunters i’m collecting social media links of every approved Aurora Community Guild. so we’ll be able to tag you and keep informing about community news, updates and Contests :blush:
and i’ve found the link

doesn’t work for me unfortunately

could you please update links when it’s created :pray:

thank you!

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Hi @johanga ,

Good morning. Thank you for your support.

That is my bad. I changed the user name of the twitter account to (1) auroraisnear中文站 (@AuroraisnearCN) / Twitter

Please use the link above.

Have a good day.

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thanks a lot !

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Hi @johanga
I just updated the link of the Telegram and Medium. Thanks.


Happy to support . Have a great day!

We appreciate your support. Have a lovely day.

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Hi @Fei I am glad to see that your proposal has been approved
I am in your Guild and in your media and I see your progress.
Keep up the good work man


Hi @Mohamad_76 , Thank you very much for being supportive from the beginning. I wish the best to you and your Guild.