[Report] Monthly Report (Aug) - Aurora Insider

Hi everyone, we have had a very exciting month, with the formation of communication channels for the Aurora ecosystem, I am very happy about this. This is also the first month that I report results from my activities in August. You can check our proposal in Aug here:

1. Social Media
28 day summary

Telegram channel

Promote for ecosystem

We’ll continue produce useful content like that in the few months, with new innovation

  1. Activities

  2. Contact with us
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/aurora_Insider
    Telegram: @near_insider_DM

We will continue our efforts to create even more value for the ecosystem. Proud to be part of the ecosystem. Thank you very much!


Good evening. Thank you for your report.

  • Could you please pay attention of quality of infographics;
  • Share a plan of AMA sessions with Aurora Ecosystem projects on September (Gymnasia, Histopia, Atmos, XDAO);
  • be more actively in Aurora community, build relationships between regional and special guilds;
  • repost all news from “Community news stream”;

Thank you.


Hello, how much infographics you made in August?
Do you have concrete statistics to show the results of your work?

The reports do not contain data on any AMA sessions.
There is also no information about the various giveaways or how the grant money was spent.

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