[Approved - no rewards] Introduction of Aurora Indonesia Guild

Hello Aurora Community!

I am Dery from Indonesia, representing NEAR Protocol Indonesia area. As @ell have invited me to the Aurora Guild Program, I want to propose to create a Indonesia Aurora Guild to promote Aurora adoption to Indonesian users and developers.

As long as we build the NEAR Indonesia community, of course we will invite other people to focus more on managing the Aurora Guild and this opportunity is open to all Indonesians who have commitment, credibility and good communication.

I can remember at the first 3 months at NEAR we built a community without any funding at all, we even used personal money and were assisted by the Paras team.

We feel this is the right and reasonable approach to see the commitment of the people who will take care of the community. If they get something from the effort, of course they will be paid a fair price but not in the first place.

What problem is the proposal solving?

To build the Indonesian Aurora community, what needs to be done is to build the infrastructure to communicate and interact

How is the problem being solved?

We will activate social media Telegram, Instagram and Twitter as well as Discord at this early stage

Expected impact and value for the Aurora community;

For this month, at least we can invite the community who are already members of NEAR Indonesia to also join the Indonesia Aurora Guild.

Metrics/KPIs to track results.

Target registered members: 500 people


We are committed not to ask for funding this month because we focus on activating social media channels first and inviting existing members to join the Aurora Indonesia community.

The proposal that will be made is based on a joint decision from the elected Council who is committed to developing the Aurora ecosystem through Aurora Indonesia!


Dery, Riqi (CEO Paras) & Irfi (Lead Engineer Paras) will be Aurora Indonesia Advisor

With the help of @Agungdjs & @Arkur as councils members, they will select another council and forming the team.

Our social Media :
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @AuroraIndonesiaHQ
instagram : auroraindonesia.hq
twitter : on progress


hi !

could you please share the links when it’s created , i also wish to be invited to Aurora Indonesian Community :pray:
[hope soon i’ll come to stay on Sumatra for a while] :blush:

thank you!


Of course, now we are forming a council and sharing tasks with each other.

[hope soon i’ll come to stay on Sumatra for a while] :blush:

Wow! It’s going to be amazing! Please let us know when you come here, hopefully we can meet each other! *I am in Sumatra as well, in southern part :laughing:


Awsome!! , can’t wait to growth of the aurora community in Indonesia :fire: :fire:

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This is Interesting!

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Hi friends, @ell @Aliaksei we need your approval here to make it official :star_struck:

Its gonna be great :fire::fire:

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Thank you. Have a great day.