[Closed] Social Media August 2022 - Near Insider

Hi guys! Glad to be here again to share our work. It’s great to be with you guys. Please see our proposal

Name: Near Insider

Funding scheme: Monthly

Initiative summary:

About Near Insider:

Near Insider is a media channel in the Near ecosystem. We’re supporting and promoting projects including projects on Aurora because you are an important part of the Near ecosystem. Our strength is researching and producing latest news, insights, data analysis on the markets and projects as well as tutorial topics for users and community in a speediest timeframe. We are also providing media and communication solutions for organizations and projects to help make them reach the users and community in the most effective, creative and time-saving way.

We have launched the community for 6 months from November 2021 and have achieved certain achievements:

Twitter: 24,000 followers https://twitter.com/near_insider (~1M impressions every month)
Telegram channel: 1,500 subscribers Telegram: Contact @near_insider

Telegram group: 2,600 members Telegram: Contact @nearinsider_chat

Also, we have just launched Youtube channel for 1 month with 1,1400 subscribers

We divide it into 3 phases:

-Phase 1: Daily News and Weekly Highlights (From 18/07)

-Phase 2: Knowledge Series (From 01/09)

-Phase 3: Education/Guidline/Tutorial (From 01/11)

This is the estimated time. We can adjust and be flexible. All this activities to support for projects in Near and Aurora

Here is our proposal with more work on Aurora. As well as support projects on Ecosystem


Till end of Aug, we are expecting to reach:

-Followers: 25,600

-Total Impressions: min 1M

-Impressions per post (not include news): min 4000 impressions

-Infographics: 100

Content we aim for: Analytics (On-chain, metrics statistics), Insights, Projects Introducing, Knowledge, Experience and Education


-Subscribers: 2,000 subs

-Daily News videos: 26 videos

-Weekly Highlights videos: 4 videos

3.Support projects

We also open registration forms for projects that want to promote for free with 5 projects every month.

-10 posts per month

4.Budget for request

-Twitter: $2000 (manage + produce)

-Youtube: $1000 (manage + produce + SEO tool)

-Support 5 projects: $2000 (include support AMA if any)

Total: $5000 in $AURORA

Wallet ID: near_insider.near

We will send a report at the end of the month
@ell Thanks for reading!


Thank you for your proposal. Closing it after our conversation. Looking forward to seeing a new one. Have a great day!


I wanna start with Aurora Insider. Pls close this topic. Thanks!