[Approved] Aurora Community Telegram Tipbot

Project: Aurora Telegram Tipbot https://auroratipbot.xyz/

Requested Funding: $7000 USD


As Aurora Community continues to grow exponentially across different geological regionals enabling blockchain technology to reach the next billion,

Aurora Currently has more than 15+ Regional Communities, and Aurora’s Main Community Chat is Telegram, with more than 50k+ Users. The Aurora Telegram Tip Bot Tool will help tip fellow community members for their input, feedback, creative contributions, insightful questions, and engagement in the Aurora ecosystem. The Aurora Telegram TipBot is an easy-to-use tipping bot that can be added to any group chat on Telegram.

We, as KalakendraDAO: Missioned to Onboard Web2 Artists, Tech Enthusiast into Web3 Space for social good and Create/ Build Dapps for Social Good. We at KKD would love to Develop this bot to support NEAR and Aurora Community.


Technical Part:


Express Server

  • Creation of an account
  • Logic to handle the transfer of tokens
  • database to manage login and token data
  • endpoints for the telegram bot

Smart Contract

  • Handling transfer of funds


  • Login with telegram or Integrate with Aurora Metamask Wallet
  • Dashboard to see all transactions

Telegram Bot

  • Specific commands and their actions
  • Connection of backend endpoints

Requested Funding: $7000 USD
Target Address: monish016.near

Milestone1 - $3500 on Mainnet
Milestone2 - $3500 on Integration with Dapp Radar and Aurora DAO Dashboard


Your proposal is approved


Happy to approve! Please wait for a DM on the forum

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@Monish016 could you please share report? Thanks!!!