Aurora India Issues

Hello @ell @Alex_J

Let me introduce myself, I am Indian Crypto Community Admin - Link, i used to be part of many crypto projects in 2018 before i switched to self-earn from various sources in crypto space thus no longer supporting / promoting other crypto projects.

This is regarding, a Current Moderator of Aurora India - Ronit Kumar.

He entered in my community group in June 2021 and since then had created havoc from creating fake profiles, collecting funds from members for trading, impersonating admins, and mods and many more.

As i found in August that he is part of Aurora India, i approached @Sachinmurali03 (Owner of Aurora India) regarding Ronit’s past behaviour for which he asked Ronit (Pocha in Sachin’s Message), and he clearly denied of any of this.

while i asked Sachin to confirm from other members who Sachin also know for the proof i have submitted for which i had received no response from Sachin.

in between those, i received a private message from a member of Ronit’s own very crypto community replicating my group where he can run on his own favours.

so, i asked Sachin on what can be done about this, and he replied -


here’s the proof that i collected - Here


As you can see, most things are mentioned in this also will provide more if needed.

and this is the last message i received from Sachin.

Note - In recommendation from Sanket of Aurora i had created group with Elliot and Sachin where further conversation was taken place - Chat Export is in this link

I didn’t want to post here as this could have been resolved in privately but such non-responses only paves way to going public.

Off-Topic: I have seen grants provided by near since last year and they are mostly over budgeted than what value is bought onto the table and i can surely say same goes to Aurora.

As for the Aurora India Proposal of Grant i have seen many things missing, isn’t there any council which overseas these things?

Hope i receive responses from this post on

  • Ronit still being Moderator
  • Transparency on Grants provided and how it is used.

That’s all, Have a Good Day!!


It means AURORA Contest Funds are revolving the insiders memebers .
I beleive Aurora Hunters should check this @johanga
Whats your call on this ?
@shreeshenoy thanks for bringing highlights on these face .

@ell @Alex_J Should Definitely look on this as this is very serious issue and @Sachinmurali03 should Definitely check this problem seriously and definitely There should Strictly action take …


Hey buddy. Thanks for taking this to the open forum.

I wanted to add a few things from my side.

  1. It’s not that we hear things and leave them as such. We always investigate before taking any strict action. And the data/proof that you provide seems to be confusing. My question really was, If Ronith is trying to scam people, why does he want to have his real name in his profile to scam? Will that not affect his credibility with other groups he is engaged?
    I feel it’s just hate spreading and his name has been used.

And again, this issue is not resolved yet. We will look into this deeply and will be decided by the complete team members as we all know Aurora India is formed with integrity and trust. We haven’t rewarded the quiz winners yet.

Ronit will continue to work for this month as I have given word to him. He is been true to Aurora India and his work for Aurora India is remarkable.

You can check our proposal to understand how funds have been asked for, and for what?
We received funding Yesterday and it’s still in the treasury.

We haven’t paid out to any of our team members yet :wink:

Wallet : aurora_india.near

Hello sir. We ran two events last month. Meme event for Twitter and Quiz for telegram.

So for the meme event, the winners were selected by the collective decision of the 5 councils. The rewards were paid by ourselves since we haven’t received funding when the winners were announced.

We haven’t rewarded the quiz winners yet. Since there are allegations going on. And the rewards won’t be sent out unless and until this issue gets resolved. Hope it answers your question.

  1. I believe, this was answered in my messages - He is not using his own name to scam, he is using fake profiles for it.

First scam was when he used a fake profile called “Ananya” to message others about trading, he was then using Ronit named profiled which stands deleted and had chats with his own profile “Ananya” in public group for so called “transparency and showing trust”


  1. If this issue weren’t bought up this would have been continued without anyone noticing or bringing out, this is from stopping him doing in future and as you said be removed from his role.

Aurora India is filled up with members with his group only which indeed paves a way for running in his favours.

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I guess i should have waited till the rewards to be distributed so action can be taken. my bad for being early.

Okay Anyways. Our team decided to remove him as an Admin in our public telegram and will be added back as an Admin unless and until he is proven guilty from his side.

Once again thank you for taking this to the larger forum/community. Aurora India will always strive to move forward in accepting flaws and suggestions given by the community.

We are happy that funds are not involved in this. And it would be nice if you can remove the Scam from the Header. Since Aurora India is always here for transparency. :slight_smile:

We are looking out for Moderators for our Aurora India Telegram. Please reach out to me on telegram with relevant experience.
Tg : sachinmurali03

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also just a question, as you said reward wasn’t sent out to anyone, how did winner 9 got his reward? sorry i am confused.

