[Approved] LNB Management Proposal November

Link to LNB marketing campaign:

Website: lnb.marketing

Portfolio: https://lnb.marketing/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Portfolio-LNB.pdf

Owners: Lolson, Baxoff.

Place of residence: KZ (Astana), Turkey (Side).

Contact: Lolson, Baxoff

Our responsibilities:

  1. Preparation of reports according to the schedule;
  2. Quality control of work performance;
  3. Interviewing new candidates;
  4. Content plan management;
  5. Help in writing content;
  6. Organization of AMA’s, giveaways, special integrations;
  7. Tracking results;


Lolson - 1250 USD

Baxoff - 1250 USD

Total: 2500 USD

Target: lolson.near

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Proposal is approved

Thanks for great job. Happy to support.