Transaction Link

to add anupam3792.near is friend of ronit again

3 months old transaction - Link


so much for fake appreciations.

First and foremost, the reward distribution will be from my wallet address and will be aurora_india.near future. The first five are the real winners and they will receive a worth of 50$ together. The rest of the other winners got their answers correct and Pocha sent out rewards from his pocket as sign-off appreciation for the involvement. And rewards will always be sent out in $AURORA. Hope it answered your question.

that was confusing, i hope from next time it mentions from which funds or mod appreciation is being used.

Sure it will be. And I encourage anyone to have their eyes on auroa_india.near for transparency. As asked, could you please remove the word scam from the Header?

i guess i know this answer as he will deny everything again, this time “again” there are people out there who would support these claims.

i have updated this reply, @Sachinmurali03

also i would remove “scam” word but let me go through some things again.

a member of Aurora told me that you are not letting ronit go as he is the only mod available to you? don’t know if it’s true or not but as per proposal it was 3 and ronit was the only mod i found.

so sending some of my members to you for moderation opportunities, do check them out in your DM.

It doesn’t make sense to have 3 moderators for 100 members. So the first month was limited to only one moderator. And this month we are hiring Two. Yes, Please ask them to DM me with relevant experience.

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Update -

Ronit Kumar (Pocha) was removed from Public Group not from the Team.

He is still working for Aurora India.

Concerns over this :-

  • Proof was submitted on September 4 for which @Sachinmurali03 didn’t respond or cared to share an update on the matter.

  • Action was only taken when this post was made in Open Forum which was then decided by the “team” which this member - ronit kumar still has access to remove from and only “Public Group”

  • The winners of the quiz will be still getting the rewards even after the proof which clearly shares about the manipulated quiz.

I still do not see, how anything has changed after this post or any action being taken.

Reminder - Any replies to this thread which mentions “team” contains - Ronit Kumar in it.

@johanga @ell @Alex_J it will be helpful if you all can personally look into it or whoever is managing aurora india other than sachin.

Additional Point -

  • His another id - @roizlive joined today on Aurora India and active instead of main profile which was removed from Admin by the decision of Aurora India team - which consists of Ronit Kumar.

it’s so nice that community worries for our success, we appreciate a lot!
in additional to our DM conversation i’d kindly ask you to leave the situation as it is
with a trust to community and to Lord Shiva :wink:

when you feel next time to contribute in Guild’s activities, feel free to write me directly, my Tg is @johanga_n .
and again - what i can sincerely recommend you is to participate in every Aurora India Quiz and contest and to win every one so we’ll be sure that money are going to the right direction :pray:

have a great day!


Today, @Sachinmurali03 announced that, he would be paying from his own wallet.

as Team couldn’t decide the allegations.

here’s the proof that i collected - Here

i can only say, team couldn’t decide allegations because they haven’t gone through the sheet yet.

any admin would have co-operated with the given proof and by going after each sheet which was submitted, even a nice video chat would have helped resolving this issue but completely ignoring the proof is a mistake.

I did not receive any reply for the proof as i can bring more of it confirming that winners were his roommates in a hostel with Ronit Kumar.

This was just the starting for him, but he will continue to reap benefits if he continues to stay on the team.

Team should ask Ronit directly if he was friends / roommates with winners with them and the transactions that were made from his wallet months ago even before Aurora India was formed.

even if you can hold a Quiz again - Many winners won’t be able to answer again.

also, by giving out rewards from your pocket will only help them to grow and repeat these things again.

@ell & @Alex_J hope you guys are doing well.

Today I made mind to speak up on this matter as I have been in the chat for a while and members from community were discussing everything except aurora. So I question whether such community appreciate ecosystem or depreciate the same.

After admin announced that he will reward quiz winners and mentioned that they were unable to conclude the same. I dig up on the proofs provided and found it to be backed by valid arguments.

So the main motive of raising voice on forum also gets demolished and faulty winners get their reward any way.

It leads to raising up few questions in my mind. Whether it’s individual decision by admin @Sachinmurali03 or council decision to reward users.

And if he or council members are unable to draw conclusion after this much proof then it really questions their leadership.

And I will request grant approver’s attention on this matter and also utilization of funds approved to them due to their inability to make decision.

I will also suggest @Sachinmurali03 & other aurora india council members that you should introduce additional layer in quiz to avoid such incidents in future.

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